how do you…??

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Originally uploaded by jayfherronI do not know how you can educate someone about the wrong it is for unwanted touches and unwanted sexual contact when the very ones who are to stand out to our people and the youth of our nation are arrested seeking glory hole sex in a mens restroom-like the senator of Idaho,Larry Craig….or the congressman from Florida-was his name Foley?…who appears to have preyed on teenage boys.
All over our country are children who have been assaulted in ways that are hard to talk about…the State of Florida just convicted John Couey for his rape and murder of a young girl,and now the the arguement goes out that he had a rough childhood and it was begged that he would recieve mercy,the same kind of mercy he refused his young victim…he buried her in a garbage bag-alive! Not more than 100 miles north of the Florida state line in Brunswick Georgia a woman and her husband and her son molested and murdered a boy only six years old…they dumped him in a ditch hidden in a garbage bag!
Soon-just as in the Foley case….the senator from Idaho is going to break down and blame childhood sexual molestation-he’s being pushed more and more into that corner,so soon it will be the excuse.
What really troubles me is that these are the very people I hoped to reach and to earn their ear in regards to the plight many veterans may face as survivors of sexual assault while in the service to their country….how can I do that with deviant behavior being done and with out regard on where its being done-in a mens restroom?? And,by whom…a republican senator!! (are’nt they the Bible thumpers-the moral society??)
In Alachua County Florida it is not legal for anyone to enter a school and teach the youngsters it is wrong-and illegal-for a neighbor or a relative or a stranger to touch you in an inappropriate way….it is wrong and illegal,but we are not permitted to take that message into the schools-that is wrong and illegal too….where it could make a difference,but yet here is a man who is supposed to represent what is right and what our freedoms are about….why our kids are being killed each day in Iraq-things we are supposed to believe in,and he soils it in a mens restroom.
How disgusting. How disturbing.

4 Responses to “how do you…??”

  1. OKIE MIKE Says:

    I am a male victom of military sexual trama. I was raped while serving at Fort Hood TX . This happened over Labor day weekend of 1977 . I was just a 18 year old private(E-1) . The SOB that raped me was a SFC (E7)
    I was terrified of him . But he was the personal NCO fo the Battalion . I tild no one for a few weeks . Finaly I went to my Squad Leader . I tried to tell him about what had happened. His responce was to say that he was sorry . But he did not Know what to say Other than he was sorry.
    I tried to go to my platoon leader . His responce was th tell me to soldger om and get over it. The more that I tried to get him to listen . The more $#!+ detail I was stuck with .
    Being force fully Sodomised Is something that I have neaver goten over. It has effected most areas of my life . I have a few aquantances anf verry few friends . Because of trust issuies . I have had several years of counciling because of being raped
    I have spent years looking for the persom that raped me .
    Because I want my pound of flesh.
    I know that this is harsh . But ist is what I want .
    It is a black spot that I cary in my heart .

    This is why as a Parent I watch my Children and Grand children . Like an old Mother hen

    I would neaver wish my hell on any one



  2. jayherron Says:

    Man…I can sense your pain and feel your tears-I know you are struggleing to write this!
    I know clearly what you are saying about your children and grandchildren-and I know even today the black spot on our heart,my brother.
    There is more I want to say to you,but my emotions are on uneven ground at this time too. It has never gotten easier.
    I am so glad that you did share this part of your past-and present,because for us our past and present meld together.
    And…the saying you use at the close of your comment-it is that type of thought which has seen me through many hard times. I do thank you for sharing this OKIE MIKE

  3. OKIE MIKE Says:

    “I had no shoes, Then I saw a man with no feet”

    Is a Quote from the chinese teacher Confushus

    It was told to me as a child . and it made an impreasion


  4. jayherron Says:

    Those kind of sayings are powerful…that thought is powerful-and like I said,I have been thankful for those kind of thoughts as they have helped me exist and rationalize many things!
    Even if they were hard to rationalize!

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