the coolest ship

very fine vulcan

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The USS Vulcan AR-5 was begunin construction in 1939 in the Naval Yard-I believe in New York….trust me , my history is as factual as I know it-no more,no less. My birth date is July 28..this ship was ‘slivered’on a July 28….slivered? Sent to the bottem !!
It was a cool ship-an interesting ship with any thing to build anything right there on board-it had a cabinet shop…a woodworking shop-foundry ! A huge foundry…and welding shops-any kind of repair shops…all there. Thats what she was-a repair ship…and the coolest thing was that it all could be done under sail at sea or in port. It did not matter.
There were around 1200 men able-I think when I was on it it seems the number was around 880…but it just could have easily been 1200. It was a city. Movies shown in the galley after hours and the place was cleaned up. There was a library and classroom-even a brig…but then it was used to store matresses.
What all happened back then…one thing is for certain-I loved my days on this boat….when my brother was’nt around that is!

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