Constitutional Rights? or…

Sir in WW 1

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Any one that knows me knows I am not a political person. I do however see things that are wrong and I do become troubled by them-these things attach to politics and government…for example when ever land was given to the people whose land it was in the first place,and that land was discovered to have some rich ore,even oil…and then the land was taken away and the people whose land it was in the first place were moved once again. The American Indian.
In other words-they were lied to with broken promises.
Like my grandfather-shown in the photograph…and countless others like him who battled in World War One with only a promise he’d be paid…all of them-all of the veterans battled knee deep in mud and chest high in bullets for nothing.
My father tells the story of when he was a boy he would carry buckets of coffee down to the men and woman who lived in what was known as ‘Hooverville’ a settlement on the Anacostia River in Washington DC….named after the president who broke the promise. My father has held a life long hate in his heart for General MacArthur because his soldiers came -by order of the President and led the battle against our own soldiers-they came on calvery horses…the last use of the United States Calvery and it was against our own World War One veterans to clear away ‘Hooverville’. The residents of ‘Hooverville’ only wanted one thing-what was promised to them! Hardly any one knows that after that final battle for the calvery all of the horses were  shipped to Texas where they were intended to be slaughtered…several hundred were taken over into Mexico and led to a pit were machine guns put them down…not many people know that several heroic soldiers-all former calvery soldiers who lived their military lives with these horses- ‘stole’ the rest of the horses and led them to Canada and freedom and safety-all the time the United States Army led a chase to capture these thieves-by order of the President…they only managed to kill one of the soldiers just as the horses went across the river into Canada where they were mey with open arms of the Canadian authorities. Its all true-you can find it in history.
I even remember the Black Panther party when it began…as it should have-as young 18 year old black men were being drafted to go to Viet Nam and fight in the rice paddys laying next a white man who was drafted into the same war. These young men did their tour of duty and returned to try to find dignity in the same country they were told they were defending…the colored water fountain still existed for them-the colored toilet was around back as always.
I only just the other day learned that in 1992 Congress passed a law mandating that the Veterans Administration healthcare providers be given traing and education related to MILITARY SEXUAL TRAUMA; this law fails to reach a satisfactory point of conclusion for the tramatized veteran because it stops at the VA health center…but DOES NOT extend to the VETERANS ADVOCATES who are the very source for all veterans to file a claim in regards to injury sustained while serving the United States…even those veterans who have been criminally attacked and are expected to learn to live with it.
To me this is a violation of our civil rights-OUR CIVIL RIGHTS,those we were intended to defend while in our service too our country…those which are held back from us-how can I be expected to report to a man who wears a ball cap all of his waking hours and has only the training of a gunny sargent and tell that man how several men attacked me and raped me?
I did have to do that-he is the reason why I write this and try to bring attention to this…the stupid questions he posed such as why would homosexuals need to rape each other….or,the topper-they must have been black!! An assumption of an idiot who is supposedly going to be my advocate….OUR ADVOCATE??
Our CIVIL RIGHTS are being violated by the help of Congress because they mandated a law in effect that has NO EFFECT!

8 Responses to “Constitutional Rights? or…”

  1. B.J. Says:

    What gets me is why the VA guy would ask why Homosexuals need to rape each other. The word “Each” is a problem in this query as it indicates the victim must be a homosexual, also. A more pertinent question would be, “Why do homosexuals feel the need to rape other men?” Each other sounds as if they’re in conflict with their own kind. I also don’t understand why the VA guy would assume they may have been black. What’s colour got to do with anything here? Making such a remark only shows his own prejudice. Speaking of WWI, Woodrow Wilson, the President who got us into that war, was pro-British. The Brits were fighting the Germans. The Germans warned the Americans not to get involved, and even warned American Ships to leave prior to sinking them. WWI got started because a Serbian lad of 18 shot Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria. It was an event that could’ve been resolved with an execution of the person who committed the crime. Unfortunately, Austria declared War on Serbia. Siding with Austria, of course, were the German states of Prussia and Germany as well as Italy. The Allied powers sided with Serbia, after all, can you really blame an entire country for the actions of one person? I’ve had ancestors who fought on both sides of WWI and WWII. WWII probably wouldn’t have happened had Americans listened to the Germans in WWI, and had the rest of the world let the central European powers fight their own war. Unfortunately, as in any war, the question of National Security (American and the free world) comes into place. If intelligence sources indicate plans to attack Americans, we may go to war. Wars often come about due to misunderstandings, lost in translation problems, etc.. Those fighting them, however, believe they have a cause and are willing to die for that cause if necessary.

