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It has been a bit off kelter the last two weeks and I believe its getting to me-I’m tired.
This whole position I found myself in as the doing my old friend Grier a final favor(if you consider I gave him a ride to his death bed a favor) turned out to be among those rewarding gifts we recieve in some mystical way-however I’ve managed more trips into the city this past two weeks than I have in a long time-I am always there once a week but with Grier in the hospital and then things afterward-well,theres been journeys!
I have also found myself a bit off the track regarding my hopes to draw attention to the need for change in Veterans Rights in Sexual Assault crimes. I expect things will be calming down and I can get back into it.
Yesterday I took four pieces of my art to the Survivors Art exhibit at the University of Florida and this morning I am off to the campus to put up some posters beckoning visitors to come see the exhibit-for some reason I cannot call it an art show…and exhibit sounds so firm,but I think its in respect to the nature of the source of the art work-our injured interiors are expressed in paints and colors.
I want to get back in bed-make the chiuaua’s give me some room and lay down and crash but the gallery opens today and I cant wait to see how everything looks.
Last year it was my first experience having my art work hung in a gallery and the night of the reception I mustered up the nerve to go-and alone,however I had been visiting the gallery everyday since the exhibit opened and became more and more comfortable with my surroundngs-I even located a sofa in the lobby that I could sit in and observe the patrons as they passed our various works and was able to see the responses of peoples faces as they saw my art. I dont think I have ever felt so high.
I remember as I went in the gallery the first morning of the exhibit last year…it was so quiet and there was no body there and it felt serene and yet it almost seemed as if I was visiting a friend who had passed and was in repose in this great room,and not in a sad way…but in a reverent way- exactly as if the paintings were our way of taking the poison of what happened to us and was purged onto these canvesses…and the results are wonderfully good,and somewhat like putting this thing that took our souls and bent them around back under our control again.
So all of this is being said in saying excuse me for being temporary out of order-although I have NOT been lazy at all…after all,I live with two chiuaua’s and if you dont think thats a job…these little masters keep me the slave ultra busy-they have so much they need me to do and I do it,it is nuts!

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