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I look back into time within the limits of my own life span-as far back as I can think and can see the many changes there have been. I once found a 1951 Cadillac for sale complete with power windows. The guy that was selling the car had put plastic over the top of the car because all the windows were stuck half way down-he didn’t know how to fix them. I managed to hook the guy up with a character that bought that old Cadillac and he fixed the windows right away. All they needed was a few cans of brake fluid to fill the pump-and a slight bleeding of the lines to eject the air. Hydraulics operated the windows-and dang I bet that was high rolling in them days….now a person can come out of the big store and push a button whilst walking across the parking lot and unlock the car-and roll the windows down.
So I know that was 57 years ago-the newest things…aluminum siding. And television. We had a television in West Virginia that came on for a short period in the mornings-and then returned later that evening for the news and the current programs. I remember how crazy it was for who ever had to climb up on the roof to twist the aerial around-a frequent job…and our house in West Virginia sat a precarious way on a hillside which was part of a gully…so it must of been like changing a light bulb on a skyscraper somewhere.
Soap operas were heard on the radio.
I remember my Father hired this man to paint our house. The guy had glasses as thick as soda bottle bottoms and had to have zero fear of heights. Our house in West Virginia was built into that hillside-there was hardly any flat ground at all….but yet that old guy had this ladder that he moved around from one side of that house to the other,rigging it up in ways that defied gravity and proved insanity works for some and not for others.
In a sense the 1950’s were softer days,but I suppose that had to do with where you came from and where you were at the time. When I think about it I have to understand my mind just began working towards absorbing this stuff-memories,when I was about six and seeing my dead sister in a casket. I actually remember further back than that…but as a gauge of how deep a memory can go,Jo Eileen is a good marker. So is Mr.Hoke-but that was three years later,there abouts.
The impression of that time is lasting. It did have its innocence in certain ways. Because television was so limited in the more rural parts we weren’t as exposed to the news as we are now. Everything was more distant and exotic-mysterious…and simple. Seemingly pure. National Geographic was how we learned about these far away places Now we have CNN 24/7.

Things changed really rapid after we moved away from West Virginia-there was things that happened in Virginia that followed me to when we moved to the suburbs of DC.
I’ve never really talked about those days in Tuckahoe,a community near Richmond.
The things I have to say and have not said are too deep to try to imagine any one could follow them and not shake their head like I do…it’s just so hard to believe.
It is almost like a big huge switch was pulled somewhere between being a kiddie with paper birthday hats and the annual Halloween costume,watching uncle somebody teetering on the roof to adjust the TV reception to what I began to see for real in Washington DC.
In many ways I am thankful for seeing the things I have seen. I have learned a lot.
It’s a strange sense seeing so much history-and changes. I remember when banks closed at noon on Wednesdays,so did the barber shop…I learned later in time that it was so folks could get to church for mid week services. I can also remember when you needed shirts and a suit you went to one store-socks and shoes came from another.
I don’t really have a point to ponder…just rambles and feelings of sadness that we have gotten so fast and advanced-and in so fast a time.
I once worked in a truck stop from midnight to morning. I would take my oldest son to work with me-he was just an infant and I had him bundled in blankets and asleep in a drawer for a bed….just steps away from the fuel island.
We’d fill the trucks with diesel at .07 cents a gallon….and to fight fuel costs the truckers will fuel half on diesel and then pull over to the kerosene pumps and top off at .03 cents a gallon….tax free.
I had a ’54 Chevy that at less than .25 cents a gallon I could fill up with three bucks in cash. I used to drive that car everywhere with bad brakes….and never had a wreck. I had to carry a case of brake fluid with me to keep the cylinder filled. In a ’54 the brake cylinder was on the floor by the pedal…I kept a funnel handy and a can of fluid,but sometimes it got testy just as the windshield wipers would. They ran on a vacuum from the carburetor. Well,only when the hoses were all tight and sealed,otherwise-a rain storm was quite a ride.

Funny place.

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