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me and trueman

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I am Jay Herron. Every thing I have written in all of these past pages have been absolutely truth-it is my look back at my life as a man who had a tragic childhood and fled that to join the Navy . I joined my older brother at his duty station aboard the USS Vulcan-my brother was not very pleased I chose to be with him and in return I learned what a huge mistake that was.
I found myself in a situation that altered my life forever-I found myself in a detention barracks….where I was raped.
Along with haveing a way to formulate how my past should be told-because of how complex it all seems to me…it must seem unreal to the reader. I have all intentions of getting this out…my story-if only to purge myself of the poisons manifested by many of the details….and many I havent been able to get down in words. I have to break right here and confess-to be able to put emphisis on some of the things I’ve been saying I have ‘borrowed’ pictures from elsewhere…such as the picture of the caskets-and Alcatraz-and the coke and the cadillac-some of the ships,you get the ‘picture’…I only hopr the persons who own the eye that saw the shot those pictures offer will understand and appreciate the way I used them….I hope there is understanding there is no intent to steal-just share,and I am grateful something as fine as these images are available.
I am a real person….and again-everything I’ve told about myself is real too. I am hopeful that my words and details of my life can somehow be found and used by someone in the same place I am…or someone who is trying to help someone who is the way I am.
I find it interesting in my research for my desire to help other veterans who have been assaulted-the search ‘words’ used to find and hopefully discover resources…the ones I have tried are ‘male rape’ or ‘males raped in military’ and it strikes me odd to notice most of the responses come up from the UK….and very much close to hardly anything at all from the USA.
It appears to me that someone else is interested in reading about this -I see in my blogs stats the way readers have come to find me…and so I hopefully am hitting the right cords. We are seeing the military hide these crimes-crimes that do happen,and happen to men also.
I have a lot more to tell-and am needing to delay until I can get some of my own photos developed-they are able to tell the story too and can’t be found on the internet.
There has also been trouble getting my thoughts all out because this does become emotional to me and I have to stop.
But I intend to say as much as I can.

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