ROTC arrests!

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I usually begin my mornings early enough to beat the daylight-drinking my coffee and reading up on the local paper,which takes longer to get on line than to read…mostly to check the obituaries,but sometimes we manage to get the news.
This morning was an article about a former ROTC instructor from our area currently instructing in Sarasota-who now is in custody in Sarasota Florida where he was cooling his heels while awaiting first appearance before a judge. Demetrius Busby was arrested for sexual violation on a male student in his ROTC program at a high school there.
At first my mind was in a precoffee mode and it did not click that the ROTC is a form of military training at the high school levels-I believe it also enters college era as well….this is not something I am well versed on,however-I believe it has much to do with training students for a potential non-commissioned officers place in line when the student reaches active duty. I do know it connects with future military service.
That thought revived me and I wanted to re-read the news about this,so I did a search for the story…and what turned up was a surprise.

Demetrius Busby was arrested yesterday in Sarasota Florida-a ROTC instructor…sexual violation on a male student.

Victor Denson was arrested in Macon Georgia in February 2008-a ROTC instructor…sexual molestation on a student.

Sgt.Major Kevin Johnson was arrested in Portersville Pennsylvania in February 2008-a ROTC instructor…58 counts of deviate sexual assault on two juvenile males.

In January 2008-Sgt.Maxie Carroll Miller was arrest in Rolling Springs SC-a ROTC instructor…sexual assault on a 10th grade girl

In November 2007 Eugene Payton was arrested in N.Charleston SC-a ROTC instructor….was arrested for what he thought was consensual sex with a minor. It seems the age where he could have truthfully claimed it was consensual is 16 in South Carolina,go figger…

I sigh a sound of utter disbelief…more like a groan of disgust.
It seems to me that the ROTC program is a place where the young students who desire to stand up for freedom and what is right in a democracy go to learn the disciplines of military service-to become leaders.
What is it that makes those who are leaders already fail these young people…and treat them with absolute disregard and degraded intentions.
How can these young people respect that which is violated by a direct superior-the flag of the United States and defense of our freedom?
It is bad enough that the military services are realizing the numbers of sexual assaults are on the rise.

    What does this do to those teens who are doing the decent thing by showing an interest in their country and their flag and only to be demeaned by those who are supposed to be someone a youth are supposed to be able to look up to?

Who takes care of them in the years to come? When their lives reflect the indecent manipulations that took place during their innocent times-who takes care of them? Certainly they are not under the wings and care of the Veterans Administration!

Can they claim PTSD as any enlisted person might if the sexual violations happened while in active duty?
Does any body even care?

The truth is-I was startled by what I found. I was merely trying to research more on Demetrius Busby’s case because his sexual violations were directed to a male student….it is my expressed need to alert that males ARE violated sexually too.
I was overwhelmed to see the numbers of ROTC instructors arrested for these crimes…so frequently,so close together-it was too much to take in,too many to write down.
I am saddened by these things.
The need to teach honor and respect are deeper then we’ve ever understood. And how can we do that when the very ones who are entrusted with our youth-and the very youth that have stepped up to do the right thing…serving the country they call home,these instructors have stolen these young peoples futures-damaged their innocence.
A very sad state of affairs. And , the military has had to reinstate the second chance program to enlist convicted felons because not enough true patriots are stepping forward…no wonder.

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26 Responses to “ROTC arrests!”

  1. B.J. Says:

    Okay, to clarify the ROTC: ROTC for High School Students is usually referred to as JROTC as in Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. Depending on which branch of service JROTC Graduates enter, they may be able to do basic training in half the time. In the Air Force, they get to put on E-3 and do basic in 3 weeks versus 6. College students do ROTC. If they complete only 2 years, they, too, can enlist with E-3 pay and do half time in Air Force boot camp. I’m not sure what the other services criteria is. If a college student goes ROTC and graduates with a 4-year degree, he or she becomes an Officer in his/her respective branch of service and has to make a commitment to serve a certain length of time. It’s common to use NCOs to train ROTC cadets. ROTC isn’t to train NCOs–it’s to train people to become officers. NCOs get their training while moving through the enlisted ranks. The Air Force, by the way, still does not allow convicted felons to enlist or get commissions. The policy of all branches is Zero tolerance for sexual harrassment. Unfortuanately, you also have the ‘burden of proof’. If the victim took a shower, he may not be able to provide the samples needed to convict the guilty. If the victim has a ‘history of getting in trouble’, he may have trouble convincing authorities that he was sexually abused. If the guilty person has a ‘stellar’ record, it can be tough to convict him. The good thing is the guilty have been arrested and will be prosecuted. Unfortunately, the victims have to live with what’s been done to them. The victims do have support systems with military family centers and chaplains. What they need to do is utilize them now. If they wait several years, it may be too late for them.

