This Guy…

zimmerman.jpgThis is Al Zimmerman.

How depressing to have the beginnings of a ‘rogues gallery’ here on my pages…but these are important men.

Al Zimmerman was arrested in Tampa Florida last Friday-his charges are the solicitation of two teenage boys to preform sex acts in front of a camera. One boy lived in Orange County-the other in Hillsboro County…both were under the care of the Florida Department of Children and Family-Al Zimmerman was fired as their ‘press seceratary’ shortly after his arrest.

Last week I wrote about Corey Saunders-the deviant that raped a six year old boy in a public library-Saunders,homeless-broke…most likely uneducated-definitely a sick criminal….just like Al Zimmerman,except Al was being paid 76k by the State of Florida a year-for his access to the names and locations of children.

It seems the arrest has brought the bright idea to the tables of the higher officers of the Department of Children and Family services….the idea is ‘we need to do better background checks of our employees-perhaps even finger print them’ !

When Bob Butterworth was appointed to his job as head of this department,he said in his acceptance speech:

 “what better job is there to protect the people of the state,especially children”?

Obviously-that’s not going on.

Why are these important men-Al Zimmerman and the skinky gutter scrapings known as Corey Saunders? Because they are providing a pattern-evidence of males assaulting males….Corey Saunders is guilty of the assault on the six year old boy-he was previously in prison for the assault of another boy. Our Florida Department of Children and Family spokesperson…the former press secretary (now fired) Al Zimmerman gives evidence that this is an on going crime,a crime of no social barriers…Corey Saunders was a loser with no home and no income, Al Zimmerman lived a more higher life,and still he sought to sexually use -abuse – teenage males. A crime of no gender barriers!

I’m reminded that (no…this cannot be just a Florida problem) not more than a year ago Representative Mark Foley (R-Florida) resigned and admitted he was a fool for thinking he could write sexually suggestive e-mails to the page boys at the United States Capital-boys entrusted to serve the elected of our nation, entrusted by parents who could never believe someone so high in office could be so low as a snake….you too, Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) because you know deep in your heart you too were guilty.

I once wrote the Tampa newspapers-my inquiry was regarding the trial of the Marion County (Florida) middle school teacher…a female (Debra LaFave-sexual predator) who was convicted of sexually assaulting two young boys in her charge,my question was….’how can we put this woman on trial when movies available in our public library can teach almost as much sexuallity as this teacher is accused of ‘ ??…and these movies are available to anyone with a library card, any one of any age. During the period of her trial I had found the films which the Sheen/Estavan brothers made about the ‘famous’ filmers of pornography-the brothers ( the Mitchell brothers) who challenged the Supreme Court of the United States for the freedom to produce their films…the same freedom that places their biography on public library shelves. Not only was this film ( oh…it is entitled ‘Rated X’ filmed 2002) available to any one of any age…also are films which depict heavy rape scenes-some with musical interlude to highlight the moment,even worse-comical interlude such as in the film about Richard Speck-(Speck:the Chicago Massacre filmed 2007) who raped and murdered eight nurses in Chicago in the early 1960’s…the actor who portrayed Speck had a moment of ‘sick humor’ after he was shown raping and killing each of his victims-the music tied in with the comic relief…comic relief? A child could watch this and think-this cannot be so bad.

I am told it is against the law for anyone to instruct a student in primary schools-public schools in Florida, that if a neighbor or a teacher or any adult in any place touches a child in inappropriate ways-that this is wrong! I understand it is classified as ‘sex education’….and yet as soon as school is out any of those children can go to any of the public libraries and check out the movie about Richard Speck and his Chicago rapes…and murders,or ‘X’…or a variety of other films once deemed inappropriate for viewers under the age of 17 when shown in the theatres, and now available to anyone at any age.

It is important for us to learn-despite the fact the lessons are hard,very very hard-that males are victims too. As I wrote the other day-we are not being told all the truths about sexual assault…whom all it does affect-male and female,man and woman…boy and girl. It is time that we begin to realize that the vulnerable are victims….there is no defining line,and obviously-from Corey Saunders to Mark Foley to Al Zimmerman, there are no social lines.

