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Yesterday was ‘passover’. In my understanding it is a religious day in the same season as ‘easter’.
I do know enough that ‘passover’ has to do with the slaughter of a lamb to use the blood of the lamb to paint over the header of the doors of those who God was to pass over and pass by as the first born of the people who followed Pharaoh were killed.
Those who used the lambs blood were protected from harm.
By this it means the ‘first born’ ,and that included infants and children..Exodus 12:29,30
There in 2 Samuel 5:13 it says David took him more concubines and wives out of Jerusalem.
I find this interesting-David wrote most of the Psalms such as the 23rd Psalm which is like the ‘national anthem’ of Psalms.
The verses I am talking about are from the Holy Bible. The one Holy Book the most ‘righteous’ use,say for example-the pope.
I find this interesting. It is also the book that men take the oath of office on-swearing by God that they are going to defend the Constitution of this God fearing country….Land of the Free.
I’d like to point out-this reference of Davids wives and concubines is not from any other then the Christian Holy Bible…not the Book of Mormon.
Same with the slaughter of lambs.

I have a great belief and faith in a God-a Living and Real God. I am perplexed as how it is God is and how God operates. I can hardly cut a board straight and bend a nail right more less try to figure out how a universe is made. I don’t have any answers because I am just some guy.
I correct that-I have one answer and that is that you can trust God.

I can work my way through the Bible- I am not a scholar…however I do see things that make me understand why Jefferson wrote the separation of government from church.
Personally-I do not believe in church,but yet there are many…and many kinds.
I tried church once-seeking to understand what and why the person Rose (Americas Most Wanted) came in my path;and became very deeply involved in it with a mission to the national forest to speak to the homeless there-men,woman and children…living on blankets or in cars.
Actually-I thought I found forever at this church. That ended when I was asked to put a ‘presidential election’ sticker on my bumper. I was offended by the thought that on church property I was asked to do that.
The year following was a charade for me-I had to keep face to attend two weddings…my sons was one of them.
Many of the men in the ‘fellowship’ began to act differently towards me….it seemed that George Bush was going to take over for God and I wasn’t going to support that.
I have been ‘shunned’ from this church-now over three years.

I recall the most serious arguement one of the men at that fellowship had with me was ‘abortion’…how GW Bush was going to write out of law the scourge of abortion.
You explain that to the mothers and fathers of the dead from the war Iraq….but after that,explain to me again.
I truly was agast as this ‘brother’ nearly took me by his hands to express his distaste for my not voting for ‘his man’.
Another family was brushed out of the church for their support of the other guy.

On the other side of my county is a Hari Krisna Temple. It is no slight operation-the temple is large and the school adjacent to it is not a pieced together scrap wood building. This is a fine local institution-I’ve even had meals there,just about everyone knows where it is.
That temple is there because they are free to worship. I remember in the 1970’s how people reacted to the Krisna’s-not kindly,but yet they stayed faithful to what they were teaching. They have a well established ‘compound’. The school and temple did not just get built over night by darkness. The facility was built under the guidence of local building codes and inspections-under the full eye of everyone.
People still think the Krisna’s are odd and different-most likely heathen.
But like any body in the United States they have a right to religion.

Looking at this ‘sect and cult’ (which I believe the Krisna’s have been called) in San Angelo Texas…the Morman detach and its ‘compound’.
We’ve all seen the photographs of the buildings-and the temple. Those did not get built over night. The people of San Angelo Texas did not wake up one morning and it was all there. I imagine they had to adhere to local building codes-but that is only a guess.
What I do find interesting is how Bible thumping folk and politicians can look upon these people as bad….after all,David-writer of the Psalms,contained in the big book the new president will take oath of office on…had many wives and concubines. He also saw to it Uriah would be killed-that in order to marry Uriah’s wife. Hmmm.

I don’t believe it is in my knack of want to’s…but having any wife more less five or ten or more,well-it is not what I think.
Back in the days of Salem and the great witch hunts-all of that was started by the malicious tongues of a few young girls. That is all in history-documented as truth,just lies caused the death of several good people.
I definantly don’t condone grown adults being married to young teenagers…and I certainly have not seen any evidence of the young woman who began this rage on the Morman families-and children. I do not support the thoughts of abuse-but wonder what has really caused this to happen?
Not that it is right-but just about 800 miles to the east sits Arkansas. It borders Texas…and there a 16 year old girl can legally marry a youth of 17 on up.

It does not matter what my thoughts are-I’m just some guy. But it scares me to think that this could happen-like I said,that temple in San Angelo was not built quickly-it took time,and under the view of that city.

All of the terrible things we have learned about these people-they did not just appear out of the woodwork. They built this community,they lived in harmony with the people in the area and with in themselves.
I cannot judge what I do not know.
But I can judge that the Constitution must have it wrong because the government is saying these people can’t worship as they believe.
Because,overnight this group of people have had thier lives turned around.

You cannot tell me no body knew. That is just too crazy.

I find it interesting-almost as if it is some wild joke…the Pope of the Catholic church has met with the abuse victims to apologize. Exactly what IS going to happen to these Latter Day Saint children who the government has taken away from thier families? Is someday somebody going to apologize? The mockery that the Pope is and in regards to the priest pedophiles-and it parallels the fact that in front of America on our televisions we see the state of Texas taking away 400 some odd children from thier own home. Foster homes…now theres an answer.

Texas has a funny way of treating its religions. Back once upon a time a preacher named Lester Roloff made the Texas justice system look bad by taking convicts and renewing them-and pregnant girls,he took them in and offered them care. He built the LightHouse community for men,and the Rebecca Homes for the young ladies. Instead of letting young juvenile deliquents learn about crime in jail-Roloff pleaded with the courts to let him take them and educate them. It is thought that his programs worked-and Texas became embarrased. Roloff died in a plane crash-several of his adopted girls died with him. Up to then Lester Roloff had been in and out of jail because the State of Texas persecuted him for his success.

Religion…seperation of state and…

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