My son-the deputy!

Alachua County Florida Sheriff’s badge

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This morning will prove to be an interesting start to my day-I will be standing in the office of the county sheriff where my son will be sworn in as deputy.
I have got to say that this area is about to welcome an interesting young man to thier law enforcement force-never have I known a man who has gone to the lengths of earning this badge as my son has.
Joel has always been unusual in the way as a kid who spent his days in school and his afternoons in marching band practice his evenings as the dish washer and pizza maker at the local bar and then to come home and dig into his books and there he would stay until I would get up around two in the morning to pull the pencil out of his hand and remove the papers and books from his bed and edge him under the covers so he could rest enough to begin his routine in the morning.
He has been the same way since he began his study at the law enforcement program at Sante Fe Community College-I was proud to see him earn his criminal justice degree there and today I will stand proudly in that room where he finally reaps his rewards for all his years of study.

I have always been slightly on the defiant side of law enforcement-I’ve never been in any serious trouble but yet for some reason I took an attitude when ever I was stopped for a ticket,I guess it seemed the thing to do….but admittedly I reacted in the same manner as everyone did when my son came into a local restaurant in uniform with another officer and everyone sort of perked up like a person does when a policeman enters a room and here this was my son, It took me a few minutes to get adjusted to the fact that it was him.
A serious lad this young man has turned out to be-but I am very thankful for how he has grown to be the man he is.
I hope God keeps plenty of angels camped around my son.

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