19 Responses to “This Guy…”

  1. Carol Says:

    You know, it’s the voters that put presidents, congressmen, and local and state law enforcement into office. Everything you point out about these elected officials may very well be true, but if you don’t vote – and you stated a few weeks ago that you don’t, you can’t be effective in keeping them out of office. Of course people wouldn’t vote for them if they could see the future – but your vote and the votes of several others with your mindset might make a difference in who was elected. I don’t consider voting a right – I consider it an obligation.

  2. jayherron Says:

    …give me a break! I live in Florida!
    1 Samuel 8: 7 and 19

  3. Carol Says:

    Carol 1:1 – If you don’t voteth, don’t complaineth!

  4. jayherron Says:

    yah…it is my right-to vote or not to vote.
    I hardly see any reason NOT to complain when officials like these are are where they are.
    Who’s to vote for,anyway…?
    Cheneys been in office since Nixon,and…ah well ,whats the use??

  5. Carol Says:

    Your stance of not voting put them there!

  6. jayherron Says:

    thank you for enlightening me! Now I know all the answers…

  7. Carol Says:

    Nobody knows all the answers. But here’s a few interesting facts, and I’ll just list a couple of them (pulled straight from the internet):

    In 1649 1 vote caused Charles I of England to be executed
    In 1776 1 vote gave America the English language instead of German
    In 1845 1 vote brought Texas into the Union

  8. jayherron Says:

    ….good grief,lady???
    You go explain that to the six year boy that was raped in the public library in Boston!
    I watched democracy wash Black Americans off the streets of Montgomery Alabama when I was a kid-fire hoses and german shepards-and red necks with base ball bats. Voters originally brought them over to till the fields and pick the cotton and do the dance…voters did’nt like it when they got freedoms and wanted to vote-I can still introduce you to people (come and try me) that will tell you-them folks ain’t got no right to vote. I remember when ‘good ol’white boys’ blew up a church in Birmingham killing those little girls….Birmingham,America…USA democracy.
    Tell me to love it or leave it!
    The same freedoms that give you the right to vote give me the right not to.
    I spoke to a friend of mine yesterday-he said he never missed a primary or an a election…he said he voted one way and his wife was an ‘independent’…who was NOT allowed as an independent to vote in Marylands primary?? She is a registered voter-who’s not allowed to vote??
    I don’t even want to talk about Floridas so called votes…jokes!
    A Patriot will defend his country-and his rights…and I promise you this-if they’d take me right now for service I would go.
    But you know what? I am allowed to write the things I write-it is my right voter or not-you keep on reading between the lines Carol and join the rest of us when you can!

  9. Carol Says:

    Ah, Jay – You and I can play verbal volleyball till hell freezes over. Here’s the point I’m trying to make: You want changes, but other than speaking out on this blog, what are you doing to effect those changes?

  10. jayherron Says:

    Currently I am appointed (by elected an County Commission) to a chair on the Alachua County Rape and Sexual Assualt Advisory Council.
    From this chair I joined a sub-commitee and this small group has advised the local health department of the need-and it is now underway,for a ‘male survivors’ of sexual assault,support group.
    This year will be my third year in participation in the Survivors Art Exhibit. I LOUDLY state that I am a male survivor-and hope to open up minds.
    When I am not trying to gain the attention of others on my ‘blog’ I busy myself writing certain representatives in Congress in which we discuss the rights and needs for Veterans of our country-as sad as it is,I am not the only rape survivor our military discharges…and it is my ‘agenda’ to turn things around for:
    One: veterans rights
    Two: awareness that males can be victimized too.
    This past Monday I actually sucked up my PTSD fears and ventured into our local bank to solicit a donation for an auction being held for funds to support victims in the moments and hours after they have been assaulted-funds not available due to budget cuts-for use to provide interputers,clothing,shelter…for victims. State Senator Rod Smith (R) will be our guest speaker-there is a 50 dollar a plate dinner-please buy a ticket and come,it will be at the Gainesville Country Club. Sorry-this boy won’t be there…too phobic in crowds!
    Solciting donations is not my cup o tea!
    In about an hour I am driving to Gainesville-25 miles for me…and I am going to park and walk the length of University Avenue and post hand bills on the koisks the city makes available…hand bills inviting the survivors/artists in our city to come forward and show the healing they do through art. This task will take me several days-I am also going to post bills on the University of Florida campus (which is a challenge for me-I fear large buildings)…these are just a few samples of what I do.
    And…I still believe Santa Clause is the largest beginnings of lies adults confuse kids with…a sorry sign for Christians,a santa clause.
    How about you?
    What are your efforts to change these things for victims-what do you do Carol??

