indicators,signs and birds and dimes

kachina-made from odd things

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The past month and the past week have been an interesting and motivating season.
I attended the ‘sexual asssault’ conference in Gainesville in the last week of May and there I heard a speaker-another survivor who told her story and how she took her life as a survivor and turned it into a full time job. Although she is a public person,I limit my saying that who she is is the deputy director of the division of victim services and criminal justice programs in the State of Florida. Her story is quite an experience to hear-even being a survivor myself,I had an emotional reaction to what I heard.
I managed during a break in the conference to hand her husband a paper I had written up regarding my feelings as to how veterans are treated as survivors in civilian life. We managed to have quick chit chat that lasted about as long as it took to eat a cookie…and that was the end of that.

Last Tuesday I was in a hospital waiting room drinking one of those solutions they use to see you better in an x-ray…some kind of deal that you had to drink a cup every 30 minutes-and my nerves are tense because the waiting room had several people in it. My cell phone rings…and it is this lady from the Attorney Generals (Florida) office-which is where the lady I met was connected to. It was her.
I guess I neeed to mention that when she was attacked-her eyes were taken,and she is blind.
So I am waiting and drinking my bottle of solution and my phone rings and it is this lady and my heart was so thrilled that she had called-yet here I was stuck in this waiting room with my solution bottle and as we are talking the fire alarm goes off and a recorded voice comes out of the PA saying “condition red” “condition red”….but no one seemed to care-the nurses at the station,they stayed put,and there were patients on gurneys and no sense of urgency.
Of course-the lady I’m speaking to hears this and and I just kept talking saying this had to be from God personally because of knowing I am uncomfortable in buildings and on the telephone and when speaking with people of authority-and jingle jingle comes the alarm….just some humor from above.
We had a perfect conversation-I am in awe.

One week to the day-the previous Tuesday-a friend had inspired me to visit a ‘seer’ in Casssadaga Florida. Cassadaga is famous for its spiritual readers,and since I never had it done….sure!! We did it!
I got to say that everything the seer said was tight and to the   ‘T’ . I was impressed with what I heard.
My friend had business with a couple who had just recently bought a house in which my friend has some estate connection with-the estate of a very well known writer and spiritual reader-Eloise Page. So after my reading we drove to see this couple. I had never been there before.
In the entrance of the house was a bronze sculpture of a raven.The raven is a bird that brings great significant signs to me that God is present in what I am doing. It was the first bird Noah released from the ark.
I  immediately sensed a goodness was beginning to happen-the raven was a sign that what the reader had told me earlier was good words-of peace,and of good guidance soon to come.
So when that phone rang in the hospital waiting room and the caller was this person of great importance to help in the legion of steps needed to get to where my hope for the other survivors-the silent survivors of Military Sexual Trauma….is met.
And then the fire alarm goes off!
How clever and cool and spiritual I think that is…a sign!

I recently began a painting. The paintings all begin themselves-the idea comes from the canvas and then my help follows. For some reason the scrabbles of brush marks I made appeared to be Kachina dancers and so I continued with that and sure enough the dance of the Hopi Kachina was what the canvas was saying.
And then…all of a sudden came this incidental happenings with Kachina dancers-the dolls,I kept seeing them here and there….so,they aren’t as incidental as I brush them off to be.
The Kachina is a contact-a spiritual contact that the Hopi Nation use to heal and support and plead and thus speak to the spirits. That folks is my feeble explanation of such a phenomenal people and the practices they survived with.
Last week I bumped into this piece of magic-all glued up from small little cars and trucks and pieces of Lego and things found…but yet,it is a Kachina dancer,and it is a spiritual sign.

I got an energy from my conversation with the deputy director of victim services and criminal justice programs….I feel a burst of lightning coming out of me-almost as it appears to be coming from the branch this Kachina holds.
My connection from the Attorney Generals office has advised me to contact Senator Bill Nelson-my chore for today,to write him (which involves going into town-no printer here). And I have learned that I can write a hand delivered letter to Congress-the fee is almost $9.00 (…which strikes me as funny)

I felt this feeling running through my spine-that odd chill and tickle we get when something good is happening.
Hearing this woman’s voice and hearing her say I was absolutely correct-my agenda is right on track and she said to keep on stoking the engine because I am saying things that are important.

There is a thing-once upon a time I was concerned about meeting an attorney that was coming from Washington DC to see me. I was trying to find a common ground to talk to him about-to break the ice,and I was meditating in prayer about how to do this.
I’m out in the woods-a mile or so from anything…and in my mind comes these dimes-our grandparents used to gives us dimes to catch the street car with (just to get us out of the house-they’d send us to the museums-they lived in DC, thus the connection) and those street cars and dimes were in my head….and ZOOM ,there on the ground in the middle of the state forest was a dime! A great and shining dime!
That dime was there because it was Gods doing,a sign.
The telephone call last week- during the fire alarm…that was a dime and a raven and a sign!
Things are going to happen.

