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Some who know me refer to this room I am sitting in as the cave. It leaks like one-so it must be close to so.
I realize the task of living like this is geting old because I am getting older and my body is reacting to things like the cold and the damp less willing than ever-impatience mingled with guilt to be in this frame of mind about it….there are genuine folks in worse shape than I am.
It did’nt bother me as much back when I could live here-and did-with out electricity. I managed that very well-once for two years straight…and then came home one day and found it turned on-someone I knew thought ws a bright idea. It really was’nt.
When the power is off the well quits-and then when the power is restored the well starts back up but does’nt pump anything (one has to reprime the well pipe) so the motor runs…and runs and runs-because theres no pressure to tell the switch to turn it off.
So my pump motor ran so long it burnt out and had to be replaced. Cost more than what it cost to the lights back on.
Back then I had resource for water and could keep a series of drums filled…it all worked very well-a little more work,but the result is that you appreciate more the value of water when you have to fill 5 gallon jugs and transport them to fill 55 gallon drums-this repeatedly every few days. You learn quick.
This place was beat up when I moved it here in 1989-a mobile home already 20 years old and now its…wow, almost 40. No wonder it leaks. I just now did the math…
It is still a bohemian lifestyle.
I live surrounded by spiders. A spider is an interesting creature to share a house with. They are quiet-private…but a tad dirty from the countless webs they build across the edge of the cieling and along the way of the walls.
When its damp here in Florida and my envelopes won’t seal because the glue melted off-I can scrape the cieling and gather enough web to seal it shut…the stuff is that sticky. I have enough to harvest the webs every few weeks-if only there was a larger need for spider webs..
Here – were I sit to type – dwell these teeny tiny spiders about the size af a lentle-every once in a while one will be floating down in front of me on a strand of web…or one will be walking by on the desk-they never seem to get the news that the human will place his finger fatally on them-mostly because there is enough to spare.
The spider in the photograph is called a ‘banana spider’. I do not exactly why-bananas do grow here…but not as well as they do down further south. If you look close enough down at the right of the spiders leg-you will see a smaller spider.
That is the male banana spider.
They are quite a pair.
The webs are amazing. They span huge distances in spider size-some as much as 6 to 8 feet in distance between trees-here, Oak trees. One can be walking through the woods and bammo…right into a banana spiders web.
The web is interesting….it too is very sticky,but you can also feel a slight numbness from a seditive the spider ejects onto the web to stun its prey. Its really facinating…once you get over the panic that you just walked into a web.
What else is interesting ?…it can be as hard a freeze a person could experience….and theres the spider,not even fazed. And the roaches…even last night-as cold as it was…I went into the bathroom-and there they were.
Now it is an interesting combination-because I know a spider will enjoy the capture of a good roach every once in a while-so my house is not over run by cockaroaches…not at all. Just a few in the bathroom-mostly,and so I believe the ecological balance takes care of one another.
In my shower is a window-and like all the windows…it stays open all year round. Usually-above the shower on the wall – is a ‘mud daubers’ nest. I’ve been in the shower and had the winged creatures fly slowly in the window and seem to stare at me fluttering there like a small helicopter for a moment before procedeing to the construction underway.
The mud dauber builds this nest of small cocoon type vessels out of a mud they have converted in some way or the other…and in the hotel they build they lay thier eggs and each little space has its provision of one paralized spider. You can actually break the cocoon open and see the spider with its limited movement-but it is moving and alive and waiting to be eaten by the newly formed baby mud dauber.
For those of you who are in a mystery about what a mud dauber is…its sort of like a huge wasp-but fairly harmless….unless you are a spider.
So-there is an eco-system at work here in my house.

I often think about what that old monk told me once upon a time. I guess he was an old monk-a buddist…an old oriental man who seemed to be a wise man and great thinker.
I was at a rock and roll festival when I met him-this back in the 1970’s…he heard me talking about how I owned five acres. He told me I owned nothing at all…and we kind of argued about that for a while.
Later that night I had stepped off in the woods to pee and I was looking at the stars-and this old monk comes up out of the darkness and points up at the stars and says…all of them are yours-you own them…no one can take them away,they are always yours.
The whole thing confused me-heck,I was young and dumb and most likely drunk…but the impression never went away-what the old monk said was truth.
I work my butt off trying to keep the roof from leaking or tending to some other patch or brace to hold the house together.
I jump in the truck and go the lumber yard 25 miles away to buy supplies-not very often…but it has to be sometimes.
And the mud dauber flies in through the window with its mystery mud and pays me no attention-no care about me at all…and it builds its cocoon right in front of me.
It does’nt go to Lowe’s…it has no idea there is a light bill-nor does it care the roof sometimes leaks.
Same with the spiders…and the cock-a-roaches,they are here regardless.
It makes me think about what that old monk said-to live in the world with no possessions but yet have ownership of things no rich man can buy…but they are equally his as yours.
You can look up into the blue sky at the clouds all white and majestic and colored by the sun…and they are yours for as far as you can see-same with the stars…the same with anything your senses can feel and your ears can hear and your mind retains. It belongs to you,and it cost nothing.
Maybe I’m okay in this cave after all…in my bohemian lifestyle.

5 Responses to “a bohemian lifestyle”

  1. sousgal Says:

    You ARE ok and thank you for this….it was beautiful to read 🙂

  2. jayherron Says:

    I enjoy your compliments!
    Perhaps one day I can repay you by enjoying a meal ‘Chef’ has prepared…and say something kind in return…thank you!

  3. Charlotte Says:

    You take us places, Jay. Thanks

  4. jayherron Says:

    ahhh…bless you Charlotte-you know your thoughts mean much to me!

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