  11. Carol Says:

    I vote.

  12. jayherron Says:

    hmmm,don’t work to hard!

  13. Mike E Says:

    Jay my brother, as you well know I do vote and keep well abreast of the goings on in the world of politics. Why? Who the fuck knows. I kind of get off on the shit. I am a politics junkie. I watch politics for fun. Does it matter? Again: who the fuck knows?

    What I do know is your reader implied, in this comment volley, that by not voting you are somehow responsible for children being raped. Well you know what? I vote. And children get raped anyway.

    So what’s the point? The point is you went toe-to-toe with this Carol lady — and not only held your own, but you done gone & whooped her clueless butt from Gainesville all the way to Windham County! Nice work, I’m proud of you.

    That said…while I absolutely respect a man’s right to not vote — you are in the good company of fully 50% of the eligible electorate — I say vote anyway. Here’s why:

    To not vote is a Statement. A statement of the obvious — that there’s no one worth voting for. You’re right, there isn’t. On the other hand, elected officials want more than anything to remain elected. They are beholden, to varying degrees, to the people who vote for them. And if the 50% of the currently non-voting electorate suddenly came out to vote — like many now are for Obama — than they will, like it or no, be beholden to them.

    So while your case is clearly superior to Carol’s…I still think you stand to gain something by voting. For whatever I think is worth…

    Come to think of it, John McCain — a genuinely honorable military man — may just want to know what a guy like you has to say about rape in the military. Never know…

  14. jayherron Says:

