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my cabin in the woods

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I have written in earlier parts of my story about how Ihad trusted a company and its owners word that yhey intended to give shares in the business if the truck drivers would work for no wages for a few months-they would cover expenses,but no pay check.
These folks-the top notch of the office staff and all that seemed in charge were very religous ‘acting’…perhaps they really were-they were always wanting to get you to pray with them and seek Godly ways,except in the end they all went to prison-and me and my wife and two toddlers ended up homeless because we trusted. I trusted….I said we because my trust then included my family.
So…we became homeless,as I have spoken about before.
I found this piece of property-five acres-in the classifieds while trying to find a place to live. But when you’ve trusted someone like I did,well…life with out pay checks means life with no money and to secure an apartment or some other rental with out money is impossable. Yet-I found this five acres for 100 dollars down payment and 60 dollars a month mortgage payments,you could’nt find that now-I paid 8k for the land after the payments were done.
There was no house-no lights,no water…notta thing,but trees-if you walked west of here for 8 miles…thats all you’d find. Trees.
There is a God. Not the one I believe the former employeers talked about…no,I mean a real God. And God leads things-and He led in finding these woods and later the job I landed with the water tank construction company,Crom Corperation in Gainesville Florida.
I built my home out of Croms scrap wood pile-used pallets and concrete form materials built the place we all found shelter in and still exists…but is today my wood working shop.
I think God led me to Crom and to that wood pile and allowed me the blessing of a life that forced me to have to buckle down and do-no matter what,to live and care for my small family…my little boys.
I had to get up every day and hitch hike to that job. Sometimes I’d get there ten or twenty minutes late and Oscar-the shop foreman,would scream at me and tell me to go back home…”we start at 730 boy-and if you can’t get here by then just go home and try again tomorrow”. He was serious too.
But they all thought I was nuts because I hand carried several boards-or sheets of tin-or gallon buckets of old nails…anything salvageable came home with me and built the place that offered us shelter.
In honesty-it was actually about a half mile up the hill where I began the building-we at first made payments on eight acres-but this five came available and it had a well and a power pole and a septic tank (no home) and I had a house mover move what we had started to build up on the hill. He thought I was nuts too.
That was in 1975. The nuts still here. However oddly the job at Crom went I still see guys I worked with there that remark about me standing on the side of Archer Road trying to thumb a ride all the while standing there with a dozen boards that was trash to the company-but cash to me,in a way. I worked there off and on over the years-one of those places that always had a job of some kind,rough-dirty work. Sometimes I’d get frustrated and quit,sometimes they’d get frustrated and fire me-but over years and the great many jobs I had because of my PTSD issues,this place has always been my ‘job’ and I’ve always been proud of the work I did with them. I became one of the leading scaffold guys around-through them,that will have to be told another time. I learned to operate certain kinds of heavy equipment and that helped in my future as a trucker.
Back in 1989 I bought this old worn out mobile home I’m sitting in as we speak.
I was working for Crom at thier office in Ft.Pierce and there was a complication down there that I was the only one available to step in and keep things going-so for a year I commuted each week to St.Lucie County to run an office and crews and lived in a mobile home on U.S 1 that made me ashamed-my sons were in high school and I refused to change the place they’d been al this time…so they stayed up here and managed while I went back and forth.
Any way…this mobile came available for 1000 dollars-it was rough when I bought it,and its gone through changes over the years since it got set up here. There was no way my boys could continue in the cabin and the eventual travel trailer we lived in-the mobile home going to improve things for us (thier mother had been long gone by then) and it made me more comfortable to be staying each week down south-them being here alone alll that time. They were excellent-and it has always made me proud that we managed that time the way we did-they never got in any trouble…ever.
So at this moment I am in the same mobile home-which has seen three conversions and renovations and attempts to make the place liveable…it was so rough the first day it got here that we did’nt realize the middle bedroom floor was not even there. The room was filled with junk and the seller said the junk goes along with the trailer-and it turned out the junk was wedged into that room so to hold itself…the floor was that gone. We had’nt even slept in the place and when I saw that I kicked every wall down and there it was again,the same kind of life in a place that was not liveable. It is also another joke among my circle of friends that I have always been working on this place from the first day I got here in 1975. It is true.
Yesterday I finally got my computer moved into a little closet turned office space. The closet is the only original part of this mobile unit-and odd shaped corner closet that came from those weird mobile home design concepts…how ever they lay the floor plans out?
So in a frantic rush to beat the real chill of winter I have finally succeded in getting this back room sealed up and refreshened with new panels on the wall with new insulation between them and the outer walls and me and the cold. Damned if it still ain’t the same-the bedroom door,also a remainder from the original structure,holds no heat in and freely admits the cold. So….its always going to be the same and I am thankful for that to be given to me from God to live in these conditions to help me be aware of where I am and where many other are not,in a warm place-if you sit close to the heater,but never the less…inside,dry (sometimes!!) and with electricity….although I’ve lived here many times for lengths of time with the power turned off-my point is…in Phillipians in the Bible its say….no matter what state you are in to be content. And I am am as long as I am here at home.

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