  2. sousgal Says:

    wow. Interesting how that information presented itself, isn’t it? Serendipity maybe? Validation that yes your speaking out and keeping this site up is very much needed. Keep up the great work 🙂

  3. anonymous Says:

    I was a cadet in JROTC program at Hickory High School, graduated a couple years ago. First of all, let me clarify a little more following what B.J. said.. Junior ROTC is the high school level ROTC, it is not a military training program, it is a citizenship and leadership program taught by retired NCO’s and officers. Students who take JROTC in high school have no obligation to serve in the united states military and are encouraged to explore many other fields of profession. College/university-level ROTC, sometimes called Senior ROTC, on the other hand, is specifically for training officers for the united states military. Students who attend four years of college, taking ROTC all four years and having contracted with the military, when they graduate they are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the US military. Those who have already enlisted in the US military and completed initial training may go to college and earn their commission in as little as two years of ROTC.

    Now then, about these sexual harassments/assaults/taking liberties.. ROTC is certainly NOT the only class in the world where these things happen. They happen between student and faculty in every other type of class. You all only seem to notice when shit happens in ROTC because OOH it’s military, it’s something that bewilders, befuddles, and confuses you. Let me tell you right now, these things would happen a LOT less if not not at all if you militaryphobics would stop passively isolating and alienating the ROTC program at your school. Cadets are not machines, they’re not any of the stereotypes that you civilians keep letting loose out of your foul mouths. Cadets are students who are interested in the military or mostly just interested in what ROTC has to offer. I took ROTC just to understand the difference between civilians and servicemen, and bearing with it, the pitiful manner in which civilians often view servicemen. I don’t know if it’s jealousy or fear. If it’s the latter, get over it, they’re just like you except they’re trained to defend your precious little world with their lives if necessary and often times they see things that they can’t relate to with anyone except for those that were there, in combat or the aftermath, so don’t bother asking. If it’s the former, well, you had or still have a chance to purge any jealousy in you and go talk to your local recruiters. Anyway, I’m deviating I know.. but do you understand what I’m talking about? this is why many schools put their JROTC programs in exterior classroom buildings, outdoor trailers, or down a dark corner hall classroom. It’s why school administrations neglect their JROTC programs, in turn that’s why JROTC has a security problem. In turn that’s why these damn things happen. MIND YOU, the former (and by the way BEST) assistant Army Instructor at Hickory High, according to what both he and the student have told me, is innocent of his charge. It’s the bullshit artists selling their filth to the fascist bastards in charge, that’s all it is.

  4. anonymous Says:

    (continuing what i was saying)
    …and so I wonder if even half of these scandals are true. Often times these things are false in that it’s just a little school girl looking for attention or trying to get back at their teacher for giving them their bad grade or whatever — pubescent hormones, whatever.. “look I’m cute, innocent, underage, and these people are pissing me off! fire and arrest him!” but BUT! on the other hand, maybe they mostly are true.. in which case it is the school administrations to blame as well for not doing their job and letting something like this happen.

  5. jayherron Says:

    I do not disagree with much of what you are saying.
    I think you have to read more of my writings to understand me.
    I believe ROTC and the United States Military are of the finest of choices a young American can and should make.
    However,sexual assault is not reasonable in these locations and circumstances.
    The general point of this blog is to show there is evidence that men and woman are assaulted in this degrading form while in military service.
    It is also my intent to teach that men and young men-boys included-are also victims of sexual assault.
    I found the numbers of ROTC instructors staggering when I researched Darius Busby…the list was longer than I could have imagined.
    My information on these ROTC instructors came from police reports,one has to assume at least some of the numbers and the random list has to hold some truth.
    Truth of the matter is-too many teachers and students have been having this problem among themselves for ages…it is nothing new-just because ROTC fits in as it does,does not mean the program is wrong.