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10 Responses to “indicators,signs and birds and dimes”

  1. Mike E Says:

    OK — here’s a weird story.

    Years ago a friend payed me $50 bucks to write his community college term paper. My first paying gig. Guess I did a smash-up job; my friend got an A. Moreover his instructor wrote a fabulously glowing review of my paper; said he would use it in future classes to set the bar for how a term paper is written.

    Sadly, tragically, the friend for whom I wrote the paper died some while later. At his funeral several family members stood up to speak of different things about my friend — things they wanted those gathered to remember.

    Well. I tell you my friend I will never forget what his grandfather — himself a writer — said. More specifically what he read: the review his community college instructor wrote about the term paper my dead friend payed me a fast $50 to write.

    His grandfather had no clue. He presumed to share with those gathered an aspect to my friends life, a hidden talent, that no one knew about; what a wonderful writer his grandson was!

    I laughed out loud while he read it. Couldn’t help myself; even as everyone else at the funeral cried. It was like a message from Beyond. And I decided right then, to honor my friend & myself, that when I grew up I would be a Writer.

    That’s why I write my blog, Jay — that is why we met.

    Anyway the paper was about Hopi Kachina dolls.

  2. jayherron Says:

    That my brother-whom I love-was one grande story…so cool,so really really cool.
    You and I are touched-Mike E,as a spirit can only touch.
    I love you-and glad you are home,and…keep writing!

  3. Claudia Says:

    Searching for healing from God is the answer. A seer isn’t. I’m so sorry for what you went through. I am a survivor of abuse too, but I was much younger. I know that you feel like your soul was destroyed when it happened, but it wasn’t Stay in prayer. There is healing and it will come. Just be patient. Bless you

  4. B.J. Says:

    I agree with Claudia. No person professing to love Jesus as you do should ever go to a seer, psychic, tarot card reader, witch, wizard, diviner, etc.. Doing so allows satan to take control in your life. The Bible also condemns these practices, and I know you read that. Acts 16:16-18; Matthew 12:39; Matthew 16:4; Leviticus 20:27; Deuteronomy 18:10-13

  5. jayherron Says:

    BJ…be careful that high stool you sit on does not topple!
    How you obtained the position to dispute or judge my relationship with God is curious to me.
    You agree with Claudia? She offers reading Enos (in the comment she made in ‘MST-exists’ topic) . Is The Book of Enos in your King James Bible? Do you notice above-she speaks of God…reaching out to God. And child,I do…and walk and talk with God most all of the time.
    I understand what the verses you offer are saying…yet,they contradict the words in places like 1 Samuel 9:9-19,or 2 Samuel 24:11 and 12 (where the “Word of the Lord” came to the prophet Gad,David’s seer) or 1 Chronicles 29:29…which gives expounding notification of the use of ‘seers’ to chronicle the lives of David and Samuel and Nathan,or…we would’nt have it to read In 2 Kings 17:13 God spoke through ‘seers’…the seers telling the people to turn from their evil ways! Isaiah 30: 9 and 10….are these misprints?
    However…notice in the verses you offer: the word ‘seer’ is in none of them. Witches and soothsayers,yes….but missing is the word ‘seer’. That is because like my seer-the one I saw,we spoke in great detail about Jesus (actually) and you judge our conversation-and you don’t even know anything about it,or-who it was with.
    If you notice-the King James begins with the Book of Genisis. The Mormon Scriptures begin with the writings titled Nephi. The book of Enos is in those scriptures.
    Honestly,I know very little about the Morman faith-I do know it is a faith of many who struggled hard,serious trials to keep their faith alive. They speak of Jesus-but I am not familiar enough to know how to comment. I do know that the way I see America-Gods country (?) how that got figured out I’m not sure…the way I see this country disturb those who are willing to serve God no matter what…such as the LDS church in San Angelo. This is not mine to question or critic because I am not God-only some peon of a man…whom in my Bible it says God repented for making men.
    The reason I point this out BJ is because you agree with someone you contradict…you do not believe in the Mormon ministry-you cannot because of how you were raised in a Born Again Christain home….I know enough about the BAChristians to know they dispute the Word of Mormon….or the Hebrew texts,or the Kuran or the Jevoahs Wtness’s…and yet,it does not surprise me because the words you use contradict me contradict the rest of the words that come from the same book.
    I want to express-I’ve not seen a set of tarot cards since I can know when…there was no hoo-doo and rig-a-ma-roll,the lady closed hers eyes and spoke to me and said comforting things…and many were compared to the things Christ has done-like walking on water and such.
    I will be honest-it is easy for you to get confused with mistaken statements-you have no idea of my relationship with God…none! Not an inch…nothing even which permits you to contradict me! I study my book….the only book I’ve ever known-but fortunantly the God I love is wider and larger than any mans interputation of what they wrote-I have equal interest in reading the the words of Nephi and comparing thought-but in truth the Spirit of God is so distorted by man kind,so I forgive you for being so daft BJ,and for suggesting that I be plumbeted with rocks to the death…as the verse from Leviticus comands (or was it the Duet.?)….but don’t question my relationship with God again. It ain’t your job!
    And…signs? I sense the presence in God in many signs.
    You do understand-I do not believe in the church-at all. Actually,I fear for my son and his family because of the connection with that church they go to. Hmmm,the same church that ran me off because I do not vote (for the Bush) (or any other ‘man’)-. I actually have a higher sense of relationship with the Lord our God and Father which is higher than what a Bush family member could find….because my God sent his son for the likes of me! Luke 4:18 says thats so! (riches?-Jesus was sent to preach to the poor!)
    Study your Bible girl before you go telling me my judgement!
    While you are at at…study what some of the other sides of folks have written about a True God…you might develope some knowledge!
    Actually…I welcome the prayers that Claudia is sending up!

