drawing-jay herron 2006

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I remember as a little kid whenever I would find a puppy and bring it home and give it water and a name and love it-the puppy would always disappear by the time the sun came up the next day. There was always the excuse…”well,puppies have a way of finding thier way home”! ,and that would be that.
I must have been in my forties when my old mother told me the truth how my father would go out later at night after I had gone to bed and woud take those puppies and drive them some where and dump them.
That explaination had really taken me aback because the week or two after my little brother Carl was killed our father brought home a wire hair fox terrier puppy from a pet store somewhere. It never figured??
Yesterday I recieved a comment from someone who called themselves “C’mon” and that comment said for me to ‘quit teasing and tell the rest of the story’…and really-it is’nt a story that has an en,so I can’t finish the story. I can only go along with what it is….and say it how I see it.
All of these pages-I think theres 80 or 90 now?….they are a mix,a complete mix of the mix my life has been. I don’t have some set plan how to explain it-it just has to come as it is and at a desire to be able to explain the events of my life….the life of just some guy who seemed to get it handed out to him different.
Theres no end. There will be the end but it will be one that I cannot write. I look forward to it though because I’ve been able to ‘see’ theres better in ever ever land then there is here in never never land. Sadly-I personally have no control over when that transfer takes place…so,the end of the story is still in the works.
These things I’ve been writing about are honestly all the truth as I can only tell it-these stories have all been a part of my life and for once I have found a way to tell countless ammounts of people about the things the length of my life have had done to it,God knows my own family was never interested.I just need to put this out to get it out of me and to say to anyone that see’s it that I hope it helps and helps you get help or to seek the reasons why. I can’t tote it around alone no more!

One Response to “C’mon”

  1. foxymommylady Says:

    Jay, the drawing for this blog entry, is it also mixed media? I really like the colors in it. Did you use watercolors?

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