Never mind….

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The previous griefs I wrote the other day about this yellow plastic thing…well,prayer is heard and thoughts are given and those thoughts grew and things will improve around here….a roof will be built over my existing place-that is from God,as is the rain that flows through my present roof. That project begins this weekend-my sons both are going to be together,this too from God.
I will remain my reclusive self-no room mate,my sons mother will remain where she is. As much as I love her as a person-I am glad we shifted ideas and are going in this direction.

It is Florida-and,ahhh-nearly a day away from summer-or is it already?
Last night it rained like a typical June storm-and into my bedroom…as always. I tried to ignore it-but couldn’t,yet I put the dry towels down again to sop up the flooding….nothing like what Iowa and places similar are getting,but yet-over a year or more of doing this is the pits anyway.
And then the electric. The storm popped out the electric….my pump? Yup…the water is out-a trip into town to fill the 55 gallons of water buckets to make the trip back to prime the well….this may also be the last time.
No…really,the LAST TIME!!
My sons are paying to have a new well drilled-one that never will loose its prime-never again will I have to make a trip to seek out a source of water in the times of power outages.
Funny…not ha ha hilarious funny but an odd surreal funny…it all seems so magnificent because of the many many years I’ve done this lifestyle. The up-grade to the big mobile home double wide was so overwhelming….it was like a part of me was going away. The weeping I wrote about was mingled with much prayer-why is this? and what is going to be?
It seems so amazing my son desired to see me the next day-and these ideas came to be.

I cannot search understanding-there is no searching understanding from God (Isaiah 40) nor can I understand the whys….the wonders of all these things. The roof -over and the well are like being given a major step in the scale of life…a man of means,how sad that it is that my joy for these simple things are being felt at the same time there are others in this world that will never know such luxury and at the same time there are the others standing in the mud of what is left over from the floods that took their homes.

How odd I must appear…but I am thankful for the outcome-truly,very thankful.

One Response to “Never mind….”

  1. sousgal Says:

    *whew* You built your home and studio. They matter to you more than being in a newer, bigger place. What a great job you did raising your boys, that they take your feelings and wants into consideration. That they respect you, love you and care for you.

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