Capt.Devery L.Taylor,USAF-rapist!

the door to barracks D

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Yesterday at Eglin AFB in the panhandle of Florida-the site of the country club federal prison thats the desire of guys like Abramoff and most likely the soon to be convict Scooter (although I think they like the atmosphere of the fed joint in West Virginia-the courts favor that one too..).yesterday they convicted Air Force Captain Devery L.Taylor of rape against six men who he confessed to slipping a drug to so they would be easy to criminally use…so,he’s going to prison for fifty years.
I’m pleased,only slightly….but seems to me such a silly place to consider punishment for a criminal like him…whats he loosing other than the ability to step out for a six pack? What kind of prison can they put him in? It must seem like a dream come true for a rapist-who raped six men,and sentanced to fifty years…surrounded by men.
He will adapt-any person who has the will to survive…will adapt.
Like Charlie Manson-he told the judge it didnt matter how long he got in prison because things were just as good there as they are out here.
The picture-a painting I have done that depicts how muddled my brain is from the experience in barracks D. I can paint this kind of scene 37 years after the crimes against me were commited. And this most likely simular to the images of muddled and tainted memories will look to this criminals victims,and what will they get??
What is fair?
I know Captain will not be too pleased in the very beginning…but like me in 1970 when it seemed clear that this was the way of life for me,after all-they said I was facing five years…I did what any one of you would do to survive…I lived they wanted me to,I did what they made me do-did it out of fear,and I did not enjoy of it…but I had to adapt. So the Captain will adapt-most likely fit right in at some neat federal prison-military like,he’s used to that so that wont be too difficult-and males he can join in and prey on like the monsters that are already there.
What I’d like to know…what is the military doing for the victims,the six men who will be living in a prison of thier own?
This happening-these rapes…and my being able to write about them is important,sad as it may sound-and horrid that it is at all…it is important because it shows that this is so,that these things occour-and men in the military-and men anywhere…do assault men sexually. And it is important for what I have been saying-there are now six men greatly injured,several of them military-what will it be for them?
This is not an isolated situation-sorry folks,it is not!

10 Responses to “Capt.Devery L.Taylor,USAF-rapist!”

  1. Mike E Says:

    Well, you & I both know well that life will be treacherously horrendous for these six men. But not as bad as it was for kids/young men who were raped in the early 70’s.

    Why? Raw courage. That’s what it takes to survive this shit. And these 6 men got one thing going for ’em big time, my friend — crackpots like you & me. Who provide living proof that such courage exists.

    Hope we can make it a little easier for them.

  2. jayherron Says:

    your comment brought tears to my eyes MikeE…thanks!

  3. B.J. Says:

    It’s way past time that incidents like this are brought to the forefront. Even now, when folks here the word “rape”, they instantly think of women as victims. People need to understand that not all sexual advances are welcome, that young men aren’t ‘lucky’ to have someone like Mary Kay LeTeourneu (now Fillal), and that men can and are victims of those stronger than themselves. I knew I had to buy that Air Force Times when I saw that there was a case of male rapes inside and get the information to Uncle Jay. Maybe one day, they’ll add the fact that men are victims and ways for them to get help to the briefings we have to hear about victims of rape and sexual harrassment.

  4. Someone who knew him Says:

    … All you speak and write papers to judge others without knowing… I spent some time with the man several years ago… He and I went out to drink and after some drinks returned to his room…

    He tired to unzip my pants while we were in the room… He did touch my stomach; however, I told him what he was trying to do was not right… I understood there must have been some agony inside him…

    I then asked him to tell me about his life… What made him want men… In a friendly and comfortable manner, I asked him to tell me what happened in his childhood…

    He then let out and cried for a good while… We were laying on the bed… He could not hold his tears and with much emotion, he told me when he was 10 years old, he was made to touch a man in a restroom and it went on for some time… He became confused by the abuse but in the midst of his confusion, in his mind there was now the thought of a strange pleasure about touching men…

    This probably doesn’t matter now or is of no consequence; however, the people’s justice should be chasing those who abuse children sexually because it is at that age that children become traumatized and become what Devery became…

    Unfortunatelly, society has dismissed mental trauma from sexually abused children with the presumption that homosexuality is not a psychological disbalance…

    Well, I hope the people who interacted with Devery, do not adopt similar tendencies, because their actions will simply continue the viscious cycle…

    I’m certain God will forgive Devery, I forgive him and he basically tried to have sex with me, but do people have the heart to forgive him? Because remember, God will judge us as we judge our brothers and sisters… And believe me God exists…


  5. jay Says:

    I have not been the one that judged Captain Taylor-a court did,and as for all of us-God will.
    You are absolutly correct-our society has a long way to go to understand the long term effects of child abuse and forced sexual contact.
    I think Captain Taylor’s length of conviction is rasther severe-but at Eglin the lifestyle is not all bad.

  6. One of his very close friends Says:

    “who he confessed to slipping a drug to so they would be easy to criminally use…”

    I have known Devery since we were in college together. I am sorry for your trauma, but you need to get your facts straight. He never confessed to anything. As a matter of fact the charges against his alledged accomplice were thrown out of civilian court.

    Rape is a terrible thing that no one should ever have to endure. I think there should be some kind of penal colony for sex offenders..especially those who commit crimes against children. I can confirm that his story of abuse was told to me….BTW I am a hetero female.

    I kept up with the trial and I believe that they have imprisioned an innocent man. As I told the prosecuting attorney, just because six people say something is true doesn’t make it so..especially when careers hang in the balance…take a little village called Salem as the perfect example.

    please see the rest of the story

  7. art Says:

    No. He is exactly where he belongs. Did it ever occure to you there might be other men he had assaulted that didn’t come forward with the other?
    If you want to champion the cause of Gays in the Military choose a different case…. this man is a rapist! I have personal knowledge of that!

  8. art Says:

    And I’m a member of the community (or I was at the time) so I have no ax to grind with regards to the military.
    Devery Taylor (at least I know his real name now) is a predator and sadist… he belongs in prison!

  9. Aone Guy Says:

    Your facts in your write up are wrong. There was no confession and no evidence of a drug found. You are really hurting your cause by making mis-statements and stating wrong things. Idiotic fail on a very serious subject.

  10. Max-Jayde Romero Says:

    This is a stupid and idiotic post … Dude get your facts straight before you post some garbage like this. I have actually read the case. There was NO confession of date rape drug use and none were found. Also the DADT Policy at the time made it impossible for Devery to get a fair trial. Stupid posts like these actually do more harm than good to true rape victims. Suggest you delete your Idiot post.

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