  6. jayherron Says:

    And…forgive me,Claudia….I only assume from some of the scripture you offer in your blog comes from the Book of Mormon,if I err please let me know,and I mean no disrespect-actually,respect!

  7. Camilla Says:

    Hi there! Your blog post is may several years old, but I thought that perhaps it could not hurt to comment anyway. I like how you describe the spiritual, and I perceive you as a very spiritual person.

    Two days ago it happened something very strange. I am a person who really hasn’t easy in my life and I am still struggling with a lot of anxiety, sadness and unpleasantness. I have had alcohol problems but has now been sober for months and I also ended with smoking two days ago.

    When I got home so it was a pigeon outside my window on my balcony, it was bronze-colored. And it looked in the window and flew around the balcony door. I brought some hard bread and went out onto the balcony. The dove was not afraid of me at all, it jumped up on my hands and let me stroke it over the abdomen, neck and back. And out there on the balcony was the dove with me for about an hour and a half, or even two.

    I picked out water to the dove and more crisp, and then when it had been sitting next to me and on my hands, eating and drinking, then it flew away. Since then I have not seen it even if I did put out food and water in the hope that it will come back.

    And now I have read about signs and the great bird meanings, and it seems that I soon will receive divine guidance. Guidance from God!

    How do you see it?

    Grateful for answers!

    • jayherron Says:

      Oddly,I am not exactly sure how to answer your question…”how do you see it”?
      Like the dove on your balcony the signs come in a space where we are not looking for them,and so I believe that it is ‘spiritual’ and ‘divine’ when these incidents of messages happen!
      The story o Noah and the Ark and the raven and doves tell us that birds can be a messenger,even more so through the scriptures-birds are used frequently…and when these things happen or us in our presence where we can see them,well then,you are special and loved and shown the evidence of God right there feeding the dove hard bread and water! And,you appear to have sensed the spiritual because you are asking!
      Hmmm,myself I have seen these messages because of the precise timing of them in relation to my life (and what is going on at the time I see these things-the foundations of strength) and the exact point of time they are revealed to me…and to you,because you saw this,so it IS! There is no secret to seeing,how to see,except to keep the eyes of your heart open for them!
      I recently completed a five week voyage at sea. The trip had great significance to my life as you can read in my blog the story,I too struggle with drug use and alcohol abuse…thankfully not a frequent as once was.
      While out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean,some five days each direction from land,I prayed asking for a sign that the decision to take the ship (it was not a passenger vessel but a working freighter) the decision was correct! Stupid me…I was trying to see a sign,I was asking to be shown a sign…I wanted a sign!
      Well,logic put me in my place saying “you big fool…there it is! The ocean and the majesty of it,right there in front of you…and you need to ask?” of course,I was asking for a physical sign like seeing a whale!
      About four days later I was standing in the very same place that I had spoken my request for the sign.
      I was facing the front of the ship and then all of a sudden turned to look behind us-and there in the torrent of the water where the ships propeller churned the ocean at that very split second a huge whale dove out of the water and zip and puff was gone.
      You know I was thrilled and laughed with the Spirit of God for the humor of it all that I ASKED to see the sign when I should just permit them to happen!
      Please understand this!
      I am NOT a religious person! I have tried church(s) and church(s) failed,and I believe they fail the Spirit of God.
      God is my friend,and your friend…personally! The best friend! The ONLY friend!
      When you realize that,and God knows you’ve realized that…then the evidences such as in a shiny dime in the middle of nowhere or a hawk flying into the house,or your dove will become more and more obvious as you grow in that real true friendship.

