the Gainesville VA lie-or-let us ice a stale cake

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I finally heard it on the local news this morning-the Gainesville Florida Veterans Administration Hospital broke ground Saturday for the new BED TOWER.
They lauded it as an improvement to better serve veterans.Can’t be so… to have to ad a 250 BED TOWER is not an improvement-it is a sign of what is coming back from our problem in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The funny part of this story is that I’ve known about this BED TOWER for well over a year…my  connections in the local construction industry have brought it up adding that the entire strip of buildings on Archer Road surrounding the VA are all medical towers-the construction of these over the last few years have kept the trades busy.
The construction pal’s I have are not the sole source of the fact the VA building was being added to,besides the fact I have been treated there I also have long time friends that work in various parts of the hospital.
The grumbles from some of them are how the moves have interfered and complicated many of the routines…because to make room for the construction the VA has leased outside buildings around the city. Some of my friends had many extra miles added to their morning drive.
The local story’s on the radio have been icing on a stale cake.
They applauded the opening of a ‘new’ center on 23rd Avenue as an ‘advancement’ in health care for the veteran….it is a lie-it is not an advancement when the move is temporary and only to get one floor of offices out of the way to ad a BED TOWER.
And…it is not just one floor!
Prosthetics-which was once in the basement,where it has been for years….it is now way out on the edge of the city on a street behind a nearly derelict shopping center.
Tell Care-which was once up on second floor…moved to the same location,which makes better sense because ‘tell care’ is a telephone contact only service-so the vet from out of town hasn’t got to spend a part of his day trying to find the place. The other places for the out of town veteran are a trick to find if you are’nt familier with the city.
Mental Health….it too has moved-and was the move that received all the attention several months ago of how great the stale cake was-how ‘wonderful’ it was they were offering such an improvement to the veteran.
It is wrong to hide behind a cheesy false smile like that and expect the rest of the city and nation to believe it…and they do! I had one of my committee members point out what a wonderful job the VA has done to expand as they have…growing,and spreading out to better serve the veteran.Cheesy smile…
They never seem to look at it as where a veteran comes from…what has made the veteran who he and she is….it was such a cheery news report this morning…it too lauding the champion job the VA is doing.
That is NOT an improvement-it is a sign that we are soon to see the influx of returning wounded.
That is NOT an improvement. It is a lie! It is icing on a stale cake.

I am curious how my friends who work there feel-almost like going along with the charade.

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2 Responses to “the Gainesville VA lie-or-let us ice a stale cake”

  1. Virgil L. Allison Says:

    If not a “Bed Tower” what???

    Where in hell do you think we should put!! as you say” The influx of returning wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan”?

    Furthermore I server from 1947 to 1952 until I was wounded and sent back to the United States, I have never been mistreated or denuded service by the V.A. As recently as November 3rd 2008 I received a complete knee replacement surgery at Malcom Randall VA Medical Center (not service connected) the Doctor Kaeen S. Duane that preformed the surgery on me did an excellent job and the nurses were very knowledgeable and attentive the service that I received was outstanding. To put it in military terms I was treated as if I had four stars on my shoulders and not the three strips on my sleeves that I was discharged with.

  2. jayherron Says:

    Virgil,you need to slow down and re-read what I have said.
    Yes indeed,the VA IS regarding the vet’s from the current wars,and indeed they need the space-but we are in a war that is a lie,was based on lies (although a handful still believe there were weapons of mass destruction) and the fact that I have written here is that the additions to the VA hospital are not improvements…tearing the place down and NOT NEEDING a VA …that is an improvement.

    And as for your service to our country-THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU

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