  2. jayherron Says:

    great lesson as to how the war started-but not exactly on the point …is it? perhaps BJ is reading another side of this…Im not sure!

  3. B.J. Says:

    In response to this comment on the blog:

    … the veterans battled knee deep in mud and chest high in bullets for nothing….

    Comments were made to indicate WWI was an unnecessary War that didn’t have to escalate to the proportion it did, with so many countries getting involved. American National Security wasn’t an issue back in 1914 or 1917 (when America entered WWI). The US, prior to WWI, had maintained a ‘Neutral’ position and was more or less considered a 3rd world nation. Americans, under Woodrow Wilson, could’ve cared less about Great Britain, but Wilson was Pro-British, thus, got Americans involved in a war that Great Britain was fighting but had no real concern for the USA.

  4. B.J. Says:

    I’d have loved to have had some black men there when that VA guy made the “They must have been black” comment. You can only imagine the backlash such a remark would make. Next time you go, take along a black male friend and see notice how conspicuously absent the ‘black comments’ become. Such comments show bias and stereotyping. Colour isn’t the issue and making a colour remark shows bigotry. The issue is what happened and who committed the act, not necessarily the skin colour. I don’t have tolerance for skin colour prejudices. I’ve worked with people of all skin colours, and there are good and bad in all of them. You can’t lump them in one pot or assume it was folks of any particular colour who commits certain crimes.

  5. jayherron Says:

    BJ…the deal is-you don’t see what I am saying…It would’nt matter if the war was in Antartica and was started by two blind chinese tailors and they only had rocks…its not about the war! It IS ABOUT A PROMISE that was made by CONGRESS that WAS NOT KEPT…this story has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WAR IN EUROPE except that the men were told if they fought they’d be paid…and they were not!
    Why do you not see that…????

  6. B.J. Says:

    The atrocities committed at Hooverville were horrible, and Gen McArthur did not follow orders as he should have. The “Bonus Army Vets” were demanding their ‘bonus’ early. They were not promised their bonus until their certificates or “bonds” matured in 1945! That’s a long time to wait. The Depression was one factor in their wanting their bonuses early.

  7. B.J. Says:

    I can empathize with the Bonus Army Vets in some respects. I have savings bonds, EE Series, whose maturity lengths have changed. When I first purchased them, the maturity was like, 6 years. The maturity for those things are now 17 years. Unfortunately, with Congressional “promises”, they always find some way to ‘extend’ the time frame on their promises. Thus, a ‘bonus’ promised after a certain time period (i.e, 5 years) gets extended out an additional time (such as to 10 years). This way, they aren’t ‘lying’ or ‘failing to keep their promises, they’re merely giving themselves extensions on fulfilling their promises! This tactic benefits them, of course, while hurting the people they suposedly are benefiting. Thus, the veterans who were promised ‘bonuses’, ‘retirement benefits’ etc.. may never benefit from those promises due to Congress’ subtle way of ‘extending’ time lengths to keep the promises made. It’s those of us who vote for the folks in Congress who are responsible to make them accountable to us, the voters. Fortunately, there are organizations, such as Air Force Sergeants’ Association, American Legion, and other such who do lobby Congress to get veterans’ benefits improved. There may not have been such organizations during the Depression era, unfortunately. I certainly don’t make any excuses for Congress. Unfortunately, they’re human and many of them are only interested in their own careers.

  8. mary Says:

    I am woman and you would not believe how many men have asked me to have anal sex with them. Does that make them homosexuals? The boys tell teenage girls anal sex will let them retain their virginity, when they want to move beyond “blow jobs”.

    I am quite sure there must be homosexuals who have raped, especially in a jail situation, but being a homosexual does not pre-dispose a man to rape anymore then it pre-disposes a heterosexual man to rape.

    Senator Obama, btw, said “we can do better then that” regarding veterans returning from war. He wants vets to be given ample mental health care and a time period of readjustment. Of course if we learned to settle differances without war…

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