people-we need an answer!

300h.jpgThis is Corey Saunders.

Corey Saunders was arrested last week in Boston  (Mass.) for the rape of a six year old boy-the rape occurred in a public library…the boys mother was busy on the library computers…this sick individual took the boy to the library rest room and there the assaults took place. I say ‘assaults’….because this little boy will suffer for the rest of his life-it is too simple to conclude there was only an assault.

I stumbled upon this story by accident this morning. Through the technology of this ‘blog’ one can see the various ‘search’ requests a reader has used to locate my ‘blog’…I like to see those requests out the interest of why someone is reading what I write. This morning I found a request titled ‘boy raped in library killed’….no,the boy was not killed-after I did my own search on the story I learned that the ‘killed’ part meant….DO NOT PRINT THIS STORY!! huh?? What??? Why not???? Is too touchy for others to know-or is it to protect the judge that released this sick individual from prison just a few months ago after notice from prison officials that said he was not ready for release and will offend again-however,since he did not offend in prison-why not? (try this: GOOGLE- ‘boy raped in library killed’…I believe you will find what I mean!)

This happened just this week. Has any one else seen the story? I figured it out I believe by mistake-someone sent an email to pull the plugs (the email ended up on the in the Internet) on this news-do not print, kill this story! Truthfully, those are the words that were used…what about the little boy-what about boys and young men across this country? Why do news medias keep these stories from us? (not that we really want them at all….but,this is real-and we are told of female rape)

I read a letter (written by F. MacColl) published in the Gainesville Sun (Florida) April 2007  that says “roughly half of our population (woman) are forced to adjust some aspect of their daily lives and live a life a little less “free” than their male counterparts simply because they are woman”…this was printed in a New York Times owned publication-and I am curious as to how she (the writer) came to conclude with a number that is inconclusive as “roughly half ” ? It is used again in the final paragraph of the letter-she goes on to say “rape is not a woman’s issue” she states it is a “mans issue”….and this was published-but the story of a little boy who is brutalized like this-look at this mans photograph…this little boy sees this face always from now on….and the newspaper will publish this tripe written by an angry woman who also writes “until enlightened men step up and take responsibility for their actions (or LACK OF) …she goes on to say-“this form of homeland terrorism will continue and half our population will continue to live in fear”…again the numbers are questionable?? Where did she come up with the determination that ‘half’ of our population will continue to live in fear?? And how can a newspaper print something so inaccurate?

What about this little boy? He is a number…he is a lone number-because the newspaper (a large university city newspaper) will print a letter like this from which I quote,and in fact has NO fact and yet will follow instructions to ‘kill’ the truth about a deviant who took everything from this child’s future-except his life itself. It did interest me to find in a Lakeland Florida (The Ledger) newspaper-another NY Times owned publication offers an article about (Mark Dean Schwab) a Florida death row inmate who within days of a previous release from prison for pedophile behaviour-followed up on a newspaper article (that he had read while in prison) about a young student in Lakeland and somehow managed to convince this young students parents to permit him to interview the boy (he convinced  the parents he was writing an article).

Well,he is now on death row-he raped and murdered this boy. The newspapers are carrying the story as to how the manner of execution in Florida is a cruel and unusual punishment…I wonder to think how cruel it must have felt to this mans victim-what horror did this child go through? The authorities are worried about hurting this deviant-and murderer…and the newspapers will print a story about the need to protect him from pain as they inflict what is supposed to be justice-but will send down the order to ‘kill’ the story of the tragic assault on this Boston child. Perhaps they need the space for more ‘super football’ coverage…who knows? My opinion is that these are things we are not ready to accept yet-and do something about changes to the way we think in regards to assaults of these horrific kind. I can hardly bring myself to say-sexual assault-it is not even remotely near accurate…not even rightly worded. Rape…devastation to the future of one person-one little boy…ONE! That , Gainesville Sun , is an an actual figure…not a supposed number as blind as “half our population” !

Christopher Barious murdered after being raped by a mother and father and a grown son and his friend….Christopher Barious equals one…and a male child. ONE,an actual number….not a supposed as “roughly half our population”…but a real actual number.

I am trying to say here-we have grown past the stage where  society is not being made aware-and actually intelligence says we need to open up to the fact that men and young men and boys become victims too….indeed, it can be claimed that it takes a penis to rape,but in fact-sexual assault comes in from many directions and manners of approach…and has no gender boundrys . Instead-we should be working towards opening up the eyes of this nation that these crimes are happening more often to males than we think-and are told,and in fact-society should be ashamed that the public is notified more each time a woman reports a rape…and we are not educated in the real facts.

7 Responses to “people-we need an answer!”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I agree with you on all of this. I don’t consider myself a feminist, I consider myself to be a female who believes that men and women are equal but different. In the class I was in recently it was obvious who the “hard core feminists” were, they made me uncomfortable because of the “us against them mentality”. Of course men and boys are also victims of rape – perhaps not as often but who knows since its rarely reported. I feel sick for this poor boy and his mother will probably blame herself for the rest of her life for not keeping a better eye on him. Its horrific that they let convicted sex offenders out of prison to ruin more lives.

