a very stupid letter to the Gainesville Sun

a very stupid letter

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I am probrebly on my way towards some kind of lawsuit by putting this up on my blog-but such stupidity deserves taking a chance….and this needs to be spread out into the world to show how ignorant people are and how biased a newspaper can be.
I stumbled onto this letter to the editor of the Gainesville (Florida) Sun and it can’t be something they read before they printed it because the woman who wrote used statistic suggestion that is not based on facts-but her own feelings….she claims that “roughly half our population (woman) are FORCED to adjust some aspect of thier lives and live a little less free”….??? And this newspaper is the sole daily of the city that is home to the University of Florida….and you cannot tell me a person with intelligence read this before it was printed-they must have had an apprentice from a middle school on hand to select the letters-no intelligent adult could have seen this and said-its good,lets print it!!
The writer-as you can see-considers males as homeland terrorist-and she seems to have the impression that all men spend thier waking hours as preditors…as if we all desire to control our female counterparts-simply because they are woman. My gosh-what national study concluded with that?
Why I am writing about this on my blog is that I wrote a rebuttal to her letter and mailed it a week ago to the newspaper-and they have not published it,so…I wrote a second rebuttal-one I feel was a little more imformative as I told about my position on a rape advisory council as a appointee of our county commission,Alachua County Florida,which should have gotten some response as I am responding to this ignorance this writer-Flora MacColl has offered….trying to express myself as someone who has experienced being a MALE RAPE SURVIVOR and has finally come to a place in his life where he is taking command of the ravages done to his life and working to win back some of what was taken from me all those years ago when my assaults took place-and yet,the results of those attacks continue to live today. For me to read this persons letter is so insulting-to be honest…..feminists all around the world should also be offended because the truth is rape is not a crime of gender distinction-it is a crime of over powering your victim…it is so out of range to say this is a sexual crime-it is not sexually interesting to the victim and it ios the only means the attacker has to prove to only itself that it is stronger than the one it is over powering….you notice I refer to the attacker as IT.
Why should feminists be angry-because we now know hat rape and sexual assaults effect every aspect of any community regardless of age-gender-sexual preference-and society has allowed this crime to steer every time towards the female…its so automatic that when one thinks of a rape they think of the woman…and that should bother everyone-because it is not confined to men and woman….you go to heaven and ask Christopher Barious from Brunswick Georgia….he was six years old when a 60 something year old MOTHER assisted her son and husband in assaulting and murdering this child….a boy! A BOY!!
I do not understand why the Gainesville Sun is allowing its readership to absorb such tripe as this woman has written-in opinion she has set back any male that has been victimized who might have been considering seeking help and the Gainesville Sun has helped her and this community is not even paying attention as there should be many rebuttals to Flora MacColl being so ignorant and I’m bother not enough men have come forward to say this is an insult-we being considered “homeland terrorist” and as a group…and no one is standing up to say “wait a minute”???
This is one person-and one daft newspaper in a town that reveres sports more than its victims-because this letter victimizes us over again-THIS ONE PERSON is to show that there are those who live in a reality show world bound by the rules and laws of General Hospital and do represent all of the rest of the world where there ARE those who can help you…men-we need to STAND UP and suck in that male ego crap we’ve been taught since birth and come forward and show the feminist and the rest of the female and male society that lives in a box somewhere and concludes such ignoreance as this as fact….please don’t let garbage like this stop you-FIGHT and kick the ass of those who hurt you -COME FORWARD!! It will make you stronger!
So…off on my soap box I go….yeah,I’m angry and upset that in 2007 we still dont want to get it!
Sorry Flora MacColl…Sorry Gainesville Sun-if I am stamping on your toes but to me it is worth every dime you could sue out me just to be able to stand up and say you are both wrong!

One Response to “a very stupid letter to the Gainesville Sun”

  1. Mike E Says:


    Ha Ha.

    Jay knows I’m joking. Because Jay knows I’m a male who has been raped by men. Did I mention I’ve been beaten by women as well?

    Thanks dude: you’ve picked the right battle on this one — big time.

    And remember: Criticism of a public entity — i.e. newspapers & letter-to-the editor writers — is not Libel. Yeah. So tell ’em to fuck off for me, ok?

    Have an awesome day my friend!

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