ice road-freezing feet

ice road

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Here I am sitting in northern Florida and it is’nt even December yet and I am already to hear that first blessed person complain about how hot it is.
I hate the winter-the older I get the worser it is to me…no ha ha ho ho of the glintery season from me. It always struck me as how unreal it was for a guy like me to endure winters on the road-and it always seemed this Florida boy would end up in the thick of it,as you can see in this photograph…a shot taken from inside the cab of my truck (you can see the part of the fender mirror on the lower right) and heading right down one of the hairy passes of the northwestern states.
Some from the south-those who have never traveld in that region,have no idea that in many places they have gates that close the interstate due to the snow and ice. Wyoming is one that comes to mind and Montana too. I’ve been to the Flyin’J truckstop at the base of the mountain going west into Seattle….and seen the place run completely out of food for all the truckers stranded and waiting to go over the pass at Snoqualmie. One winter I had a load…the same load-on my trailer for almost three weeks because of the snow and ice. Got sicker than a dog on new years 1997 and spent an entire week in a motel in Billings….the snow had the roadway shut down for the entire week.
The big trucks stay warm but it seems theres this need to allow an air hole to leak in to the cab of the truck right where the foot pedals are as if its some cruel joke that they play on truckers at the manufacturing plant where they put together these big trucks. And you can never seem to stop the leak.
The entire west is beautiful-even the snows…as dangerous as the roads get it still takes your breath away.
I’m trying to feel warm here at home-its a balmy 38 degrees for you folks up there in Minnesota or furthur up yonder….but it ain’t easy-six A.M. and I’m fully dtressed and wrapped in a quilt-my left hand in my pants pocket to keep warm and my right hand going like nuts to write this morning.. The back end of the house is wide open….only a tarp to keep the rain out-but darned if it ain’t stopping anything else from coming in-its freezing! But trust this-if all goes good and the weather hangs out and keeps dry…this place will be tightened up and the back room will be heatable. I bought the supplies I need to do a right good job and am anxiously working to finish up something I began this summer in June-only to find out my money was stalled,and stayed stalled for three months. So a late start….gotta run-getting the car warmed up and thats where my morning is going to continue.

One Response to “ice road-freezing feet”

  1. Mike E Says:

    Well, shit yes you should keep your Cadillac! Say — how does the heat work in that thing? Just thinking…If you ever want a reason to Love The Weather where you’re at hell — come on Up!

    If I can’t steal the damn thing…I at least want to borrow it for a gratuitously reckless snowstorm joy ride.

    Cadillac Donuts.

    Oh…I’m looking for a Geo Tracker. If you see one stupidly cheap let me know. I want my next car to be from Florida…

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