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Just the other day I wrote about this old pal of mine and told you how he managed to travel to Europe with a pair of shoes sealed shut with duct tape and bath chaulking-flying there amidst all the terror concerns and check points,and this wild looking chap goes all around the world looking penniless and yet he manages the whole tour rather well….he is not penniless but rather well off.
Being honest-somehow I managed to get the position to drive my friend-his name is Grier….the state patrol came and took his drivers licenses and tags from his vehicles as he is never to drive again,too much alcohol and too many near misses. The decision to take the license was agreeable to him-he even gave praise that he never killed anybody,that alone is a miracle.
I never much liked being his driver because Grier is a full fledged curmudgion and works his position in honor in unexpected times and locations and with whom will always be a mystery until the occasion arises but believe me I think he is always looking for that open window to berate some poor soul about thier food stamps being a drain on his economy and a proof of laziness or to cuss out some other driver for thier inability to drive when the poor fool himself is the worlds lousy driver which is why the state took his driving privledges away. But I have to be honest-Grier would pay me a hundred bucks to take him to the big Wal Mart in a town about thirty miles from here so he could shop and stock up,as he called it-we all live deep into rural areas….nothing is near. There was never a time where the man was not generous-he always liked flashing his cash and it always contrasted his appearence for as I said the other day-whew….this guy dwells in the days of wagon trains where baths were in order but unable to find due to nno water-yet,he has plenty. Its just him.
It would take me 463 days to try to write a full intro on my pal Grier-the dude is very different that many I’ve known-perhaps one of the most intelligent men but yet his looks would decieve it…he’s a true example of ‘judgeing the book by his cover’,people see him and just assume with out learning. He grew up in an ultra wealthy family and had good private schooling-his high school in a military acadamy in Alabama….his grandfather a judge,his dad an attorney for a major grocery chain-his great grandfather has a state prison named after him. And theres much and much where one could go in writing down the tales and escapades of this guy-but the other day I had to take him to the VA hospital and this is what I want to say about him-
He’s an alcoholic-he’d proudly swear to it saying theres no hiding it…and there was a Grier that was easy to get along with and then the drunk that was loud and obnoxious and outspoken-and mainly a royal ass hole. But there was a sweetness to him too-just funny how that is.
So after several yearsof a straight brewed beer diet his body has finally come to reject it….so I drove him in to the VA. He could hardly walk-and was mumbleing and incoherant amd filthy on top of that….and there in the lobby other men made comments-pathetic comments and sad because the judged him with out knowing he probrebly had more cash in his bank account then they-and as I said,old Grier snaps to in any intelligent conversation-drunk or not.
I don’t think Griers going to come home.
Now-I’m not telling you this is a great man…not at all. He was a rowdy drunkard who made it known so. But he has this charm that once you see it-see through the curmudgion….that he is a good man. Theres not one of his friends thats has come to him with a tale of woe and a palm of need extended that Grier ever said no to. Some of us into him for thousands of dollars-one of the men commited suicide for other stupid reasons…oweing Grier up to 50k. But there are those of us alive that owe him money…I owe him once in a while too,he’s always been generous with help when it comes to cash. I know of several of our clan of friends that still owe him….and there he is-laying in the VA hospital for three days now. I went there yesterday and one of the nurses asked if I was part of his family? I told her just a pal…..she gave me this look saying she just thought I was family-I had been the only one to visit.
The old boy looks pathetic and sad laying there. Being honest-I dont even know if he knows what happening-or if he’s just really out of it…but in this contrast oof seeing the guy I once felt concerned about going places in public with and now seeing his little frame all tucked in a bed-alone,well….its sad because all of us came from a group of hippies formed together in a ‘family’ type scenerio way back in the 70’s….peace and love one another-make love not war and freedom and hugging everybody and all of that which just seemed got set off by the wayside because old Grier is a small evidence of that…..he held out cash to those whole asked for it-shared what he had with out comment and those he did that for havent even the time to look in and say ‘okay’?

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  1. Carolyn Says:

    you are a very upright human being, Jayherron.

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