the blasphemy of Christmas

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The following is the response I received from my post from writing about deceit….

It was a half mask Jay – Carol is my middle name. The only time I judged you was when you, in my opinion, were blaspheming about Christmas. The other comments, if you will take the time to reread them, were trying to nudge you into other options – you would have never bothered to answer Dianne or you would have seen them as criticisms from someone who shouldn’t have an opinion. You’re absolutely right about the way I come across – I don’t have any sugar or oil to coat the things I say. I was a little adamant about your not voting – all the while trying to get you to see that good or bad, right or wrong, it’s people in public office that get laws passed and regulations passed down – sensitivity training for example. You didn’t mention in your latest blog that I also told Charlotte that you had raised two fine sons. So, no lies were told and it was only a half mask. And still, I wish you peace. Dianne….
the end.

I cannot understand how much people miss things.
For the people-of the people…that is what government is defined as.
I am a ‘people’…and nobody had to vote for me to have a law made-but,in Levy County Florida a law was changed because of me-a NON-voter and NON-politician…but a citizen. And as a citizen I took two Florida County’s to task over a two mile stretch of road which divides them.
A law was written at the conclusion.
All roads in need of paving in Levy County will paved in the line of necessity and not at the whim of the elected council members who seemed to get their roads paved while others more populated and more driven,did not.
That was because of me…and my every day rally of the people who live out in this wooded rural land.
We have a paved road-every one said it would never happen…but it did.
I still don’t vote-and will not…and yet one of the elected council members contacted me about running his re-election campaign. Yes-he was stunned too by my admission…I’m not into the game.
It is a game! Yet…he applauded my ‘grass roots’ politics!
Here this area was driving down a road that was so dangerous-it even showed up on Doppler Radar from the dust…a road serving two county’s of residents and neither county was about to pick up the tab to provide a safe road.
A NON-elected person held them accountable…and we have two things.
A law.
And a very fine paved road.

And you wait!!
You will one day see me in places you never thought-and by God,it will not have anything to do me so my vote is not in the picture…but I will be speaking out for others,just as I did to get this road paved,and I will be heard.
For the people-of the people. That is what the United States Constitution says our government is.
I am one of them…and during youth I walked freely into an enlistment office at age 17 to join the Navy to defend my right and your right to be free. I had no need for a draft card.

Christmas is blasphemy.
Especially when the one who accuses another of ‘religous’ infidelity’ and has probably a one biblical verse mentality…crixmix (the Christmas thing) is a symbol of mans greed and continual desire to have an idol to worship.
Jeremiah chapter 10 (a book in the Bible) has something interesting to say about cutting down trees-God actually calls it “the way of the heathen” and calls it the “custom of the vain” as they take the tree and decorate it with silver and gold!
I agree…what’s a crixmix tree have anything to do with the birth of Jesus?
Why the people do such a thing…and have to substitute truth with more deception and vain practices by adding a fat jolly elf who is a lie from the very beginning…telling poor children that he’s to honor all of their wishes.
What a crock!
Go read it for yourselves…Jeremiah 10:3 and 4.
But what can that matter? I’m being preached at about my desire to shed myself of the mockery of a true Living God…as it says in Jeremiah 10:10- from a person I’m not even sure has ever read and re-read and re-read the the Bible…or even read it once!…or,perhaps you have-how could I know?

If you want to worship Santa Claus…then you got a holiday-otherwise all you get is the credit card statements at the end of the year and not much more.
Try talking to God! It is far more enriching then to have go through all the attempts to appear religious!

It is good to know the full truth now-Carol.
It makes better sense…even though it is your real name-the excuse is lame. I answered the comments of a person who has no way of being honest…because,what you did was a deception-color it pretty or not.
Have you ever come home and found your window smashed and the person who broke it came in and ransacked your house and stole your things? It is a shitty feeling…actually,you feel it in your gut for several days-a sick churning of nerves and stress.
That what it feels like-knowing you have taken the time to add a new email address and used a name familiar to you but not to me…you couldn’t even be honest about much of the things I have said because you had hid that way…and had to remain silent because you could only be so real…about 50% real.
Kind of weird ain’t it?
You have given me that sick churning feeling-DC!
I feel violated by your trying to be anonymous while all the time you are obnoxious….you see,all this criticism and you have still yet to call on the phone to me personally and say anything….anything! Anything at all….and you can sit there and pick at what you don’t even know! You do not know me-you have never taken the time to know me!
You know what?-my works have had me in conversation with the deputy director of the criminal justice and victims services department of the Attorney Generals office of Florida…we have had personal telephone exchange and this person is carrying my message to others in places of higher contact that I’ve ever reached before….this is not for me-it is for the other veterans who have become the silent wounded.

I have people in my circle who believe I am going to address Congress….this is what my contact at the Attorney  Genrals office believes is going to happen – and many of the people whom I have been working my message with…they support me and encourage me and try to lift me up instead of trying to defeat my purpose. I know it’s difficult to understand-you have such a narrow vision of me,one that certainly has no foundation….because,you do not know me-but there are those who believe in me and believe I am doing something! And,no…you do not have to be elected to address Congress. For the people…of the people!

Blasphemy is a word used in the Bible 11 times….52 times,if you want to count the other wordings-such as ‘blasphemed’ or ‘blasphemer’….no where does it have a ‘claus’ about crixmix (or what the world calls Christmas). Before you point your finger…read some of the Bible and gain some wisdom. And at the same time go and explain to the poor children in so many parts of America-and the world all about the goodness of Santa Claus….such a sad joke!

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