barracks D-37 years 8 hours and 10 minutes ago!

snake in tree

Originally uploaded by jayfherron.

About this time on the last day of 1969 I was sitting in front of a U.S.Navy intelligence officer who was sitting there grinning and nodding his head in a disregarding way-his grin expelling a chuckle from down in his throat. He had just heard from me why I was in such disarray-I was black and blue and my nose had dried blood in it and my uniform top was soaked in urine because I had only just come to in the urinal in the toilet area of the barracks in the building next to us…I had been raped in that urinal-a long trough that hung from the wall.
I remember vividly the officer telling me to get used to it-something to the effect my dance card had been punched,and I was sent back to barracks D. New Years Eve.
Entering back through the gated door to the barracks D was like entering a room full of snakes-I saw my assailants,they looked like snakes with heads shaped like hands-finger tips with fangs.
I think I began hating the rest of my life right then.

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