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Some don’t really know that in the story about Noahs ark in the Bible was that the first birds Noah sent out were ravens , the doves went later-and to me the significance of the ravens is interesting because elsewhere in the Bible there was a great man named Elijah who was up on a mountain with out food and the ravens brought it to him and he survived.
I cannot help it-I have a thing for God and try to see things as from God and sense spiritual things strongly. The ravens are one of those spiritual senses I get that lift me up. Something might be in one manner and there might be some consideration going on in my life and needing a decision and then all of a sudden a raven comes-seriously.
The events that took place in barracks D happened on new years 1970. This new years eve in the afternoon I was out in front of my house and there were a large group of small wrens feeding on yhe lawn at my front door and out of the blur this huge red tail hawk flew dow to grab one and he startled the group and they in turn startled him and he flew up to escape but there was a huge branch in his way and to avoid that he flew low and right in my open front door. I could’nt believe it that when I went into the house he was resting wings wide open against the large window opposite the door-just as still as could be…kind of studying his situation. I was amazed-most birds flap around from one end of a room to another-this fellow stayed right calm and watched me as I came up and took him by the wings and gently closed them and him into my hands and was able to carry him that way to the door and release him. It was so perfect and smooth…and made me rejoice because it was sent spiritually to me to my house for me to touch and feel its strength and softness too all to assure me that God is in touch with me and with what happened new years 1970 and any other time and like the raven that saved that great man God sent the hawk to say that I’m being taken care of too.

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  1. melissachickie Says:

    Psalm 23 is a passage that I draw strength from. That beautiful to read how you see God is indeed there with you each and every moment of the day, whether or not we chose to acknowledge His presence.

  2. janeh Says:

    Dear Jay,

    If I live to be a 100 I will never forget your story or your beautiful portrait. Your narrative in this life is incredibly sad but I can feel the strong in you. You are here. You have survived and however horrible these memories are you are safe now. This is a bare consolation I know and I understand what it is to get lost in past pains and how I admire how you have moulded these hurts into your work. The combination of creativity and pain is an art in us all and one you have exceled in. And remember this Jay. A bully always projects his own fears, his own truths into others, hating is simply the transference of ones own self loathing into another and I’ve been a bully, so I know what I’m talking about. Be sad for your brothers parting words because when he told you on his death bed that you were a disappointment, he meant that he was a disappointment. A word he no doubt learned from his father, don’t imagine for a second he didn’t know the same pressure to please the man as you did. He joined the navy too Jay and when a person is dying they are only thinking of the life THEY have lived. His whispers in the last hours of breath are a strange poetry, a coward who could never admit the disappointment he felt his own life and so he hands it to you. How brave you are now to let it all go in this courageous blog.

    In truth is you are still a sailor in lifes great boat, cruising new waters knowing a courage not found on a battle field, for the trenches aren’t always the places we conquer our foes Jay. You are the bravest of soldiers, braver than your father, braver than your brother and your stripes, your medal of honor, the flag you will know when your time comes is your willingness to confront the true enemy, the enemy in ourselves and from this place you will know a great healing. The boat you long for is one you already sail in and I wish you a blessed voyage.

    Jane H

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