‘the black hand’

‘the black hand’

Originally uploaded by jayfherron

I can promise you that my art is not pre-planned. I don’t sit down and think about anything in particular-I just blindly make a swipe of the brush here and there (a house paint brush) and let it set for a few days-and study the swipes which have no direction or fore thought and then I see something and make a mark-and go away for a few days…and then I see something else-and then something else,and then the story unfolds in front of me and I see what it is. It has taken me a year to see this one…I could not believe what I saw when I saw the black hand,from there the whole thing opened up.
The image tells the story from left towards the right-the eyes in the center are mine,and these are the things I have seen since I was a boy.
The man and the gun are Mr.Hoke,the man my boy hood pal and I saw commit suicide when when we were just lads. His house was just next door.
The boy with the black hand over his face is my baby brother Carl-I remember looking down at Carl as our father held him….Carl had just been run over by a car. His lips curled up over his gums and his teeth were exposed in a strange grin.
In my eyes are the funerals-to the right is barracks D and the way my head is blocked.
Up above my eyes is the Spirit of God.

7 Responses to “‘the black hand’”

  1. Holly Says:

    That’s exquisite, I wish I could see it in its full form, I bet up close it is absolutely breathtaking.

  2. Austin Says:

    You paint like I do. I do a stroke and it grows from there…..nothing is ever really planned.

    I went to flickr to view the painting at it’s full size but I wasn’t sure where Carl was in the painting. Is Carl the figure at the top with blond hair?

    I wonder if you have relief when you paint? For me it helps. For several days, nearly a week, i drew nearly non-stop to process out overwhelming emotions. the nightmares were getting worse and nothing was letting up. the only thing i could do was paint and draw so i did. by the end of the week, after i’d drawn all i could draw i felt so much better. the relief was amazing. all that emotion has somewhere to go. it wasn’t just swirling around in my head abstract, no direction. it was right there on paper, orderly like, making sense. in my head it remained unprocessed and overwhelming. at least painted out it had more order. i felt a great sense of relief. i wonder if you get that when you paint.


  3. jayherron Says:

    Austin-Carl is the figure to the left with the black hand over his face-the broken body is shared with Mr.Hokes-actually,this is painted on a door and the ‘yellow hair’ is where the door knob would be-but there inside is a mirror. There will be a small note…’to see a better life,look in here…and the viewer will see thier own reflection.
    The ‘blond hair’ is actually a sort of sun set….thak you both for your comment and compliment.
    To paint this way-these hings that come out of it…is very exhausting. But Yes…relief comes too. Oddly,it is almost like dancing-strange.huh?

  4. jayherron Says:

    I’m not brite enough to have thought about it earlier-
    I intend to show it at the
    Survivors Art Exhibit at ‘the gallery’ of the J.Wayne Rietz Union,University of Florida
    May 11-23,2008
    the gallery is open 9-9,the university is easy off I-75…the campus is beautiful-and May will be too.
    Show up May 16 for the reception ( I do )

  5. Austin Says:

    Art is like dancing! Heck yeah!

  6. Austin Says:

    Sheshhh. I’m not where nears Florida or I’d so be there.

  7. jayherron Says:

    ya’all…I’m serious-it’s just like dancing….and,you never know how close Florida is until you try it!!

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