I have no idea…

cat profile

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Back some years ago I worked around the cat that you see in the photo…no,I was not a handler-I more less operated a a hose and squirted the pens out.
There were several dozen large cats at this place. It was a rescue facility that accepted wild animals that for some reason human beings thought they could tame and share thier Miami homes with. It can almost make you shake your head in disbelief as to how many folks pass out of the realm of good sense and believe an exotic cat will accept the good lifestyle of the rich and want to dwell in a mansion on Miami’s A1A. Instead they end up in a pen about twenty feet wide by twenty feet wide. Its not very big.

It was pretty neat-these animals actually got to know a person after they’ve been around them awhile. They’d make certain noises-even purr…and loudly.
This guy was dignified and quiet-but he always came out of his box half way when I would come up to do my chores. His sister would raise such a ruckus when she heard my Jeep drive up the main road towards the complex that fellow workers always teased me about my girlfriend-she would’nt quiet up until I went back to thier area first to say hello.
How strange to see that there is some ability to draw a wild creatures trust…but never the less-these animals were still dangerous,they were just being a little more tolerant.
I actually hated the site seeing this proud animal pace around his confines. When I was working at the other cat pens and he would feel more ease he’d come out of that box and pace round and around. You could see his trail in the concrete. Twenty feet this way-and twenty feet that way,and back.

Look at his face.
He looks so empty.

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