survivors art reception invite

survivors art reception invite

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Last year when I first learned about this program-the Survivors Art Exhibit I was never more excited in my life to learn that I could show my art in such a place as the Gallery in the Rietz Union in the center of the University of Florida. I know I could go on and on about the thrill because this is something I’ve never experienced and its like that with us is’nt it when we are fullfilled with a certain joy and we want to share it with everybody. Yet it also has to do with living in an isolation trying to hide from my fears instead of trying to confront them…trying is the wrong word-learning to confront my fears.
I went to the exhibit Monday evening. To get there I have to pass through and around a collection of buildings-the Hotel and conference center and the parking garage and then the Rietz Union and thats a fairly looming enterprise there too with two theaters-one a play theater and the hotel and my gosh by the time I get in there it is a stress…the whompha when the doors close behind me…I feel as if someone os going to grab me and become very tense…
last year when I entered the gallery the peace was so rich and wonderful-there was such a reverence to going in there among all the paintings and sculptures which all contained the vibrations and auras of the artists and all of the pain that was expressed in this place along with the peace. I felt as if I was entering a chapel of repose for a long loved friend who was now at peace where theres that reverence about the way you begin to feel as you stand in front of these powerful messages each artist expresses.
The display this year is beautiful.
I had to go through my energy and my strength to go this time-I think going through certain issues this year -my health,my dads health and the death of a friend being some of the things added up and tried to drag me down and I began the efforts to go into the city to see how the exhibit looked with that fear and anxiety that comes every time I have to go to somewhere large-like the Rietz Union,which I had not been in since last years exhibit. It was like finding an island when I finally reached the gallery the same sensation as if I’d been floating in the ocean on a raft and there in the horizen is this small island-once I went through those doors and found myself in the company of the spirits of the other artists works- the peace I remember from last year returned and I felt like had no where else in the world that I needed to go.
To be an artist and to see your art in such a place among other artists is a reward I can hardly describe-but the honor of being among this particular group of artists is an exchange from the dishonor we each felt during our being victimized and the spirit of being in this helps purge ourself of the poison our attackers instilled in our souls.
I hope everyone can experience this exhibit-its very beautiful,and very challengeing at the same time.

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