freezing in Florida,or August in Sturgis…

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This morning in northern Florida it was a two dog night. My two pups and I huddled together wrapped inside of a quilt and an old U-haul furniture pad to keep warm. And winter has another month to go before she comes.
I’m getting to old for this-trying to sleep with my body in a knot and keeping my mouth up against a small air hole in the blankets so I can breath-the cold happens against my nose as it sticks out for air. The dogs? I always wonder how the do it with out suffocating-yet they are always glad to be there and never seem to mind.
It in the 40’s right now. I’m wrapped in another quilt sitting at the keyboard wanting to say many things other than “how’s the weather”…but right now theres not much more on my mind-it is cold.
How unreal that is for me…another year of this is probrebly all that I can handle again. I feel it this morning-nausia and my body is cramped from being so stiff through the night-and I am inside of a house,God forgive me for my discontent…there are others colder than I.
My son was stationed in Pearl Harbor up until last summer. He and his wife flew me out to Seattle August 2005 to meet my son and his Corvette…he drove me across country-a trip always treasured,I had not been alone with Micah for a long time.
We stopped in Sturgis on our way through South Dakota-the weekend of ‘Bike Week’. It was freezing…in AUGUST,and I stood outside the car for this quick snap shot…but the wind was unreal-coming out of those hills behind me,I think you can tell by the photo-the sky even looks cold.
Its a funny world we live in. As my son piloted the Vette down the pike we kept passing motorcycle after motorcycle-all heading towards home from the events of the great weekend. The wind was so fierce the bikers had to lean one way to keep thier motorcycles upright and moving-every time we passed a bike that had a passenger…the passengers looked at us in the cabin of that Corvette and you could see the envy in thier eyes as we drove by.
Its a funny world we live in. Here those people spents a fortune on the motorcycles and the gear and the trip must cost a pretty sum too for the rooms and parties….and the misery to ride on that open motored thing fresh into the wind and rain-and oh was it raining across South Dakota that day. The wind was so bad we stopped mid-day and quit by getting a motel room to just get some rest. And we were in a car.
Funny how things are. A motorcycle is for sale in our local paper today-a Goldwing (??) and the asking price is nearly 30 grand for a motorcycle….blows me away.-and people willingly get o the things and ride them through the wind and rain like that.
It interests me about my son-his love for the car he owns. I can understand why…being brought up in a poorer household than many of his classmates in school…both of them,I have two sons-but this guy took his dream of owning such a car and made it true,and he is true to it. He even named his son ‘Corey’…get it?
I bought Micah his first automobile-it was a 100 dollar special-a car that a fat man killed himself in….my sons always called it the ‘killer car’. The poor guy was so fat that he had the steering wheel cut in half so he could fit in the drivers seat. My son loved it…and was as proud of it as he is this Vette.
I’m trying to make sense here. Its just that things never make sense to me. I’ve spent the better part of my adult life of auto ownership drving ‘clunkers’…as I’ve said in earlier writings. I’ve even worn out more shoes than you can count walking in and out of these woods. My house is still sub-standard…to an extent. Its liveable and better than many many people have-but the back part of the place is wide open to the weather and waiting my nail bending expertise to close it in. I borrowed some money-yeah,said I was’nt going to-but had too. And what did I do first? I went out to buy myself a car. Not just a practicle car…the glitter crossed my eyes so I could’nt see good sense,and I bought this old ladies Cadillac. Oh what a car. !! It is more beautiful than anything I’ve ever owned to drive. My knucklehead blindness has yet to show me how much it might cost to keep this car up….but,that does’nt much matter in the long run. The title is bad-in other words….this beautiful car is mine to keep as long as it stays in my yard.
Its as if a lesson is being shown to me. I’d say ‘taught’…but I have’nt seemed to learn anything-except what a fool I am. Got a damned house thats mosquitoe friendly in the summer…and friggen freezes in the winter. And-winter in Florida can beat the best of the traveling Minnesotans that come down south to winter-only to find its just as cold here (unless you go to Miami).But I own a Cadillac.
And then….it comes to me how funny things are!
Them fools on the motorbikes in that South Dakota wind and freezing like I am right now-all that money between thier legs…numb legs-numb from the cold. And me-the fool and his money…the bogus Caddy in the yard. I might as well get a few cinder blocks and get her off the ground…and go enjoy the stereo.
…and then there are guys like homeless Tony in Toronto. And Opencontainer Speedway-out side some where. I am thankful for guys like these who actually help me regain my practicel vision-the vision of sense. But more so-the vision of thankfulness. I have nothing to complain about (except my own foolishness with pride). I read about homeless Tony standing in a doorway all night-and the wind that touches him. And for Speedway-wow,I need to hear the truth about having to swipe a chunk of cheese just to feel fed. I lost view of those things and am grateful for them to open thier lives to us to share that desperation to need to steal to eat….and to remind me where I have come from to be where I am right now. Damned its cold-but I got things right over there in the fridge thats next to the micro wave- thats near the room where the hot shower is. I appreciate the reminder,and respect these guys and all that are like them….cold and with out a place to go.
I think for one day the homeless in South Dakota had it better than the rich-at least the rich on motorbikes….it must have been warmer to them that day then it did for the poor souls flying down the highway on those two wheel open machines a year ago August. Talk about an open container.!!

One Response to “freezing in Florida,or August in Sturgis…”

  1. Mike E Says:

    Well, I guess that answers my just-emailed query about the fate of your Caddy’s title.

    On the bright side: Stolen Cadillac is the official car sponsor of Open Container speedWay.

    See ya there, dude!

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