      You know,churches spend more time trying to show us ways we are to be punished for our transgressions such as drinking or smoking or drugs and that our lifestyles are not approved by God and that there is some evil punishment waiting us in the ends of our lives.
      I so disagree…we are repentant because we hate it that we do the drunkenness and hate the reason why we drink,me? it is because of the abuse I endured…you? why do you struggle? So why should we be punished now and also after we leave this ‘life’?
      I don’t find drinking fun! I find it a way to escape the fears of my past!
      And I hate…HATE…everytime I fail myself by drinking. Never mind a God hating me because I do!!

      I swayed from my actual desire to explain…you just keep looking and you will see the messengers! Be them a dime,or be them a bird…be them an incident or an event that only can be defined in a spiritual meaning,and you will know it! You will! Especially if you open the EYES of your HEART for looking for them!
      I hope this helps,I am blessed by your asking because your inquiry is a message to me,a spiritual message like a bird can bring,and I am so thankful for you to ask!
      BTW…never mind my posting was a long time back,these moments are monumental in my life and are never old or forgotten!

  8. Camilla Says:

    I am grateful that you answered and that you share from your experience. It makes me understand better and feel more interconnected. I’m not even one bit religious for me either and have never really believed in God.

    But I’ve always been spiritual to me and have seen and heard .. So, whatever you call it … The unknown, ghosts, spirits and energies .. since the age of two. I’ve never really understood why I could feel the spirits and perceive things that many others do not. But something I know is that there are some things and that I can get in touch with, as I call it, a different dimension.

    I’ve never been able to verify it, I do not know how I can do to understand what the spirits want me or how I should talk to them. And sometimes it does not feel as if I dare to find out, either.

    Because I believe in something more than what we see and experience when we live, that there is something else .. I think also that everything has a purpose. And this is where the dove comes in, and in your case all the signals that you have received.

    Do you think when you really feel inside you that there is no hope, and that nothing will get better .. Yes, I find it hard to describe .. But one must be on or have been at the very bottom of the bottom to see the possibilities and the positive after the worst of the depression period.

    Do you think you can get signs that it is heading in the right direction? Guidance and a belief inside that things will change? I can feel it throughout the body and the mind, especially when the bird was sitting on my hands and created a kind of happy tranquility in me. No fear, just happiness.

    And I’ve decided to change my habits. I can not change how I feel inside me, or anxiety or what makes me really feel bad about myself. But I can change bad habits, such as running away from my problems by drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes to calm yourself. And that instead of confining yourself and do nothing of the days or your life, go out into nature and take walks .. appreciate what you face in terms of sounds, emotions, light and colors.

    I have come to realize that if I can not change what is within me, I can change what I do that affects at least my physical health. And that may in turn affect my mental health too.

    You have to think more about the spiritual that is, instead of the boring and logical. You have to dig into yourself and face the truth, and then connect everything.

    I think the dove is a sign and I am very grateful and excited that it was me who experienced that moment. And now that I was looking for information, I found your blog, and what you wrote in your post made ​​me feel that there really are other people who been through a similar experience.

    Maybe that’s a sign too. It maybe was meant that I would find your blog and write to you.

    You inspire me to fight on!

    • jayherron Says:

      My feeling is that those spirits you are talking about are your God,and your friend,and you need to be open them,and can talk to them.
      With out a doubt the dove was a messenger,and of course can not speak to you directly,but with the spirit with in you the answers can come.
      I do not know how to answer everything,I am still a learning apprentice,but do understand the thing you mentioned about different dimensions;I too experience those! Often it is almost as if I can step into the place of my visual mental view,but the vision erases itself swiftly,but yet,I can still see it in my minds eye.
      My great-grandfather was a sea captain. Often I can look at a photo of an acient port,and still a port,such as Amsterdam,or Singapore,and I know that I have seen them before (part of the answer I sought out at sea) and feel that it is my great grandfathers genes that are a part of being my guides…the Pslams in the bible say we have angels that camp around us,to defend,and to teach,and to guide…ahh,not meaning to say anything about religion,but it interests me that the three serious large religions have a basic same statement and history;they know Abraham and Noah and Adam and Eve…so it is likely much is true,but over time and years,much has blended into a deeper reason then what is meant. Religion boxes God into a human conception…we need to feel the sensation of the spirit of God.
      God is your friend! Your only true friend,the one who knows exactly and perfectly and completely all about you individually where no flesh and blood friend could ever catch up. To me it is the richest thing to be that close to God.
      Yes,it is true-it is hard to believe in a God. You are very close in that you relate to the spirits,the ther dimensions,and the dove!
      Ahhh,I wish we all could fiind the freedom of peace of mind and know this is so.
      I am blessed to know I inspire you!

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