America’s Most Wanted-8 years ago today!

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It is wierd-the climate is about the same as it was eight years ago-in the 70’s and sure to get warmer.
I cannot hardly stand to look at ‘Rose’ in this picture. I feel that she is wanting to burst out in tears and cry….but is still too stunned with what is going on and how her day began in freedom out in the sand hills of Levy County Florida,and has ended in the Levy County jail.
I remember that day so vividly-like the day my brother was killed….and the day of the rape,forever imbedded in my mind and most likely there to always stay. Its like a movie you can rewind back and watch at any time.
The FBI arranged to meet me in a local cemetery to show me her pictures-and those of the man she shot and killed. Not his high school class picture-no,the pictures of his bloodied body laying on a side walk flooded with blood. Those horrid black and white crime scene photos from the old days yet enough to say how violent an attack this woman gave this man.
All the way up until the FBI guy showed me his identification I had thought that Rose and David were putting on some kind of scam-the ultimate being exposed to me in due time. I never expected this.
The arrest took place at a small market and gasoline station in a yellow flashing light town-not even a town,just a place with a name….Raliegh Florida.
The only thing in Raliegh is The J and R country store and thats where it was decided to do the bust there. Right next to the J and R is a small wooded area where a group of men keep a ‘burn barrel’ and old lawn chairs-all there for an open air bar,the beer being bought at the J and R. The owner of the place was mad at me for the whole thing happening there-all the burn barrel guys saw all the law enforcement that arrived to take Rose in that they all hauled butt into the woods and stayed in the ‘woodwork’ for the remainder of the day.
They took us both in together-she and I handcuffed and placed in the back of the patrol car-I had no idea that was going to happen and was beginning to think the FBI was getting me too-arrested for harboring a fugitive. But in a short time when we arrived at the jail I was taken through to another area and was released-but had to remain for questions.
The money she and David left at my house was used to rebuild the only vehicle I had-an old ugly Ford pick-up truck…the same vehicle that drove her to this scene-and the end of her freedom. I’ll always remember that when she got in the truck with me to go to her demise she immediatly started to tell me a story about how she got busted for one joint of pot and I was thinking-lady,this is really not going to be your day.
We went to Raliegh under the ruse that there was a pound of marijuana to be bought-and she wanted to buy a pound of marijuana,so the FBI had to work out something with the sherrifs office to set the whole thing up. It still amazes me how quickly they put the thing together-I never saww so many cops after we were removed from my truck and laid on the ground with our hands locked behind our backs….she started right away saying ” this is’nt happening-I need to go home”…no one was letting her go home. During the ride in the back seat cage of the deputies cruiser she kept going on and on about this being some big mistake-and begged the deputy to let her out. Of course he just gave her that deputy ear-dead silence.
That night after they let me go home-all I wanted to do was get as drunk as I could…why??I have no real idea,it just seemed that it would be a temporary remidy to what had just happened that day December 1,1998.
David had gone to Arizona-so there was time to allow myself to stress this through,so I thought….but the FBI came and told me I was in danger and that they wanted me to leave for a place away from here,so they gave me two thousand dollars and me and my old Ford pick-up truck headed for South Carolina. I could’nt believe that old truck could go that far but it did and brought me back home again later that week.
For months afterward David spent time and money seeing I was harrassed…he hired a private detective that tried to find ‘dirt’ about me and at one time the sherrifs investigators interogated me about my being involved in burying a dead body…which I had been involved in such-but fully with in the law and in view of half the city of Archer and a hundred others from around the county. Our friend ‘Big Mike’ had died of cancer -and we got special permission to have an old hippie style funeral….so it was all legal,yet a huge waste of the sherrifs time to have to learn they’d been misled by Davids private eye. My friends-they too had interviews with the private eye and later the sherrifs. It was such a waste-it took up plenty of time trying to make me look like a bad guy. But heck-hardly anyone knew much about me because I was never home,I was always on the road.
I really never felt more alone than the night of December 1 1998. I stood out behind my house and lit a huge bonfire and drank and drank and drank-I drank 48 cans of beer trying to get drunk enough to trash this thing from my mind. I did’nt even get a hum-but instead I saw myself….I looked up into the sky and it ws as if a huge movie screen was up there and I saw my life going past my eyes and saw that it is the way it has been-how I get in contact with the wrong kind of people every time I get around them. I wept because I missed and wanted the solitude of the truck and the road-but that was no longer there for me. I can never legally drive a truck again because of the stroke I had. And I stood in front of that huge fire I had going looking up into the sky with my eyes flooded from the tears and watched all the shit in my life flow right past me-lesson after lesson after lesson. I felt the loneliest a man could ever feel.
It could have been different-the way Rose was telling lies in the beginning made me suspect of her. My bride-the rattlesnake wrapped in poison ivy…she was such a lier that my instincts were honed towards recognizing someone was’nt being upfront and foremost to me. Rose had a story that did’nt line up and the way it was all falling together made me suspect-but I never suspected a murderer was enlisting my help.
I think if she had told me the truth in the beginning it may have been different-I’d of said you go that way and I will go my way and goodbye.
I really don’t know-the way of handleing the being in company of a murderer is not a typical day for me so how can I really say what I would have done. I just feel seriously imposed on because of it-its a sad thing to say…but,how dare her? What were they really thinking? I came home from months on the road-hardy to walk or talk….scared to death I was at death and not spiritually ready to make that aqaintence,and when I met Rose and first told her that was the reasons for my walks-walks alone…was to connect with God and learn more about myself. And she kept meeting me to walk anyhow.
I connected with God after she was taken-to be placed in charge with another human beings freedom is a position I did not want and did not know how to handle.
I can’t talk about it any more. I just needed to say somethings about it today-the eighth year…to imagine someone being locked away for that long and me being the one who pointed the finger.
A lonely place indeed.

2 Responses to “America’s Most Wanted-8 years ago today!”

  1. Mike E Says:

    You’ve lived a strange life my friend…

  2. jayherron Says:

    you got that right-what firigging bus stop wuz I at anyway??
    believe me-its all so…

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