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The day is almost on us-my cousin and I…and as usual I have been intending to spif up the old joint to at least not let the old cuz think he’s camping instead of staying in a residence. I should have began a number of days ago-instead I waited until yesterday.
Theres no carpet on the floors. The reason for that is because this area is known as the sand hills…its like living on the beach because you are consantly bringing sand in on your shoes. To beat that problem I have kept my floors painted and avoided the sand absorbing carpets,so every so often-out comes a gallon of paint and roller and all the furniture goes awry and askew…and damned if the dogs dont always seem to want to walk over there-now! But it keeps the floors looking clean for a day or two.
Ive had visitors come this to edge of the world-some,mostly the ones from the cities,tend to get a little concerned as the sun sets. Often I’ve had guests say sorry and end up in a motel…its not uncomfortable,its just desolate….and I guess city folk have some kind of instinctive fear if street lights dont go on all up and around everywhere. Many ask what those stars are in the sky! Hardly any have ever heard the tree frogs sing and after dark those little critters can make it out right loud,but boy what a beautiful sound. And an owl can be quite spooky.
I had some friends stop by last night (now you can tell how rural this is) everybody is hungry for a new person and new face to come around-we are all bored with each other and people in nearly a ten mile radius are as excited for my cousin to visit as I am-even jealous…to show a guest around this place from the local perspective,not Disney…none of that-but the real back roads of Florida! You have no idea on how we all have been wrestleing to find the perfect spots…to do all of the ones on the list would take more then four days. Its taken me 30 some odd years-and I still aint seen it all.
Its too bad we did’nt have a chance to do this way back in the 1970’s when this place was still the real Florida and you could still meet people who knew Marjorie K. Rawlings and still lived the way she wrote about them in ‘Cross Creek’. A more quaint and rustic lifestyle seemed to exist then-a lot more gone than was.

Usually each year on my birthday I try to drive out to the shore to get a fix on that kind of air and those special sounds of the waves coming up on shore.
Last year as I drove I became saddened by the removal of an old cracker house to be replaced by a CVS store and think that not many people are left that remember that old house-in one town near here they put asphalt over an old unused cemetery to make a parking lot for a fast hamburger place and one place that was a great place to sit and visit the shore became a high rise condo.
There are still places-yes thankfully…and most all of them have crossed my mind over these years as a wish…I wish my cousin Dave could see this!
Its kind of what I was saying the other day about children and their resiliance…how they fall and burst out in tears and two minutes later it is a forgotten thing and off they go. To me to have my cousin visit is like a return to the days we had interupted by having to become adults-the confusion of the 60’s and 70’s and going into what life brought us….its like a big huge long slow motion fall-and now its two minutes later.

3 Responses to “coolzen for cousin…”

  1. Mike E Says:

    Yeah, I often think about it when I go to a party around sundown & load up on a pile of Whateverz & then all of the sudden:> swoosh!

    Suns Up.

    Party’s over.


    Is that what life is like?

  2. Megan Says:

    Hey crazy chitlins! I hope you are both having the time of your lives! You deserve nothing but the best. I am glad that you are getting to spend this time together and that you are able to rekindle that insane bond that you once had many years ago. Yes, you have always had a bond but it hasn’t been maintained that well in your past. Hoorah for the both of you! Lisa called me to let me know that dad had made it to Orlando fine. I guess since he called that means there were no naked lady hitch-hikers along the way… or maybe you just had your priorities straight 😉


    Love you both… And I miss you, Daddy! Your car is doing great =)

  3. Megan Says:

    I guess since I haven’t heard anything from the 2 of you that you are either having fun or you are locked up! I hope it’s just that you are having fun. I am sure that you are both starting to fear the end of the Dad’s trip. Now that he has been there I am sure he will want to come back. If I don’t hear back from you gentleman, I will see you at the airport on Tuesday, Dad. Your flight is due at 12:34 I believe. 😉 LOVE YOU BOTH! xo ❤

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