leaping into 2007…how weird!!

best panther

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The road that divides me and the neighbors across is the county line-once refered to as the ‘county grade’ but its finally been paved so its now known as the ‘grade now paved’,go figger? Anyhow-its the county line!
It has always been kind of strange to me living on this invisable line-theres no fences that divide us from county to county and certainly no check points,merely a sign at its borders on each state highway that runs into the county line.
The whole idea seems so majestic and huge,for some strange reason…to be able to just stretch your legs and walk across from one county to another-or from one state to another….or like in Laramie-walk right into Mexico,another country.
I think thats what going from life into death is going to be like-smooth,a mere pass into one thing from another-the fear we range of death comes from the sight of tragic circumstances,or seeing some old grandfather gasping for his last breath in a ICU somewhere. We tend to startle ourselves for nothing,its just like going from 2006 into 2007.
Back in the late 1980’s all of our remaining group of hippies had a friend we knew as ‘Big Mike’…he had cancer and battled it until he lost in the fall of his last year.
Hippies had this weird way of doing things that was ersatz of the normal ways other society does them-so we kept true form and arranged to have a hippie funeral for our pal ‘Big Mike”. It was a day he would have loved-the guy had a sense of humor and a laugh that was contagious,and the events of his burial certain caused a few laughs.,one that the coffin we stood up all night to build the guy (all of us drunk and mourning our pals loss) but no one thought to measure the back door of the house to carry the thing in and out…it was too big,so we had to carry ‘Big Mike’ out to it.
Now this guy did’nt shrink when he was sick-he was a huge man all through life-and as a dead man he was….excuse the phrase-dead weight! Also-he might not have had too many chances to poop in his last days…so as we struggled to hand carry the corpse ‘Big Mikes’ bowels cut loose from the motion and he began to reek to high heaven quickly which made our pace go into a slight jog and from there a faster run until we reached the waiting coffin-sitting on the lawn in the back yard surounded by about 100 waiting friends who swiftly backed away as we exited in our fast pace ( our faces green with stink from ‘Big Mikes’ bowels busting loose)…and we sort of thrumped him into the box and each of us ran to find a private place to heave!
Like I said-‘Big Mike’ would have given a pearl of a laugh at that.
So-we get him buried and every one heads to the only bar in town and procede to have a great send off to our old pal…and I get drunk!
The following morning when I awoke to the call for ‘first appearence’ at the county jail where I ended up later that night-I recognized the person from the county courthouse who was rousting up all of us jail birds to get us ready for the judge. He recognized me too and learning why I was in jail this fellow gave me some advice on how to please the judge and make things easier and cheaper and a lot more better than they could be…so,I took his advice-told the judge that I was guilty right there and plead for a chance to do community service in exchange for my admitting guilt-I was drunk and trying to drive!
So the judge went for it and my friend back at the jail had recommended my doing community service at a home for wild animals hat people thought they could make pets of-and learned that idea was more then they bargained for.
I met Colin there. He was a true Florida panther raised from a kit by hand to the large adult you see in the picture-Colin was as gentle as a collie dog,sweet and just one of the guys!
Funny in an odd way-the death of a friend is gently transitioned into the meeting of another. Colin would hear my Jeep when I drove up and he would start to cry out-and his sister Cristin would join in and she would’nt quit until I walked myself over across the compound where they were caged and greet them. They were that capable of love.

3 Responses to “leaping into 2007…how weird!!”

  1. Mike E Says:

    Dude: I once said that you’ve lived a Strange Life.

    I rescind.

    This shit is downright Bizarre…

    One thing leads to another, eh?

  2. jayherron Says:

    …yup-but the thing is that it is all I have my friend! the Truth.

  3. foxymommylady Says:


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