a portrait of me-my self portraits


4 Responses to “a portrait of me-my self portraits”

  1. pordiosporsanto Says:

    your story is inspiring. i do hope all your fears have already been washed away by time. if not, i do wish god to punish all those who made your life miserable.

    god bless

  2. gabe Says:

    your story is interesting and I can feel the misery. I just jope that after how many eyars; you were able to cope with life again and ready to forget thehorrible things that you have experinced at the barracks D. I wish you well. I love your story. If you have facebook then please add me. Id love to share your stories with my friends, Im sure they will find it interesting too. Please use my email to search my name on facebook. Take Care. 🙂

  3. david Says:

    That was a real eye opener, I hope your doing well. Thanks for your story. I just got done watching a movie, on the bible story of Joseph. I hope yours turn out , as happy of an ending of Joseph,s. Davy

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