  6. yeahmykid Says:

    My child is a victim of one of the predators mentioned here. I will not say which one BUT I can tell you that it is real & that the whole family is victimized, while the predator runs free, until his lawyer has exhausted all legal avenues to keep his lame excuse for a human being client out of jail. We don’t recognize the courage it takes to come forward & admit that something like this happens. Instead we ask questions like “How could they (the victims) let this happen?” I can tell you that It’s done with such manipulation, that has taken years of practice & research on the part of the predator to become very educated at this manipulation & the law. I talked to my child about good touch, bad touch in a very direct manner from early on…..So please do not EVER think that this manipulation can not occur in the high school years…….try to remember that these are real live human beings who wanted to serve their country with honor, respect & a sense of duty, only to be shown that while their families try to pick up the pieces…..those that abused their power are using their well researched areas of expertise to try & manipulate the system, and continue the abuse hoping the victims will just want it to go away…..Well guess what, what they (the predators)saw as meekness, should not be also seen as weakness- because their victims will stand up in a court of law, today, tomorrow, & forever. No matter how long it takes, to fight for the justice they deserve, and they will unite with the prisoners who will make sure justice is served much quicker than that of the justice system itself……Of course this is just my opinion, based on only the facts of experience.

  7. jayherron Says:

    I want tell you I am saddend by your comment-to know your child-any child-has been manipulated by an adult,especially by an adult who has been placed in a position of authority over children-yes,children in the ROTC.
    I personally know the damages of how these assualts harm the family-my family never responded to my attacks,how could they? The shame of my discharge from active duty was all they knew-but yet,it still destroyed the true family relationship we should have had-that due to my PTSD and inability to trust,or love.
    Fighting for justice is not a quick solution-the battle is everyday,and must be fought-activly-everyday until our voices and anger are recognized.
    The damages of sexual trauma are not washed away by merely taking a shower and dressing in clean clothes-I am 57 nearly 58,my attacks were 40 years ago and yet I feel the pain from them everyday. This is not unique to me,it is so with any survivor. We can not find a space of comfort-that space is filled with fear and lost trust,trust taken by the hands and deviance of some one we were taught to respect and trust. That is quickly stolen by the attack.
    Thank you so much for the courage to share your childs story-your story,here.
    What needs to be done from here is to begin shouting about this to the ones our nation elects-the ears who cannot hide from the truth any longer…this is going on long enough,it must find a solution,and we must fight for change.
    Is ROTC any longer something our high school children should do? It was a good thing until those who find it a resouce for their own deviant behavior come along.
    Write,mother,and shout…and keep shouting-and keep these facts in front of everyone-especially those who are supposed to lead our country!

    We have learned already-there has been too much of this going on to allow it to continue-the numbers are too great,and too alarming.

  8. yeahmykid Says:

    First I want to say Thank-You for this blog- I have not been able to truly speak or write about how the abuse continues, even after the “abuse” has stopped. I will make you this promise- I will be heard & I will be heard LOUD, for those who are to ashamed by what was done to them, by the young males who must come to terms with losing the self respect & dignity that they were only seeking to build by wanting to defend a country that now will not defend them. I will fight for the boys they are & the men they will become…….So thank you again for sharing about an issue that would rather be swept under a rug. I think your incredibly courageous for this.

    BTW- I know abuse happens to both genders but I can only speak on one of those, I am in no way discounting or minimizing the other.

    Thanks for the reply

  9. jayherron Says:

    I understand-and I know you are not discounting one gender over another…but what you are doing is defending your child-and seeking answers and wanting to comfort by learning and discovering how to use what you have learned to help-and heal. My healing might have become easier if my own family wanted to understand and wanted to listen,they instead turned me away-it took too many years for someone to hear.

    You are correct-this topic is shoved way into the center of the carpet they wish it was hiding under. Voices like yours and mine will one day become LOUD enough they will have no other choice to HEAR!
    We must NEVER quit YELLING…we need to be heard for the many others who have no voice!

    Thank you for taking an interest in what I am saying-most especially,thank you for the love you have for your child and the want you have to protect. I am blessed if something I say may help others.

  10. yeahmykid Says:

    What you said helped me to release a huge weight off my chest…..Thank You for listening !

  11. Someone whos not full of shit.. Says:

    First and foremost I would like to extend my sorrow to those who have been violated in any way whatsoever. I am NOT trying to take away from those who have truly been victimized or violently hurt… BUt most of the world and the people responding to this havent the slightest clue as to what goes on in the world of the people who subject themselves ( victims as they are called), which is not always the case even though ignorant people love to hear a juicy story about a predator and a victim) and in the world of the people who commit these acts against someone (predator).. They dont feel for either of the two. they simply want someone else to havge a more fucked up life than they do so they can feel like they are the good to the evil>>

