a feeble mind expressed forcibly!


I think my comments in my writing about feminist the other day were spoken out lack of intelligence-and understanding,and were forcibly spoken in my anger at the big system of news media-and because of my disgust at a little boy being raped I spat at an orginization that had no blame in what happened to this child…and I am really very sorry that I directed my anger in the direction that I did. My point of view was narrow and uneducated-and I apologize that my remarks were incorrect where I was asking feminist to answer to a problem that certainly is not thier fault.

I find that my remarks are most likely as bigoted as the remarks that were made to me by a veterans service officer…the remarks which inspired me to set up a computer and write about the wrong. And there is a wrong.

In my writing the other day about this boys rape I had ventured off to isolate my question to one group-and thankfully someone pointed this out to me and made me realize that I did . I definantly was speaking out of anger at a boy being raped-and in my anger without consideration to the broader picture….a feeble mind trying to express itself forcibly!

We are in an age where everybody is apologizing for everything they do…and it seems sometimes that the apology has no more real value-and I do not how to correct that. I do know that my lack of knowledge can be corrected-and I will strive to do that.

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