Goodbye my Friend…

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Grier passed away yesterday peacefully in his sleep-April 20,2007.
He was truely a very fine man to have known who taught me many things about myself and many of those I am only just becoming aware of.
I am thankful to have had Grier Carver as my friend-I told him many times that God had once again used him as a vessel in my life…he always smiled about that-it was so true-Grier,I’m going to miss you my old friend.
….one day I took Grier to see my own grave in the Micanopy cemetery. On my tombstone is a verse from Isaiah that says ‘they shall mount up with wings as eagles and renew thier strength’.
Grier thought things like that were cool and he had such an intelligence that he could comment so perfectly about anything at all.
We left my cemetery and on the way there is an old cemetery back down a dirt road and we decided to go back in there and as we turned the corner there was dead deer and on it were three huge eagles-just above it was the branches of an live oak tree and the three eagles flee up to the branch which was right above the view of the windshield and we sat there in awe looking at these majestic birds so close we could see them breath. I looked over at Grier and said “they shall mount up with wings as eagles and renew thier strength and youth shall walk and men shall utterly run”…and Grier looked at me and said “Herron…for once I’m with out words”!
Good bye my buddy-next weeks pay day….and breakfast at the Drfitwood,it wont be the same with out my old friend.

One Response to “Goodbye my Friend…”

  1. B.J. Says:

    I’m sorry to hear of Grier’s passing. 20 April is a good day for Chuck and I. We marked 11 years of marriage on 20 April 2007. I’m sorry it was a sad day for you. Grier was a nice guy, judging from the one encounter I had with him last year. I hope Grier’s family are all doing okay.

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