America’s Most Wanted…’Rose’


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It all seems so unreal to me how this all took place-how it had to have been orchistrated by a higher being.
How come it was that I was always away-gone this time from the house over 120 days,I know-I always counted. Thats how I’d stay awake at nights-I’d go back years to the first load I’d ever hauled and work my way forward. The agrivation of it would keep me awake for hours,but the days-to count the days…it was always like being in prison,so-you counted the days.
Rose was kind to me…we met one morning and it was a quick hello and have a nice day. But it went into a more established friendship over time.
She was a murderer. I am not…might of thought who’d be a good idea to murder,but not a person who could carry it through. I’m sort of surprised how easy it was for her to confess herself to me…how unconcerned that she was about being caught-and not concerned that she had shot and killed someone in cold blood. She and her boyfriend offered me-forced on me 2000 dollars-so,that is the price of a murdered persons life. I do not understand??
What this is all about-I do not know any more than I know how to explain the rest of things. How can it be that I spents months-months and months away from my own house and then all of a sudden have a stroke-a sudden,because all strokes are sudden. And…to bump into a person who successfully stayed clear of authority for almost 20 years???Question marks?-because it has me confused.
You can only imagine what it is like where I live from how I describe it-but you cannot really phantom the whole idea of it unless you see it for real…it is so far out of the traveled way. It has a certain haunting to it-why?
I liked Rose-there was things about her that were wierd,but she was so nice to me…of course-being married to a rattlesnake wrapped in poison ivy like I was,it was nice to make aquaintence with someone who offered no threat. I did’nt know that Rose was a murderer.
Gives one a funny perspective-murderers are’nt all bad folk-except murder is a bad thing. Who can explain that?
I can tell you to be put in the position I was was not the choice I had in mind-and would’nt want to have to make again.
Obviously-I have a large story to tell about this. It is all too unreal for me to try to explain any of my life toanyone…why? Why? Why has my life been so like this-why did Rose have to tell me her lifes problem when my life alone has been freaked out enough…seeing Mr.Hokes brains being splayed across the cellar-seeing my brothers on my fathers shirt. Seeing the shit I’ve seen-and damned if it was’nt barracks D too.
I’m going honest here-this forum,this way to speak-has been the most greatest release for me…it has helped me to accept the computer because of the responses and the people who have said-‘whew…this has been me too!’…and to finally expell this filth and trash from my spirit has been a strength. To know someone who is a stranger is reading-understanding-and saying”me too”…well-what can I say from here?
Look-listen,this thing about Rose does not make me a hero…it makes me sad,and hurt-and worse…because barracks D was a prison,and to send someone to that (to prison)kills me inside-kills me!
{Rose has been sent back to the prison she escaped from FOUR times-the fourth being for nearly twenty years…and now because she met me she is back in the same prison yet in a maximun cell}

I hate the fact that this happened. And…it has never ened,now they are filming a documentery about it-and my part in it is exposed.
What now??

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