YOU have a VOICE…


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Just to begin…go find and look for the link that gives you access to tell your story,if you feel that is what you want to do-but please,try it-no body can see you!
One voice.
Did you know that a woman with autism changed the way cattle are prepared for slaughter? Well-I know this isnt a good way to make a comparison especially when there really cant be many improvements for the cow when its getting ready to be set up for its end…but this woman defeated a handicap to become a voice for the way cattle are treated before they are slaughtered-its mandated all across the country.
Ive been to these places-I cannot tell you how it is to go to a major feed lot and see thousands of bovine all waiting to be trucked over to a place where they get lined up and thier head is lobbed off with a machine that looks like a huge chain saw with jaws.
This one woman -a person with a handicap so severe,yet she used her voice towards an entire industry to change how these cows are treated up to thier end.
I have to use this as an example,Im sorry if it is gruesome and it is…but theres a point here thats needing to me met-
Ive been writing for seven months about one part of giant system that has a flaw-a huge flaw…a flaw that effects many many people,and I’ll be honest with you-I am sometimes so scared to go into a situation where I have to speak to a stranger that my voice begins to quake and shake and it becomes diffucly to speak,but one day I figured it out that many many people have some time to spend on the computer and I can express many challenges to many people at one time-and not neccesarily be seen,and my voice doesnt shake and get choked up…..and your voice can be the same way.
It is something that we live in a society that needs to eat so much beef that the industry of raising cattle is so vast-it is huge. If you doubt me-go to Brawley California-or Mericopa Arizona,or Greely Colorado and ask yourself…”what’re they doing with all them cows”??
So gruesome as my example is-you would see how great a feat it was for one woman-and I express the challenges her voice has because of the degrees of disability the voice of an autistic person has…and they heard her voice!
My ‘beef’…(no pun intended ,well….it couldnt been helped)-has been this all along:
Sexual assault takes place every day in the US Military-and most cases do not get the proper attention,many times the victims do not go forward-much of the time for fear…
And it does’nt end there and as Ive said before the stigma of being raped isnt put away easily-the continues all along your life no matter how hard you try to put it behind you. And as much as rape and related assaults take place-there are far more better resources for help and sensitivity on the civilian side then there is on the military side,and even furthur than that-in the veterans adminstration also.
And I’m counting on this…. like that one womans voice I’m going to keep on and on and on until someones says Im right and begin to feel like I do and they start to speak,and then someone says-yup,I believe its time for me to speak.
The more we remain silent the more our attackers gain control over us….it does not matter where you are,what life you have-to have somebody take such control over your being does’nt stop at the one initial time-does it?
If you want power over that-raise your voice.
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