    Mike E…ahhh,John McCain IS my HERO!!!
    I admire John McCains entire story-and understand exactly what his father did every daywhile John was in the Viet Cong prison….he stood and looked in the direction of his son-and prayed. If my son was held somewhere-I too would stand and pray.
    And John McCain-actually-he is the man who got PTSD placed on the ‘military maps’.
    It is men like John McCain that make my guilt regarding Viet Nam deeper…when the Vcong knew who it was they had captured-his torture went out of the roof,and he was still trying to heal from broken bones from dropping out of the sky! AND….because of who he was-his father a great Admiral-his grandfather a politician-the Viet Cong at one time offered to release him.
    McCain refused-because he would not leave his brothers-comrads behind. Man-what guts!
    Have you ever seen the footage of films the Vcong made of McCains torture? How they wacked the joints out of his face-the awful things that happened to this ‘one’ man in defense of his country,most all of it because of who he was.
    Of course-we all have learned since-a war of naught-and the years of battle there left the country run by the ones we battled,so the odds…the crazy odds. Here’s one man very unlike the others-he came from influence…but he went to his duty,just like friends I know here. I have two very intelligent friends who served in Viet Nam. One of these men was born in a Japanese interment camp-an American with American born Japanese parents,and after Pearl Harbor-Americans took his parents and grandparents property and locked his family up in an Arizona desert prison camp. I think America gave them 30k a few years back for all they lost-which they earned and built up through generations of American life,they certainly were not our enemy-they were fellow Americans.
    My friend grew up and enlisted and went to Viet Nam-went to war…won a Bronze Star for his ‘heroic’ deed there. I talk to him about his experience there and he shrugs it off…it was something that had to be done,is what he says-the actual story is fantastic!
    My other friend never left the place-he’s a living example of the variation of the twos…and the odds. My other friend saw exactly the same things-how American soldiers did unmentionable things to human beings….like blindfolding captures with a piece of wire tightly wrapped around their forheads and pressing up against their eyes….or hanging the men out of helicopters as they they flew-to scare them.ooops…that one dropped.oh well,another gook gone. Things he can never shrug off,yet his story is fantastic too.
    A tooth for a tooth.
    But these three men all went into the same situation-the same war and the same enemy…and each one got different tail winds.
    One became a Senator-one holds a Phd.,and the other drinks.
    I was fortunate to grow up in the Washington DC area. I was born about 10 miles from there-my grandparents lived right in the city-we used to catch the street car right in front of their house for a dime,dang things – as did the bus’s , ran on electricty-imagine that!
    In the 1950’s and 60’s and still so in the 70’s-you could walk in the Capital and walk into your congressmans office-freely! You could see the guys-the senators and congressman,the gallery was open-how my cousin always wanted to be selected to be a capital page. You could have access to your government-just like that.
    Not today.
    You’ve read my stuff-you know I’ve seen so much in change…the changes of civil rights,which I personally was involved in as a teen-seeing people who had barely just won the right too vote-were still trying to earn rights in general,it was greatly confusing to see black men return from Nam and be treated like dirt…I can take you to a place today here in Florida to buy a beer-that has seperate entrances and access to the beer-the good old boys got the front door-the other boys go around back-funny thing is,the white man never brightens up that he still has to fetch the beer and hand it through the window to the folks in th rear. Thats now 2008,and I can take you there-but it just scares me to ever want to go in. Do you realize-here where I live there is a section in each town known as the ‘quarters’…think about that word! The quarters! Not just in this town,but small towns and large towns alike here in Florida-‘the quarters’!
    And this is in America.
    Have you ever been to the west? Arizona,for a good example-go to the border at California and Arizona and Mexico-go up the main drag and get a motel-oh a block or two from the Port of Entry…and observe the children after dark-homeless children,lost because their parents brought across the border-and stuck because they could not pay. Or go north from Gallup NM. Out there they have road signs with the silouette of a man and a woman and a child running-a sign to keep the drivers alert from hitting people who have crossed the borders trying to run across those deserts…and Mike E,those deserts are cold at night-and I’d rather roll naked across a super Wal mert parking lot then try to run across those deserts at any time-and trust me…driving truck since the 70’s,those signs are nothing new!
    I was raised in an era-the last of the era…where on Memorial day the preachers and deacons came out and got folks that couldnt drive and took them to the graveyards and the politicians were all there and the old soldiers and there was always a Sousa like band-and we kids would be given handfulls of American flags-those little ones on the stick-and there’s be this soldier in dress uniform-each group of kids got a soldier-the ones that wore those chrome shiney army helmets-and we went around the graveyards and stuck flags in these little holders for the dead soldiers. And Veterans Day…gawd how we looked forward to that-them old guys selling the poppys-you always got one!…whens that happened lately?
    Point is-we…me…we were SO brought up to believe in the great American flag and God and country!
    I still do-enough so that all of my boys went to serve at my suggestion-my eldest son is a chief petty officer now-almost to retire. My adopted son is serving his second term-he plans to make it a life-my youngest son is enlisted-now…into the Coast Guard reserves-he’s done National Guard as well as Navy- he’s now … he’s 36-37 years old?
    The Boston Tea Party-which changed the course of America was done as a rebellion against taxes…and non voters participated as much as voters,the indians certainly were not given a vote-not until we herded them out of their lands to places one can hardly grow a weed…yet indians climbed aboard that ship too.
    So I guess my point is-to be a patriot does not mean I need to be a voter.
    Down in Miami-the public library that was used to recount the votes for the Gore Bush campaign is all glass-all around the exterior one can walk and see indoors.
    During the recount-it is all filmed-are the hundred or so republican volunteers standing ( they took shifts,you know) around the entire building-assembled as is their right-and the were were filmed constantly slapping at the glass to disrupt the counts-the counting of the votes for the President of the United States-the police did nothing while there people tried to annoy the counters of something so revered!!…the following election the people of Ohio were,well…there goes that African American freedom again. Its all documentery.
    Of course-during the conventions those elections-the assembled that were excersizing their rigt to assemble…were herded into fenced compounds and not allowed to assemble…
    What is John McCain going to do?
    I look at the current White House-and theres guys still there from the Age of Nixon.
    John McCain or any other will be influenced to bring in the same old hat stand-it is history,thats how we got here!

