barracks D

The other day I was visiting some friends who had recently married. They had requested I bring my portfolio of drawings as the wife is an artist too-they both were interested in seeing my work. As she was going through the drawings she came to one page that made her pause for a legnth of time and she looked up at me and said ” I know exactly what this is about”.The drawing she refered to was an image of me-my head only-standing in a room full of snakes and for heads each snake had a hand and in the fingers of each hand was a fang-a poisonous fang. Around the room you can see boxes with men laying in them and above the room you can see eyes peering over the ledge. One of the snakes is coiled around my neck. My friends new wife confided she to had been confined during a DUI arrest-and had been raped…she knew nothing about what happened to me in barracks D.

By the time we reached the barracks I had to pee very badly. I had’nt gone since we left my parents earlier that morning and it was nearing late night. At the barracks I was taken to a room with a half door where a man was stationed to hand out bedding and give me a stack of shirts that had SID stenciled on the backs…sailor in detention. The room was stacked with mattresses and denim shirts in piles and hanging on the walls. Part of the room the wall had a huge hole in it and you could see through to the other room-but it looked like a crashed through hole and not an intended demolition. This man was an older man-perhaps in his forties,balding and stocky…and the first effeminant men I ever saw-he looked male but acted very sissy like. He welcomed me…saying “welcome to barracks D ….drugs,drunks and degenerates ” And I was led to an expanded metal gate that led to the place I have never forgotten since.

Something has been happening during the writing of these memories and after some work….I loose them , so-shorter instalments from now on.

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