    NOT all people who are involved in these things can fully be considered a victim or a predator. There are simply too many factors involved to put such a horrible title on either party ( im speaking on less violent cases of course, most when they hear sexual crime rape pops into thier head when in fact its not rape or violent) . predators are sometimes in a sense victims before they even make someone else a victim and this is one of the many reasons they victimize someone else. So dont be so quick to judge someone as a horrible rapist which is what most ill informed (also known as an idiot because of being ill informed) conclude. also in many cases the victim is not actually a victim, but is made out to be because of an age difference or position of authority over them. Someone in high school is in most cases capable (unless of course there is a physical or mental handicap involved) of discerning whats right and wrong and therfore should not be considered a victim if they truly are not.. yes you will say but the teacher is in a position of authority so the schoolkid felt obligated in some way or another.. BULLSHITTTTTTTTT!!!! 75% of the time, or the teacher told them they would fail or the student offered sex in exchange for grades… again BULLLSHITTTTT!!!.. majority of the time. What happens is the school or the parents find out and they raise hell and blow it all out of proportion and even so far as to add details to the incident that didnt even happen.. they make the kid think or say something happened just because they are crazy or the detective will have heard the story from the parents and will almost convince the kid that something happened which didnt. Even in therapy if the kid goes they will make them believe more happened because they think that the kid isnt telling the whole truth because they are damaged and because the kid is messed up they start to think it really did happen or will just say it did to move on with therapy.

    its disgusting how we parade and in doing so victimize the predator or so called predator. If you watched the news for demetrius busby, whos nake you mispelled with darius** showing that you cared not enough to correct it but more about your blogs and research which i can tell you will never get even close to what you might think as an understanding of the happenings(unless of course you have personal experience as one of the parties) then you would have seen how the police paraded the accused across the street and down the sidewalk just for the news cameras to catch it all and display it like a show. Also if any of you personally knew the man you would be blown away as to how someone as blessed and as giving as him could even consider such acts that would surely end his life long dream and career as a soldier and a teacher of Army JROTC. He helped more people in his lifetime than most of you will ever even think to exist beyond your own self centered worlds of false bias and hatred.

    all in all the details get so messed up for so many reasons on both sides that the truth is severely distorted into what the outsiders (people that arent the victim or predator) believe happened, maybe even because the outsider was at one point a victim or predator themselves.

    I cant even begin to explain all the reasons or circumstances involved in such a thing as a sexual indecency/crime whatever it may be. Males and females are involved just as much as the other in these things.

    and again im only speaking on non violent sexual happenings with no handicaps involved. Im not trying to take away from the TRUE people who are victims or predators. I know most of this is rambling so feel free to post with questions for better clarification.

    ALSO if you think i lack the credentials to say all this, think again because i speak from both ends of the spectrum having been victimized at a young age and taking it out by victimizing someone else (still at a young age and both encounters were non violent situations where neither party understood the true ramifications of what was happening, also fortunately both incidents were short lasting and confined) Just because someone makes a mistake in life doesnt always mean they will be a serial offender nor that it is what they want to do always. Before you open your mouth or type on your keyboard take into account circumstances no one without personal experience can fathom.. Not even the most brilliant shrink in the world who is a subject matter expert can say anything without it..

    SORRY for the long ramble i was writing as it came to me and writing is not one of my strong subjects but unfortunately i cannot verbally express my knowledge and thoughts on here to the extent that it would take for this subject.

  12. sandy smith Says:

    You know what is really sick is Charles Wilkins MARRIED THE GIRL HE HAD INDECENT LIBERTIES WITH…NOW THAT IS SICKOF

    • amber wilkins Says:

      Look whoever you are i dont appreciate you talking about me. Its not any of your buissness, and for future reference we have been seeing each other for almost three years now, are very involved in our community and our church, who know our past, and we’re going to have our first child soon. so please dont judge me or my husband on something you dont know the first thing about

  13. sandy smith Says:

    and by the way BEST) assistant Army Instructor at Hickory High, according to what both he and the student have told me, is innocent of his charge. It’s the bullshit artists selling their filth to the fascist bastards in charge, that’s all it is.


    • jayherron Says:

      Iam NOT surprised about the marraige-victims often fall to the side of their attackers,it is known as ‘stockholm syndrome’…Patti Hurst is a prime example,although her circumstances had nothing to do with high school ROTC-but to make a point,and myself-as a victim,I fell towards the side with my attackers too-given no other choice. Many things I DO NOT understand…many!