  2. jayherron Says:

    And I am hopeful others will agree too
    -and Barbara,thank you for your working towards helping ohers-survivors.
    I’m sorry-my mind keeps going over this story…it makes me very sad.

  3. Megan Says:

    This makes me so upset. I am not a feminist, but I feel children deserve rights, too. By letting these “sex offenders” off with a slap on the wrist and trusting that they won’t do it again or wait until it is worse is crazy. It screams: go ahead, do it again and make it worse this time. When the person serves less than a life sentence, it is stripping the child of their constitutional rights. Everyone states that by giving a sex offender the life sentence it is infringing on their constitutional rights, but the offender is stripping their victim of their constitutional rights and their life, even if they don’t take it, which they often do. that poor child laid their terrified and confused and feeling something he should never feel. finding out about sex that he probably had no idea of before, and he was young. it’s not fair. It’s not fair. It’s not fair. There needs to be more severe punishment for offenders, even if it’s not considered rape. they need to be terrified to commit this crime. The terrible thing is tat people get the death penalty for murder, and sometimes murder can be done in a heat of rage and almost accidental not that that makes it ok, but a child rapist will get out in 6 months to five years and they are doing it on purpose and don’t value that child’s life one bit. they are murdering their childhood and inflicting serious emotional and physical pain. Then they will get out of jail and do it again and most likely kill them after even more abuse. the frequency and braveness of these crimes are getting so much worse and becoming an epidemic. I just wish I knew what route to take to make a difference in this epidimic.

  4. Suncana Says:

    Children Who Didn’t Have to Die –
    In recent years, there have been numerous stories in newspapers around the world about the failures of the departments of Family Services and Social Services to do their respective jobs of monitoring and assisting children in dangerous situations. Do we ever read about a child murdered by a family that the Department of Children & Families or the Sheriff’s Office has not already investigated, usually more than once? What will it take to protect these innocent children?
    These stories are a step in the right direction, but one wonders if perhaps they came too late. All the outrage in the world can’t resurrect a dead child.
    Too many children have died as a result of wrong decisions by CPS. With power comes responsibility and accountability, which most officials ignore. A child welfare system so overwhelmed with children who don’t need to be in foster care,the less time they have to find children in real danger.

  5. jayherron Says:

    The ARREST this past Friday (2-1-08) of the SPOKESPERSON employyeed by the Florida Department of CHILDREN and Family Services should make a statement to us how widespread this really is….the spokesperson of a family services department-dealing with the welfare of children….arrested for child pornography! He solicited two teens under 18 to be in a film he was going to make…
    And….thinking of the ‘federal judge’ from Florida who flew to Michigan (last year) to meet the ‘mother’ of a five year old girl…the mother was a deputy sheriff working in a sting….they stung this federal judge-he hung himself in his jail cell.
    And what about Mark Foley….a republican in Congress-solicits sex from young men entrusted to the service of our country by trusting parents…this man soils that trust.
    Lots to look at…hmmm?

  6. Says:

    I noticed the story was “killed” too. But enough others came out that I’m not concerned. My concern is no story mentions the true problem — the library refuses to use Internet filters because it follows American Library Association dictates instead of likely community standards. That attracted in the criminal in the first place, I’ll bet. Media sources do not say that. I’ll bet that’s what got him in the mood, so to speak. I’ll bet had the library filtered its computers, that would not have happened. In my opinion, the library is partially at fault, but I would like to see that proven i a court of law. I am attempting to find that family’s attorney to advise them of my thoughts that are based on law ignored because of the cloud of misinformation the library promotes. What good is law if everyone is convinced it doesn’t exist or it doesn’t apply?

  7. jayherron Says:

    I agree with you,perhaps reading my following post ‘This Guy’ will show my feelings that the libraries are needing to ‘look’ at some of what they are making available!
    I appreciate you taking the time to make note of your thoughts.
    Interesting-my residence is virtually rural,the nearest town-a place with one traffic light,every one knows at least everyones face.
    The library there is over run by the local children,it is indeed a very children oriented library-also,very very small…however,it is serious about its computer inventory,there’s about 20.
    Last summer -when they only had six computers,those in the main area-in front,there was a man who frequented the the computers,and-there was something about thios man that troubled a few of the patrons and the librarians…he indeed turned up on Floridas Dept.of Law Enforcement ‘sexual predator’ web site for crimes against children under 16-his staus was ‘released’ and thus the head libraian had his hands tied by the law-the man was free to be there…’we just have to keep a better eye on the children’,the librarian commented!
    Lets not get involved-is what he meant.
    It was at this small town library that I found the film ‘Speck:the Chicago Massacre”….the head librarian hit the roof when I told him I destroyed the film and refuse to pay for it…I stole the rights of others.

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