best panther

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I am just going to muse at this time-just ramble along because I cant get my mind in order enough because Im waiting for a ride into Gainesville. In a short while I will get to relive old times-I’m going to ride to the VA and walk from there across town to where my car is and has been repaired.
The city has changed bunches from when I came here in 1970. The cute university town has become a city-and I think a slow walk across will give me a chance to short cut through some places that are still of the old Gainesville I remember.
I am so wanting to resume my efforts for veterans who are also survivors of more than just the war-but of sexual assault…but I will be honest-right now I am so worn out from ‘things’! Things like the roof-and no money. Things like my automobile-and no money. Things like wanting to drive to the ocean and hear it whisper to me-but no money….and the last time I did it it scared me,so little space to go and stand and hear the earth talk through her oceans-at least , the one we have here.
I look at Colin in this photo and I wonder what it must have been like when guys like him were able to run free. Colin was born in a mobile home and raised by hand-and he could very well chomp that hand if so took an interest,but he was as calm as he looks in this photo. But in my heart I can see him living back in a time where his world was much larger than ours is now and not like the cage he has to spend his life in. What was that old movie….’born free’ ??
I am so overwhelmed by the recent attention to my blog from another side of ‘WordPress’ ( withdissonence) who has added me as a link so others have come to see what I am writing-and the comments have been like a great medicine.
I’ve written everything-and there is still more to write…about my life. For odd reason I got on a path long long ago that made me walk through this valley ankle deep in shit….and yet through this valley there have been lessons that Ive gladly taken on to try and understand.
But also in these writings and in that valley…there have been times where things were pretty good…like meeting and getting to know this cat.

One Response to “Friday…”

  1. Ani Says:

    The picture is sad. The panther’s eyes are haunting. Thank you for posting it, I really do like it despite it’s sadness.

    Its okay to be worn out. It sounds like you just need to give yourself some time. Not having money to get what you need done does have a way of wearing one down…a lot. But hang in there.

    ~ Ani

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