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There are things in life that you just can’t fully rationalize. Like for example-how come it is one killer can end up being defined as a monster and then in the same society another killer can gain our sympathy and become a hero of sorts.
The article about this man was printed in the same newspaper-the hometown paper…of five innocent college students who were brutalized and raped and murdered,the same newspaper that told us there was a monster loose. That monster was Danny Rollins.
But then there must be another kind of murder? Heres the article that suggests why I must feel that way. The man in the photo was the fiance’ to ‘Rose’…the Americas Most Wanted woman that my path crossed with in 1998. He helped her hide-finding a place so secluded where they could live in quiet peace,which was at the end of the road where I have lived for 30 years-the same road where one of those five murdered students lived as a growing girl.
It is strange to me-when you read the article you do want to feel sorry for the person…but whats missing here is the points that this man gave me 2000 dollars. At first I thought it was to buy my silence-but a day later I learn it was intended for me to become a part of the so called ‘mafia’ that was keeping ‘Rose’ safe and hidden;they wanted me to rent them a new hide away. I refused. Then it became a request to rent a automobile…no again! Then came a request to buy a pound of pot!
The newspaper left these things out because they did not pursue the full story.
Another thing not told was how this poor man which the article wants us to pity wanted nothing to do with my offers of a handshake and a neighborly hello and yet turns around and hands me two grand?
Somehow the article must not have noted that this man hired a private investigator who went from each one of my ‘friends’ to try to dig up something illegal about me…oh,they also forgot to tell you how that private eye made up a story about me burying a dead guy and the story kept the sheriffs office busy for two days interviewing me about this-a waste of everyones time….the story the private eye used was a twist on the funeral we held for ‘Big Mike’. The sheriffs investigators spent eight hours of time with a truth twisted into a lie….and the newspaper article overlooked that point..
Another thing they did’nt tell you about this poor sad man…how he harrassed me for weeks and weeks until I finally had to get the sheriffs office to take him aside and have a conversation with him-especially about his parking at the end of my drive and stareing at my house!
Funny-I heard he was trying to get ‘Rose’ to sign over the rights to her story for a book he was writing,how sad….listen to me-I’ll tell it to you here for free! I could’nt even stand to keep the money the FBI gave me-how could I settle to earn off of this poor womans life?
(note:I gave the FBI money to a missionary in Malawi and helped some others out too)
I also believe the paper forgot to say how after ‘Rose’ and her fiance’ came to my house and confided in me and left me the cash that this poor chap began a daily evening visit to my house telling me all about the ‘mafia’ that was involved in keeping ‘Rose’ safe and hidden-lies about a movie to prove her innocence-lies about a book that tells the truth-lies about a twin sister,the evil sister-who really pulled the trigger and emptied the gun into a man,a father….all of these revelations adding to my own fright of the situation I was rapidly finding myself in! The newspaper probrebly did’nt write these things because they took sympathy with a murderer-only because the murderer was clever enough to keep free for twenty years,otherwise the whole story would’nt have been worth a flop! No thrill !!
I all honesty I continue to think this person is dangerous. He was given a heros ticket when they lauded him as a poor sap that found salvation through this woman….did they ever consider if that he was so broken about the loss of his wife then why was it he had a new woman living in his house-‘Rose’?.
And when the law told him they did’nt have any need to arrest him foor knowingly harboring a fugitive-they gave him an open door saying you is above it all-and he was’nt afraid to come and park at the end of my drive and stare at my house! The law was’nt interested in him.
Really? What is it about our society? How come we in Florida could’nt wait for the day we got to execute Danny Rollins-he did such vicious
things beyond only just murdering. Why is it we can watch on television everyday the criminal trial of Scott Peterson and end up with such hate for the guy and yet on another day we can applaud the life on the run of another murderer-and boost up the details of that sad life by telling the story of another sad individual.
It does’nt make sense!
I do think he let his hair down for the photograph….ruffled it free and draped it over his shoulder for effect.

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  1. C'mon Says:

    Stop being a tease and actually write the story, please. . .

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