I’ve been told to QUIT !!


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Well…it is like this:
I am no longer to write what it is I feel…I was told to quit writting about my life. Or,something to that effect.
Stunned is what I am! It is why I have been away from the keyboard since my last entry to this…curiosty met up with reality and I learned my critic that I wrote about was as I had guessed-my former sister in law. Of course-her explaination as why the deception was that I would’nt respond. I will try to find in my heart how to respond-right now my heart feels sick.

I tried to visit my mother this weekend. That was a huge mistake-I returned to my place,which is where they want me. The last thing I remember hearing was “don’t be writing this in your blog anymore”-this said by my brother who for some reason feels he has some kind of control over me.
I am stunned…it truly is a curious life.

I could handle a fatal blow to the head!

3 Responses to “I’ve been told to QUIT !!”

  1. sousgal Says:

    It’s them who need to shut 🙂

  2. sousgal Says:

    .. up even

  3. shellia Says:

    …….think of all the negativity, quilt, greed and boredom they must carry with them. Let them go in peace, if they will even accept that!!! Not your style Jay. You cannot move forward if you continue to subject yourself to what is stilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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