about ‘old Joe’…

old joe

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Back in 1988 I worked for this outfit where I was buildind scaffolding all around the southeast.
I was a single dad-my sons were in high school up here in northern Florida…something came up where I had to run a small operation in south Florida in Ft.Pierce.
Its all too difficult to clearly explain -but I was commuting back and forth from Ft.Pierce to our place in the woods ,each weekend. LONG STORY.
My sons wanted to get a dog-and I was’nt going for the idea…but gave in-they said they’d pay for it and take care of it and I never neeeded to worry about a thing. Best part-they had a friend that had these dachsund pups for sale really cheap.and they had the money-so…I said okay.
We all went to the place where the pups where. I waited outside-I’m not too socialable a fellow,so I sat in the car and had a cigeret-and then my sons brought out Joe.
He was this cutie of a dachsund puppy if anything was cute it was Joe.
I think I said awwww…about three times-and I bought him. He was the only dog I ever had that never wanted to lick you…he never ever stuck that tongue on my hand. But-never a partner in life could a person want…Joe was the best dog I ever knew.
I’m a wierd guy about jobs ad the thing about scaffolds went by the wayside…even though I became one of the best. I goofed about a bit after leaving the ‘field’,and soon enough the idea came to drive trucks again. By this time the bride rattlesnake was in family-but…that has nothing to do with old Joe.
Joe was a capital dog…he was so smooth,no-not his hair,his personality. This dog was the best.
Smart-Joe was smart. We traveled together he and I across country. He loved trucks-and trucking,you only had to say…’lets go for a ride’,and that old dog was at the footsteps of the big rig. You could mean to go in a car carr local-but old Joe was ready for that big truck.
We once went to Altus Air Force base in Oklahoma. Hot-dang was it hot. We-me and Joe…walked across the high way to the air base shipping office to get papers and ready for loading. It was air conditioned in there-and they had a couch. It was a real pain to get Joe out of there. He jumped up on the couch like he owned the place and fell out into a nap mode right there. That was Joe.
At the Jimco Truckstop in Ripon California there was an old style bunk house up above where you paid for the fuel-it was a great place to get a chance to sleep in a nice and cheap and clean crisp bed. I could sneak old Joe up there,but I think they knew and let him go anyway because he was such a cool old dog.
He loved baths. We’d stop to fuel-and there was water,and we had soap…so old Joe was given a bath so often he’d get ticked off if there was a fuel stop and he did’nt get lathered up and smellie good.
You could bunk up in a high rise hotel-like one we stayed in in Houston once..that old dachsund would know the room…and by howdey you could take him around the town and put him on the floor and he’d find that room lickity split-no doubt.-iy did’nt matter if he had to ride the elevator,that old dog could sniff out where he was going to crash 100 percent of the time.
God-I loved that old dog. Thought I’d never love something like him again that much,until I met Max.
Joe was 17 last year-he was deaf-blind…stunk,still loved-but he was hurting and sad and he wanted me to help him out. I hated it and cried like a baby,my poor old Joe.
That old boy been to places you ain’t ever seen. He’s been where the space shuttle was built-and even got a NASA approval for me to pull a load to Canaveral…over riding a rule of no pets on a NASA load,he won the assholes over.
I have never trusted anyone like I did that old boy-I really miss him.
My son Micah and his wife tricked me last Crixmix(where they goof with the pine tree….)and brought this little chiuaua with them. Cute little guy. I felt kind of sorry for him,he seemed so forlorne….I felt the same way,cuddled him and felt his little shakey body-those chiuaua’s-they all shake that way….and would’nt you know it-one year later he’s still here. Cutest little guy since Joe.

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