Grier and the gift!


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The events of yesterday were arranged by a power higher than I-none other could have put such an event together as the one I was blessed to witness.
I wrote several days ago about this man-how I had met him on a beer run way back in the 1970’s during the highlite of the hippie days and now these years later we resume a friendship and after the events that led to his driving license being taken away I became his driver from time to time. I can tell you it was not always the greatest of tasks to drive him places…I never knew it would be me that would drive him to his final destination.
Grier has cancer and it had never been attended to and Grier is loosing his life. As a matter of fact-he may have already passed because the doctor was saying it would be soon. He handed out a booklet as to what to watch for,one to me-and to his son.
I left Grier and his son and Griers brother at the nursing care center at the VA yesterday thinking about what I had just seen. I no idea how this was effecting me-I really had no idea how Grier had made a place in my heart and how much of a friend he had really become.
I got to admit-I stopped by the store yesterday and bought myself a six pack of dark beer and got home and sat in the Cadillac and listened to old time country hillbilly on the stereo and sipped beer and thought about this guy and his son and his brother and what I had witnessed earlier…and I started to weep,and weep-and when I thought it was over,I wept some more.
Grier gave me a gift yesterday-one that will last forever…the phenomenon that I saw.
I saw a son sitting next to a father that he had not seen since he was a two year old lad. I saw a father on his his death bed and I reasonably believed he knew his son was there. And the uncle…Griers brother-meeting his nephew for the first time….a 37 year old man now. And it just seemed so beautiful to me in such an incredible way….
Grier has helped me quite a lot these past 9 years…given me odd jobs to help make ends meet-he was good hearted like that with some instinct to know when ones personal funds were tight he’d call and there’d be an offer of some wierd little task he had had to take care of and he’d offer a few dollars to help him achieve his need…it was his goodness and until yesterday I did not really see the strength and value in the friend this was until I saw the phenomenal scene of his son and his brother coming together to meet for the first time. I took an opportunity to excuse myself and I went out for a long drive to vent my thoughts and came home and parked the car and sat here sweetly getting myself softer by the effects of a few beers and stronger by the recolection of things that became clear to me as to how powerful God is to put a person into your life that gives an incredible meaning to you-such as Grier as he was’nt the easiest guy to know…he had moments that could clearly put me off on the guy and I’d drive away silently swearing that he’d seen me the last time ever and yet there was this old southern charm the had to pull you right back into being his friend.
I find all this interesting in a contrast to my own family and the relationship that I have-or have not with them,in particular my own brother Franks who on his death bed said I was a disappointment to the entire family-words from a man who never took the timwe to know me,yet he judged me in that manner and I’ve never forgotten it…and I see this man Grier and the scene before me of a son seeing his father the first time in most of his life and has no last words….except I was able to tell him his dad had just tried to send a birthday card and it was sent back no forwarding address….but it meant so much to Grier to mail that card. His son was delighted to learn that,most likely better than last words.
My own father is ill. His condition I’m not sure…Ive stepped away from that because my other brother needs to take those reigns,my dad felt more for him than he does me. And yesterday I see this scene and see things that were teaching me about my own life and family and about love because I saw yesterday that after all the complaint I love this old friend and he is going to be so missed.
It is moments like this that make me certain there is a God because of how precise the moments are woven together to give us a lesson.
I am thankful to be given the lesson this has been to me.

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