America’s Most Wanted-the televison show!

the old perculater

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I remember waking up eight years ago today
December 2,1998.
For all I knrw-only a select few knew that ‘Rose’ was in custody…that’d be me and her and officials with law enforcement. Her boyfriend Dave was in Arizona,I later learned he was visiting her husband and son….I knew about the son,but the husband was a new twist. This guy had met her and married her and they ran off to Hawaii to hide away. He had just retired from the FAA in West Palm Beach…so I have been told-and somewhere in the years they were in hiding the television program America’s Most Wanted featured her story. So they ran.
I think if I understand this-they ended up in Pocatello,Idaho and her husband decided for her safety they’d split up and he’d turn himself in to the FBI ( there’s a big FBI facility in Pocatello ) and try to ramble off some tale to put the FBI on a trail-but the wrong one.
They did’nt care-they were’nt that interested in her as much as they were clearing up the matter that her husband had left behind dozens and dozens of un-cashed pension checks….to the tune of nearly 2 million bucks. So-instead of detering the FBI the FBI rewards the guy.
Most of this I learned from David-her boy friend.
He was stand offish when he had the chance to earn my friendship-but after they gave me the money and the days after the requests that I rent them a house and rent them a car and after she came for the money and then left me the money…David became a frequent evening guest-stopped in almost every evening to chat,up til he left for Arizona. That is how I learned about the personal details of her life on the run. David made it sound like a small mafia was tending to her protection-he said there was a book being written,and talk of a movie….everything he said made me nervous and scared. I had the fear of a mafia? Yes-and I was quite gullable.
The morning after the arrest I went to the store in Raliegh to apologize and explain to the owners my part in what happened the day before. This is a very rural community and the store kept a ‘card account’ for me like it did for many of the folk in the area. A card account-its credit written on a index card,payable once a week.
They were unhappy that they lost all the beer sales after all the guys that hang out at the burn barrel fled for cover-most of them being larcenous of sorts,theres a bolito game that goes on there at the burn barrel-so once all the cops showed up they all fled. The owner of the store said his sales dropped nearly 500 dollars that day.
The other thing that surprised me was the store owner said a film crew was there earlier from the America’s Most Wanted program-and they filmed his store.
I was dumbfounded and I think it was then I began to realize the impact of what was to come in the days ahead. Little did I know those days would continue into years.
As I was there talking to the guy that owned the store the same film crew drove up and when the owner pointed them out to me-I fled…and a crazy keystone cops kind of road chase began but because I was in an old Ford truck I was able to cut into some woods and twist my way around some trees and left those dudes behind.
I was scared to death by this time-I had expressed my desire for privacy and secret being kept by the FBI. But someone must have hired a force of reporters because when I finally reached home there was a car waiting in front of my place-the guy asked me if I knew Jay Herron….and I told him no.
About a month went by and my phone rang. It was America’s Most Wanted,a procucer named Jill Braverman-asking me to allow them to interview me for the program. I refused.
Then the phone began to ring one call after another…it was FBI agents from all over the country. They hounded me up to the point I was’nt going to answer the phone anymore until the last agent I talked to ( they all pleaded with me to do this show ) told me that David Swanson had already been filmed-that was her boyfriend-and with out me they did’nt have a story.
I was stunned-I really was.
I am post traumatic. I have a stress disorder,and friends…this had me so stressed I just wanted to dig a hole and disappear into it.
So they came-camera crew and an interviewer and a FBI agent that I was told is a public relations guy for them. All of them freaked about my coffee perculator-the ancient apperatus shown in the picture. None of them knew what it was and they made such a big deal over that it started the segment of the show when John Walsh started to into the part I was in. My old ‘perko’ was famous and reached full circle-that old thing has been more places in the USA then many travelers have been. And now it is on national television.
I can probrebly spend a week telling you this side tracks of this story.There are actually some spots where it gets almost humorous-in a surrealistic way. The FBI when they telephoned me from the sherrifs office the day before-when they were planning how to bust her…she had already come down to the house and was sitting there on the sofa when the agent telephoned and I had to pretend that I was talking to a dope dealer who was going to sell me a pound of pot…the FBI agent realized she was sitting here catching my ‘hints’ on the phone. He started to whisper?? She could’nt hear him anyway-but he starts to whisper. And the thing about how she started talking about getting busted-the very minute we got into my truck to go to meet this ‘arranged pound of pot’.
We sat at the proposed spot at the Raliegh store for a great long time and I noticed her getting fidgety so I said we were going to pass up the opportunity for the pound and we left. As I was driving back towards the sand hills where we lived we passed the line of cop cars that was being sent to set her up and in one of the cars was the FBI guys and they kind of gave a hand gesture and Rose saw it and said “that must be your friend”. So-we turned around and went back and parked at the country store and sure enough,the agent comes up with the pound and following him was what seemed to be dozens of cops with thier guns drawn….no wonder the guys at the burn barrel took off to hide in the woodwork.
I don’t know if any of you have ever been handcuffed and put into the back of a patrol car. This has got to be the most uncomfortable ways to have to sit and ride I have ever known. ‘Rose’ had brought some pot along-she of course did not expect to be going on a ride and had come to toke with me…just turned out that her morning plans were shifted some,so she had this baggie on her when we got placed in the back seat of the patrol car-and somehow manged to get the thing out of her pocket and tried to hand it to me….I think she finally stuffed it into the seat-I never did know what happened to it,but it would’nt have mattered. Ahe was going to jail regardless of that little baggie of weed.
Theres more to this-but this will have to do for now. I feel like Judas must have felt-really!! This whole ordeal-why? How come I am a thousand miles away from here in a big truck-and this womans path gets turned to where we meet. Too much to understand.

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