I have’nt lost interest…

In telling this background of my life leads up to what it has been like afterwards to live everyday in fear like the fear impressed by my painting-the self portrait…which is a picture into my spirit to view the demons that implanted themselves in me during those days in barracks D. I go to places-simple taken for granted places…and it is an ordeal for me-lessor now I’ve become older and hardend myself and trained myself….butGod help me if I ever have to pee,that is always an ordeal.

I live a very rural existence-not all caught up with electric America. So I have been experienceing ‘booting’and loose everything I’ve tried to write…so someone has shown this komputer novice a trick to write with out being on line and than transfering the words to my blog-so…this is explaining what is next to be-an experiment…and if it works I will feel more relaxed and will tell my story for it is like a boil needing purged. And if I feel more confidence in this major addition in my life-which sits here in front of me…the komputer-all this will come in time.navy-fleet.jpg

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