  14. Emily Brittain Says:

    Re: Hickory High JROTC instructor Charles Wilkins
    I am a parent of a student in the JROTC program at HHS. While I was EXTREMELY upset at what occurred between the instructor and the student at the time it happened, especially considering my daughter was a cadet even then, after speaking with my daughter and the student involved(who happened to be one of my daughter’s best friends), I realized that what happened wasn’t “sick” nor was it “disgusting”. It was, and IS,something called love. You don’t have to agree with me or not, I really couldn’t care less. My family and I were invited to their wedding and we PROUDLY attended!! While I don’t agree with how it happened, it happened. I’m quite proud to say my family is always going to be there for the both of them! And by the way…

  15. jay herron Says:

    Yes Ma’am-I wrote his name and name of the town and the crime (at the time) as it was written in an article about his arrest…Demetrius Busby-who I also wrote about-currently serves 12 years at Florida State Prison,the younf man he assaulted was the end of a long chain of years of abuse.
    It is unfortunant that I judge one circumstance in the same as another similar-I only want to show that numbers of these incidents happen,and often time the youth do not have the same recourse for justice as a veteran does-although that justice is rocky as well.
    I apologize and do not mean to offend. I know the meter reader in a town near here has a ‘sexual offender’ tag on his life-forever,this is Florida,and he too is married to the young woman-they have children,and a grandchild(ren),yet a life long mark,she was a teen-he was an adult,barely….I know another man-seen urinating behind a pub-arrested for indecent exposure (it was after the pub had closed-if that makes a difference) he too-life long mark.
    These and many cases like this are innocent and have good people involved-but Sgt.Busby was not such a case,he terrorized young males…unfortunantly they (criminals like him) all seem to end up in the same line up.
    We still cannot over look-there is a starlening number of cases which are not as gentle!
    I only used what information I had the morning I wrote this,which I admit was very little.
    I will remove his name-and allow happy people to live quietly and with out blame from me!
    Thank You

    • amber wilkins Says:

      as a young wife of these so called “predators” i appreciate your openmindedness, unlike the person responding (sandy smith). i know that there are many times where men and women use there authority to get what they want, but not every case is like that and he who is without sin throw the first stone. and thank you for not judging me or my husband with or without the facts.

      • jayherron Says:

        Again-no one is looking to persecute anyone! Gladly your personal lifes experience has been a healthy one-but this is not the case everytime!
        Demetrius Busby was convicted and sentenced to 14 years in Florida State Prison…this man damaged many lives!

        Mrs.Wilkins-my grandmother was 17 when she married my grandfather-he was 32!
        The unfortunate thing about news reports is that we cant always disiinguish all of the facts-unfortunantly innocence gets blended with guilt.
        Best wishes-and congrats-a new baby!

  16. sandy smith Says:


  17. sandy smith Says:

    and to think this guy is living near a college…who will his next victim be…SCARRY FOLKS SCARRY

  18. sandy smith Says:

    and to think this guy is living near a college…who will his next victim be…SCARRY FOLKS SCARRY// I AM GLAD I DONT HAVE A STUDENT NEAR THAT SCHOOL AND EVERYONE SHOULD WARN THEIR CHILDREN PLEASEEEEE

  19. get Informed Says:

    referring to others with whom one disagrees as “stupid”, “an idiot” and similar childishness, will likely result in the comment being deleted regardless of the remainder of its content.
    Comments should not be written in all CAPS, as this is considered shouting. Comments in all CAPS will be deleted without further consideration.
    Obviously Mrs Smith didnt read the rules for posting Comments. I also would like to recommend Mrs Smith have facts before you condemn any person. If that person is found guilty so be it and your rude comments may be justified. How ever the person you are refering to was not guilty of any sexual misconduct. He was however guilty of returning a kiss and only that, a kiss. Was it inappropriate for the time and place. Yes. He was not and is not a predator as you say. You are basing your comments on heresay, and only heresay. Not facts, you have no factual foundation to make your comments other than emotions. While I understand that emotions sometimes drives our responses, we should also use a little maturity and commen sense. Afterall if that person is not guilty, what have you done, a wrong maybe. While you may not agree with the fact that they did marry, thats their choice, and as Mrs Brittain, said, I may not like or agree with how it began but, They are happy and have a great life. And thanks Mr herron for removing the name, which by the way is still there. Oh Mr Herron I wanted to address a comment made by you, “the military has had to reinstate the second chance program to enlist convicted felons because not enough true patriots are stepping forward…no wonder”. The Military has never had a second chance program, Now that doesnt mean they havent or dont enlist people with criminal records, but they do have rules, for example, if a person has a conviction for a sexual felony, they are not considered. Its not a simple process of who can or can’t, but there are rules and its not the recruiter who makes that decision, its way up the chain.

  20. anonymous Says:

    all this over a kiss? i mean i’m sure they’ve done more now because they have a child together but all this started when Charles was arrested for taking liberties with a minor. those liberties were a kiss, that’s all.

  21. anonymous Says:

    jesus everyone’s so mental.

  22. Hacking and Downloads Says:

    Hacking and Downloads…

    […]ROTC arrests! « a males life after rape[…]…

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