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Micanopy in the summer of 1970 was a magical place. I awoke my first day to the sounds of logging trucks gearing up as they went to Franklin Crates whose whistle blared every morning at 7a.m. to indicate the start of the day.
I was sleeping in a room af an old boarding house -travelers hotel that was on the second floor above an old pharmacy and doctors office but right on the busy street as every building on the downtown was. The entire downtown could be walked in a minute from the Weavers store to the end of the street where it curves out of town…there was the only gas station in the town itself…yet I also woke to the rantings of Buster -who was the towns mechanic and had a garage that was attached to the boarding house building and also to Weavers store on the other side.
The building you can see in the photograph is the old art center…as I knew it,but in the earlier days when the town was bigger than Miami the building was a department store , but by the time I arrived in Micanopy it was the residence’s of several jip artists….Tom Petty was one and lived on the top floor of this building in the apartment with the windows closest to your view. But primarily the building in 1970 housed several established artist studios and the ground floor served as a gallery.
It was quite a change from the day before the day before when I was at a party in Washington ,District of Columbia and all of a sudden awake to a new life in a town whos Main street is about as long as a block in the capital city. The building I lived in for nearly a year-the old boarding house…is hidden by the trees at the right of the photo-was haunted and an experience to live in…but I loved every moment of life in that little place and around its wonderful people.
They filmed ‘Doc Hollywood’ there in the 1980’s and somehow the arrival of film brought on a change and the town as I knew it then is now a tourist stop-nearly every house and building on Main street turned into antique shops and no one walking up and down the street now even knows each other-just tourists.
(the film ‘Cross Creek’ used Micanopy for its town scenes and another film called ‘ Miricle Child’ was made ther too….and ‘Lands End’ used it as a backdrop for thier catalogs…all sucks! Money drug it down…) !! so it has a personal dear spot in my memory and from time to time I go to walk the main street and some of the side streets to recall those great days. My two sons are directly from Micanopy-and the place as it was once upon a time forever lives as it was inside of my heart.
I always credit angels for being my guides and I believe the influences I earned in this place changed how I chose paths…although it took me a long time to catch on.
I ended up getting my arm turned around behind my back and ended up with the wrong person….AGAIN,and through this ‘friendship’ became introduced to more types of drugs and met personalities adverse to the way of life in general among the artists that befriended me and eventually drifted into the land of peer pressure…really,just pressure period. So my year in Micanopy went to other places before I saw the place the road could take me that I was following and I walked away from it and returned to Micanopy for a second year-got myself into a shot gun wedding and fathered my two sons-although then I was not much to define as a father.
My marriage was a troubled one-we were both kids…she was really a kid-about 16 to my 19…and I was disturbed-very troubled,yet did not realize it then.

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  1. Decor Says:

    I’ve been searching in google for some ideas and accidentally found your jayherron.wordpress.com website. I have to say that it’s a cool blog! I like how appointed each of the entries are. They are well balanced – fun and informatory – and the pictures are nice too.

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