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There is too much in my head to make sense about anything. I heard this morning that a man named Charles Chatman was released from prison after 27 years incarcerated for a crime he did not commit.
I feel very strange sometimes about how I lament about my circumstances and how my life has been affected by my time in barracks D…short of two months,and yet the memory was with me when I woke up this morning….what memories this man will have.

Here I am going through my morning routine checking emails and reading the obituary section of the local paper and the news on NPR has this piece about Chatman-his words were so interesting…”life has to go on where ever you are”! That comment after being wrongfully convicted and sent away for 27 years….whew.

Then I learned there have been others…15 wrongly convicted men sent to spend their lives in prison,all from Dallas Texas,have been released because of DNA samples as proof of their innocence.
To date-they have 450 more cases under investigation,just from Dallas.
This from the same state that has recently taken the 400 plus children away from their mothers because of a religious belief.

Another snippet of news comes across my zone this morning-about how the military has accepted convicted felons to fill the ranks…some of these include those convicted of sexual assault and child related sexual convictions.
I found this information which was based on study by The Michael D.Palm Center,at the University of California.
It appears the Army has reinstated the second chance program-which means not enough men and woman are coming forward to stand up for their country.
And yet…when someone becomes victimized by these criminals…they say it did not happen.
How is it a city like Dallas can screw up and allow (so far) 15 innocent people go to prison for life?
How can we teach young people to respect their country and laws and the honor of serving in the United States Military-when they fill the gap with men convicted of rape and child molestation?
How will newly freed men be? What will their lives be like?

I really wish I could comprehend it all and sort it out. This morning I am going out to walk the streets of the city to post the poster for the art exhibit-these are the slick and finer poster,so these require going into shops….I’m already stressed,I fear this every time.
And why is this? What kind of lives did these men live-and their feelings and futures taken away and the freedom to post posters would be a dream….
and then,how fair is it in such as the case with Charles Chatman having been wrongly convicted of rape and being sent to prison for over 27 years-and yet in other states (if not even in Texas) men that are criminal and are also convicted of rape can go work it off in the military?…and potentially harm those innocent who enlisted because they were taught it was an admirable thing to do?
I know I sound confused…I am.

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2 Responses to “in one city”

  1. Austin Says:

    The confusion is justified. Here is something he didn’t even do but he’s paid for it dearly then there are men who are known offenders, admittedly so and will be given a position to be respected and honored. How can anyone be given respect and honor when they’ve permanently taken away a person’s right to say, I have not been violated.

    Texas is good for jailing anyone and everyone, guilty or not. One of the main reasons I don’t go back home to Tyler is because my luck is bad. I may be one of the unluckiest bastards out here. I can just see me being handcuffed and tazered to death for a crime I didn’t commit or put away in a hospital for having DID.

    Hell, when I called for help about domestic violence the police told me I was more upset than the “average” battered wife. They asked me if I needed to stay in a psych ward for a few days. I sware I looked at the phone in complete confusion.

    Yeah, Tex-ass may be beautiful in places but life there is NOT for those depending on freedom, justice and equality. I will never go back there to live. I enjoy the memory of the grass and the view but I know too much about life there. Tex-ass is not for anyone who needs basic rights and freedoms in their life. Man do not get me started on Tex-ass. They are one beautiful disaster.


  2. Austin Says:

    Last but not least………
    everything is big in Texas, especially the injustice.


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