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In 1998 when I returned home from the highway-stricken with a stroke,result of a heart attack,I just wanted to sit back and figure it all out. My left side has been lastingly numb for these past years-my left hand seems fine but has limited control. I type with my right hand. My mind was so full of what to do. I’ve written about my rattlesnake bride. She really was….its not just me. There was so much turmoil with her-never any truth (you might recall-she told everybody she was going to die from cancer,luekemia I think it was….).
One can’t really explain what stroke is like-what the lasting effects are like,but in the very beginning it was a case of having to learn all over again to walk. Mostly finding the motivation to walk. You seem to want to quit while thinking things over….those who have had a stroke will understand.
Ah how I wish I could just take a group of you back then to show you what I mean. Married to a woman as toxic as a rattler and finding your body is broken in half and not knowing what is next…and then I meet Rose (or,Bertha Keene….or,Theresa Grasso…or,Mary Beth) and within months I find myself a Judas by pointing my finger at her for the FBI because she was an escaped felon. A murderer.
By that date my rattlesnake bride had cleaned out our bank account and wrapped the county in bumm checks and took the car and went for a pack of smokes….and never came back. She left me trying to heal and high and dry-8 miles into the middle of the woods with no ride.
You could tell Theresa Grasso Bertha Keene Rose Mary Beth was not on the up and up-there was loop holes in her story…but what the heck? This is the sand hills of Florida-to each their own….besides,we were just walking.
The point where I could have avoided being a Judas could have come on different terms. She and her boyfriend could have gone on like they said they were and our lives could have gone on as normal. But that didnt happen.
Theres many things a person cannot describe-another for me is what it felt like to be put in the place where you have total control over another persons freedom. I have no idea what it could be like to be her-to take the life of a man she didnt even have a beef with (which wont justify it)…she just took out a gun and shot the guy-killing a father of a two year old girl.
The long and short of it-she was convicted to life and sent to prison,she escaped from that prison four times. The fourth was a twenty year run….then she met me. It went from good to worse.
Of all crazy sequences in life-last June 12 a young man from New York City came to my door. He claims he was Kumar Pictures head honcho and managed to charm me into agreeing to be filmed in regards to this womans story. (
I don’t know why I trusted him. Maybe it was because a person from NYC manageing to find find this forest-but my brain doesnt work fast enough to consider how he really found me.
I wanted to trust him to tell my part about this-as my part is that I didnt run out and call the law when this woman told me her story. I thought she was full of bull and as big a liar as the rattlesnake bride. I wanted the truth to be told.
The Washington Post wrote an article-four pages dedicated to the adventurous run this woman made for twenty years. Peter Carlson who wrote the article interviewed me for so long my ear was numb-I thought then he was going to tell the truth. He wrote two sentences about me-they made me sound like I was a drunk.
Americas Most Wanted came. I did’nt want this…they hounded me one call after another with men saying they are FBI agents and how important these storys are. I caved…and the film doesnt lie-but yet it is not accurate if cut in the right way.
So this young man comes and sucks me in with his pureness and desire to be my friend…he kept saying how much of a friend I was. I get hooked-charmed into trust.
I told the people…yes,there was about five or six at some point. People I did not even know…I told these people things about me personal aside from things about Theresa Grasso Bertha Keene Rose Mary Beth Murderer. Thinking I could for once believe someone wanted to portray the truth. Liars.
The film-thats why James Silar came here…to do an honest documentery,the film was a project of graduating students from City College New York. Not a slouch firm…indeed a highly prestigious school-incentive for me to believe in this young man and the people he brought to my home-to my privacy. The film was viewed-to my understanding-at the film festival there this past June there at City College (I was not invited-even though I inquired if I could come…no answer)
Trust went right down the tube. I told these people-on film-my life…PTSD and the whole shaboom. I told them the truth as what happened can only be told in one way-the truth.
James Siler has not returned my emails…he has not shown the respect to offer me a copy of whatever he has done to my part of the story-or even my personal life. Kumar Pictures is beginning a run on dishonesty-such shall be its future. To lie your way into success will be as a sore upon you in the long run…everyone will learn you are a liar and eventually your degree will hang in a used DVD store while you wax and shine small discs-because no one wants to do business with someone that trys to get gain by mistrust.
Hey-let me say…it might be the greatest movie made. The story may be told in such excellence. But the disrespect to the courtesy and time and truth I gave you and all of you who crowded into my privacy by not even giving me an opportunity to see the very things you needled out of me will always be something others will learn about you.
I’ve been told to just wash your DVD’s in soap and water!
(in all fairness-I believe the film is available at I am not capable of downloading it-so I have not seen it)

2 Responses to “liars and murderers!”

  1. Ani Says:

    Let me know the name of the film and I’ll see if I can find it and help you in downloading. That would drive me nuts not to be able to see something I was a part of making happen.

    Hope Sent,
    ~ Ani

  2. B.J. Says:

    Jay – I’m looking at the site for the documentary. I have the capability to make DVD copies on computer. Right now, we’re in the process of getting ready to move to Germany which includes getting our house ready to sell. I’ll keep checking on the site and see what can be done to copy it for you. Once we’re able to make a DVD, I’ll send one to you. Oh, you might try contacting Archer Historic Society in the meantime. They may have something. I’ll still see what I can do. I’d like to see the documentary myself.

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