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As many of you that use these blog venues know-you can look in a certain file and check as to how someone came to see your personal blog. In one area it shows the ‘search’ ((I guess it is really ‘tags’?) and another area it shows the viewers own (blog) site. I often get a kick out of looking at the ‘search’ items to see how my writings fit in with the oddity of the search…or the usual,which ever is the case.
I always look at the sites.
This past weekend I saw ‘servant4him’ in my blogger views.
I am reluctant to say more-as to how to see the site yourself…I think it would be easy enough to sort out via the Internet.
It isn’t because of the site itself-it is not.
The story that I linked back to was titled ‘Amazing’. Like my writings-it was headlined by a photograph. This one was of a teen male sitting with a guitar,on his lap was a toddler…in the back ground you could see it was a family gathering-a summer gathering.
The photograph definitely was of a better time-judging by the follow up I did after reading this particular blog,it couldn’t have been just a few months later the young man in the photo made a mistake he can never reverse.

I guess my living with out television has some advantage. It appears the young man in the photo was involved in a murder-he was what you might call the second man,but deeply enough involved. A seventeen year old kid who got caught up in pure stupid-there is no way to really put it. It seems the there is something about this murder that brought it national television coverage. Trust me,it was pretty bad.

Looking at this kids photograph it was easy to see this was a good kid-there was good in the scene,you could just sense it. A good home and he probrebly did well in school-these are are speculation on my looking at the picture…he just looked like a happy go lucky good kid.
He tesitified against the other guy-an 18 year old…they murdered a 26 year old man. The young man in the photograph recieved 20-30 years for his part in the crime,a lessor sentence because he told the story. The other kid got life.
I don’t know at what point my mind would have said-“lets get out of here”…there had to have been that point in time-who really can know. I know what I just read about this crime…for sure,it deserved the convictions… but it just about breaks my heart.
You have to look at the photograph to really understand.

Like I said-you can go into a file and find the ways people came to locate your personal blog. On my page-it is at the lower left corner. Due to the nature of my blog-I see a lot of searches such as ‘male on male rape’ or ‘prison rapes’ .
Like I said…you have to see the photgraph to fully understand.

I have’nt been able to get Alex off of my mind since seeing ‘servant4him’. I have’nt been able to shake the references in my search files. I have’nt been able to shake the story-it has a nature that is not ordinary.
I cannot blame the young man the way he justly deserves blame-the crime is easily the one in which a person has definantly made a choice they have to live with for ever. There is no explaining it-it boggles the mind how a person can get caught up in something that would alter every ones lives forever….with out thinking of those consequences.
I do not believe that all of his life Alex was this kind of person-I think he got caught up in something bigger than he ever suspected…something that was supposed to go one way and went very badly wrong. Something very stupid.
I believe he has a good family and they were big about gatherings and goodness and loving.
A miserable sick mistake-it can’t be turned around.

I don’t even know these people-my heart has wrenched about this ever since seeing the blog.
I’m thinking about how in just a few months and for the cost of vital moment in time and at the expense of a life (how many lives is it-really?) this innocent kid has removed himself from the place in the photgraph with his toddler cousin sitting on his knee in put himself in a world so adverse to what he has ever known.
You’ll be in my heart for a long time,kid!

(I kind of think it is better to not offer a link-I do know it can be easily found if you ‘Google’ ‘servant4him blog’)

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