    Right after Rose was returned to prison-I sought the guidence from a preacher. I did’nt want to go see this particular preacher because he had a reputation of being a strict guy that never swayed. During the first run W had I was met one day by this preachers son,in front of the church-he wanted to put a W sticker on my bumper,and I said no.
    Well that ran like wild fire through the church-and men who had once gone out of their way to shake my hand and pat my back-rejected me!
    GW it seemed was a ‘born again abortion hater’ and thus if I did not support him I therefore must be pro-choice…I held up the Bible,they held up the Constitution-and there I found myself railroaded out of a church I gave six years of listening and trying learn from,because I believe God is Greater than W.
    Those people shun me now-2008…and I have a ‘scarlet letter’-because I believe what I believe.
    Yaa…still,just the other day the pastor of that church walked by me like stink on shit…because I take a belief in God,whom soon-one day soon…my soul will enter the arms God holds out,that preachers nose was high up!
    I swear from my heart that my voting issue is seriously mine and private.
    I swear from my heart that my belief in faith and faith a gift from God-is my most truest reason for not voting.
    But I should not be having to defend any of this to anyone…as this journal is not in a politcal forum…unless you accept that grassroot politics are as equitably a freedom as much as organized politics.
    I’ve certainly NOT tried to pursuede any one from not voting-I just merely say ‘I do not’!
    If all is to be believed in-every one starts from the bottom and works their way up-even we,men and woman like me-who choose to not be enrolled as a voter but yet still work at the grass roots level for whom ever and what ever is important,thats the amazing thing about people.
    I promise-we are as important as those that are elected. Because regardless of who runs the country the next time a major city is blown off the map-and stuck in the mud yet…people at my level will not care who it is who next to them building the levy to hold the floods.
    Standing down at the bottom looking upwards shows the roughness of the journey-but , you can see more than you can from up above. Think about that.

    This journal is about the HIDDEN victims.
    It is not about politics….and I believe I’ve kept it close to that. Indeed-I write about Jimmy Carter and his son,it makes sense-Jack Carter went through a barracks D of his own…although I am unable to say what his days were like,but-he lied to get kicked out of the Navy,just like I lied to save my skin…so I dig that,but then he ran for Nevada Senate-admitted his miltary record was ‘flawed’,I can write about that…because it directly is a part of my story.
    But I have intentionally tried to keep my values as a man who has relationship with God,low…
    and I have tried not to write about George Bushs government…although I have written about ‘a ‘government office,but assuredly-the croney leadership is what runs those offices,but people who work in them.
    Mike E…I know you know what I am talking about when I am trying to open the eyes of people to the pain involved in surviving sexual assaults-it is not my fault a man falls,such as Larry Craig-or Mark Foley…my vote would not change the hearts of men-those men carried the secrets with them,and they just got high headed and lost in power.
    There have been others before them,and others yet to come.
    I’m not at all a perfect man-but I KNOW what our hearts can hide.
    I cannot help if men who are supposed to make an example have difficulty with sexual natures…but I can work at this grassroot level to notify that men do. Thats all I’m trying to do.
    I appluad your thoughts about Carol-she believes in Santa Clause,what are ya gonna do???
    Matthew 2:6

  15. Carol Says:

    You message is clear Jay. If someone’s opinion is different than yours, they are wrong, and not welcome to respond to your blog. If someone supports a cause other than male rape, they are not welcome to respond to your blog. Mike E. said nothing that I didn’t say about voting, he just massaged your ego to make his point. And where he got the idea that I believe voting will stop child rape or any other crime is a mystery.

  16. jayherron Says:

    I’m sorry if you are offended,but I believe you are mistaken.

  17. sousgal Says:

    Gimme a break !!!!

    Carol wrote: “You want changes, but other than speaking out on this blog, what are you doing to effect those changes?”

    “other than” ? “other than” ??????

    Fuck lady. That horse you’re on is too tall to support that ridiculous comment.

    Obviously you haven’t bothered to read through the site in it’s entirety. Speaking out at ALL has been, still is, a herculean effort for Jay.

    At least he’s doing this (and more as he’s elaborated in his comments to you) and people READ what he has to say. People comment and listen and learn. It behooves you to do the same, to do something Other Than
    post vacuous, uninformed, ignorant comments.

    So Miss Snooty Boots: What are YOU doing to effect change?? That’s right. Nothing good.

  18. jayherron Says:

    …my God,I had to look up the word vacous,I love you!

  19. sousgal Says:

    lol 🙂 Please keep living your life and sharing what you choose.

    “Never complain. Never explain. Just get the thing done and let them howl”. – Nellie McClung

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