livin’ inna shack drivin’ a Cadillac

my new car

Originally uploaded by jayfherron.

Rest your worried minds…I finally gotta title to this automobile-was scaring me…I thought for sure it was going to be a yard ornament forever-a lesson I have learned these past two weeks looking at this car and looking at this car-since thats all I could do,no title-no tags and no ride.
Thought is-take it for a ride and sell it!!
I’m not a Cadillac guy…did you know that the front page in the owners manuel says that driving a Cadillac is the ‘Penalty of Leadership’.
What bullshit….
my son the sherrifs deputy says that in law enforcement acadamy they taught that only two kinds of people drove caddies…dope dealers,and old men.
Guess I am getting old for certain….but in truth,this ain’t my kind of car. So now I have it free and clear and the two week lesson I learned from stareing out the window at it is this….sell the stupid car-dim wit!!

One Response to “livin’ inna shack drivin’ a Cadillac”

  1. Mike E Says:

    Let me know when you do — and if possible sell it to an asshole.

    It is speedWay policy to only steal Pace Cars from assholes.

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