more America’s Most Wanted…Rose!

America’s Most Wanted?

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Friday December 1,2006 will mark the 8th year that the FBI entered my life and I became one who earned thier full attention.
Rose had come down to my house and told me she had something she wanted-insisted she had to tell me. My instinct told me that it was something illegal and I asked her about that…and she said ‘its very illegal’ which I responded that I did not want to hear what she had to say. If Rose had stopped then she would have been fine and free as a bird today.
She did’nt stop-and began to tell me that she was involved in a murder case saying her twin sister murdered this man in Baltimore Maryland and because she was a twin they accused her-convicting her wrongly. This I’ve learned was never close to the truth-Rose,Theresa Grasso…also known as Bertha Keene and Mary Beth was not only a lier…she was indeeed a murderer.
I was already wary of Rose. I had become that way earlier in the fall of that year because we were walking in the state forest behind my home and when we passed the lake there she asked if it was possable to hide a dead body in the water…a seriously shocking question. I had no idea how to answer-but it made me afraid of her…it would have made me afraid of anyone who had a question like that to ask someone.
I started staying away from her-I began going another direction when I walked. I walked every day then to heal and regain strength from my stroke and Rose had been a welcome partner to walk with until she had asked that question. I had become aware that her background was’nt lineing up as it should-=her details of her life seemed to vary. We talked a lot during the times we walked-even sitting on the edge of the lake and haveing a few smokes of a small pot pipe,so it did’nt take long to form a personality and hers was varied.
She also had a boyfriend. I worried about him and did’nt feel too comfortable about us meeting and walking and seemed to have a need to clear that with him,so my son and I went up to where they lived so I could introduce myself and smooth out a road that was’nt even rocky-at that point. His name was David-and David was a cold as ice to me and regarded our visit as an intrusion.
The ‘dead body in the lake’ and Davids reaction made it simple for me to desire to change my walking route.
She figured it out and found me one morning and resumed meeting me.
You have to understand the layout of the area-it is fully forested-and at the tip of a 42,000 acre state forest. Very rural-very secluded.
I do not recall how long it was until that day came and she told me about being on America’s Most Wanted television program…she could have kept that to herself-I even told her if what she was about to say was illegal I was not interested.
The FBI said they were’nt even looking for her. They more less did’nt even have a clue or desire to seek this woman out. The ttelevision program-they say,was not even going to air that piece and they have no idea how she came to think that.
The lady was free and clear.
The day after she told me-and my response was disbelief…she and David came to my house. He said I must have a lot of questions-and I only had one. Was it true?
So they laid another section of the story on me and then said they were leaveing the area and going to a new hide out. Then David handed me this envelope full of money-which I refused. They left it anyway-leaving on a stereo speaker as they walked out the door….supposedly forever.
It was 2000 dollars-the money scared me so bad I hid it behind some frozen veggie’s in my freezer.

So-a few days go by and my phone rings and its Rose. She asked me if I would take the two grand and go to Ocala-a city near here-and rent them an apartment in my name for them to use as a hide out. I refused,and she got pretty heated about that and hung up.
Shortly she called again and said the apartment was excused-how about going to the airport and renting them a car. No-I was’nt doing that and after she cussed me out I said to come back and get the cash…it was not anything I wanted a part of. And she did-and she threatened to shhot me too and walked away tossing the cash into the breeze…twenty’s blew alll through the woods.
My oldest son is in the Navy and I knew he used computers and I have no knowledge of computers so I asked him to look this up-I really thought something else was up. I never really believed this woman had killed a man. But my son did’nt look it up-he called the FBI…and they contacted me.
Some of this story has some humor in it-the FBI were’nt looking for her as I already said-but now the phone call my son made was a done deal and the FBI had to look into it.
When the FBI came to my house they were in shock-the road out here then was so bad no one-even us residents-wanted to drive down it. These two agents surprised me with the comment they had previously busted a guy across the road who was stealing money from a Brinks truck that he drove….my wooded neighborhood was hideout to all kinds of hooligans-it seems. So the agents remarked how bad the road was and no one wants to come out here-thier question was…why did they move out here?
This story is too complicated for me to tell in one sitting so its got to stop here for a while and allow my emotions to settle.
I thought for a moment I could make it go in a path of jest to keep my feelings straight-to point out some of the comical things that took place while the fed’s were setting up the way to capture this woman….I can’t really make it ha ha funny,it was’nt funny to me to be a part of this…and now that I’ve had to live with this in parallel to all the rest of the stuff in my lifes past…it is all too incredible-too much.
You know-my privacy went with that woman…the newspapers did not tell all the story,the Washington Post was the worse of them-the author of thier article made me feel like dirt and his words made me look like dirt-and this woman like a heroine. The boyfriend-David…and she had a husband too,I did not know about-harrassed me at times keeping a eye on my house and went as far as employing a private investigater to try to turn up something in my life to make me look bad…there was so much of that going on I had to write a formal letter to the Levy County Sherrifs office and ask for them to tell this guy to buzz off.
This summer in June a knock came on my door-a young man from City College in New York City has the desire to film a documentery about Theresa Grasso….and once again the box has come open-the last several weeks saw a film crew here at my house in the woods. My request that the story be told as it was-in truth…has been promised to me by this young director. I hope he keeps his word.

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  1. melissachickie Says:

    How horrifying! I hope that this young man portrays your story in the correct light because it is absolutely frightening.

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